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Rassel app novenas APK is a unique application that turns your phone into a creative music stage, where rhythm is created through your flexible movements.


Name Rassel
Version 2.0.4
Size 6.49 MB
Category Music & Audio
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.1+

About to Rassel APK

Rassel APK is not simply a sound creation app, but it is also a creative experience, giving users the ability to interact with music in a unique way. What's special about Russell app is its ability to map your movements directly to sound, just like you would play a real instrument.

With four different instruments - egg, shaker, tambourine and bell, Rassel para android APK is not just limited to creating sounds but also allows you to customize the instrument's settings in three different modes: loose, normal and tight. This creates flexibility and variety in your musical experience.

More Overview of Rassel Mobile App

With its unique audio rendering technology, Rasel app APK is not simply an audio simulation application but also a feature-filled creative tool. The feeling of shaking your phone and hearing the sounds reflect your movements is incomparable!

No longer the usual similar apps, Rassel APK brings you a whole new way to enjoy music and relieve stress. Enjoy the endless fun that Rassel has to offer, without the hassle. Don't hesitate, explore and immerse yourself in Rassel's unique music world today!

All features in Rassel Latest Version

  • Four Different Musical Instruments: Egg, Shaker, Tambourine, and Bell - each instrument has its own distinct feel and sound.
  • Flexible Instrument Settings: Choose between loose, normal or tight instrument settings, creating variety in your sound.
  • Interaction with Motion: Map your movements directly to sound, providing a unique music playing experience.
  • Unique Sound Rendering Technology: Uses unique technology to reproduce sounds based on how the instrument is played.
  • Volume Customization: Increase the volume to enjoy powerful sound.

Instructions, how to use Rassel App Android

Select Instrument: Swipe on the screen to choose between different instruments.

Instrument Settings: Change between loose, normal, or tight settings by touching the settings icon.

Shake Your Phone: Shake your phone to make sounds and try out flexible movements to create your own music.

Customize Volume: Use the volume control bar to adjust the sound to your personal preferences.

Enjoy the Fun: No need for in-depth knowledge, just enjoy the endless fun that Rassel APK brings.

Tips and advice when using for Rassel iOS

Explore Musical Instruments: Take time to experiment and explore the sounds from each instrument. Each one brings a different feeling and musical tone.

Natural Interaction: Use your movements naturally. Rassel APK reflects your movements into sound, so try flexible movements to create unique sound effects.

Changing Instrument Settings: Don't hesitate to try different settings for each instrument. This diversity can create unique audio experiences.

Combining with Other Music: Combine Rassel APK with other music tracks to create a more complex sound effect.

Share Your Experience: Share your musical creations with friends or on social networks. This not only enriches your experience but also connects the community using Rassel.

Advantages and disadvantages Rassel APK


  • Unique Creation: Rassel APK brings a unique and creative music experience, enriching the sound world on your phone.
  • Fluid Interaction: The ability to reflect movement is a strong point, making the user experience enjoyable and natural.
  • Easy to Use: Rassel does not require in-depth musical knowledge, suitable for both beginners and experienced users.


  • Limited Functionality: Although it offers an innovative experience, Rassel can be considered limited for those looking for extensive functionality and complexity.
  • Not For Everyone: Although easy to use, not everyone will be interested in the way Rassel APK creates sound through movement.


Rassel APK is not just an ordinary music application, but also a creative and unique journey between the living world and the sound world. With the ability to turn your phone into a percussion instrument, Rassel brings a playful and creative atmosphere to your music experience. Don't hesitate to explore and enjoy to the fullest the unique aspects that Rassel APK has to offer. Let music and creativity combine, create special moments and awaken your passion for music.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

FAQs? Rassel APK

How to choose between different musical instruments in Rassel? +

You just need to swipe your finger on the screen to switch between instruments like egg, shaker, tambourine and bell.

How do I adjust the instrument's settings? +

Tap on the settings icon, then you can choose between loose, normal or tight instrument settings. Experiment to find the sound that suits your preferences.

Does Rassel have the ability to interact with movement? +

Shake your phone to make sounds, and experiment with different movements to discover unique sound effects.

Can Rassel be combined with other music? +

You can combine Rassel with other tracks to create a more complex and unique audio experience.

How do I share my music from Rassel? +

You can share your creations with friends or on social networks from within the app.

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