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Rally Fury APK is an exciting rally racing game, players can experience the thrill of fast driving, racing through diverse terrains and participating in online fighting races.


Name Rally Fury
Pagekage name com.refuelgames.rally
Version 1.112
Size 137.08 Mb
Category Racing
Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.3+

About of Rally Fury APK

Rally Fury is a high-speed racing game on mobile platforms, developed by game development giant Refuel Games Pty Ltd. This game has beautiful 3D graphics, vivid sound and challenging gameplay.

In Rally Fury best car, players will experience the feeling of high-speed driving on diverse and difficult terrain roads. Players can choose from a variety of racing cars ranging from sports cars to powerful SUVs, with a wide selection of colors and styles.

Overview of Rally Fury Mobile APK

The game features a variety of game modes, including single-player racing and online multiplayer racing. Players can race against other players around the world, or challenge their friends. The game also offers many bonuses, helping players upgrade and customize their vehicles.

Rally Fury is an exciting, challenging and fun racing game for speed and racing lovers on mobile.

Features of Rally Fury for Android

  • Diverse game modes: Rally Fury offers many game modes
  • Caravan Mode: Players can participate in off-road racing events and complete quests to earn money and experience.
  • Solo mode: Players can challenge themselves in single races on different terrains for the highest score and best completion time.
  • Online racing mode: Players can race online with other players around the world to see who is the best racer.
  • Diverse terrains: The game has diverse terrains such as grasslands, deserts, rocky mountain, jungles and city streets. Each terrain has different factors such as slickness, difficulty and landscape, providing challenge and variety for players.
  • Custom racing: Players can customize and upgrade their cars to increase performance and improve control. Customization options include changing paint colors, wheels and accessories.
  • Precise Vehicle Control: Rally Fury allows the player to control the vehicle using the touch pad or touch controls to accurately sense and respond to each movement and terrain.
  • Progress and Achievement System: The game tracks the player's progress through a progress and achievement system. Players can check their scores, trophies and personal achievements to track their growth and challenge themselves.

Game mode, graphics of Rally Fury APK

The graphics of the Rally Fury game are a highlight, providing a great racing experience on mobile phones.

High-quality 3D graphics: Rally Fury uses 3D graphics technology to vividly reproduce vehicle, environment and terrain details. The slides, rough roads and surrounding objects are designed with exquisite detail, creating a realistic and engaging feeling.

Various visual effects: The game uses a variety of visual effects to add excitement and a sense of speed. This includes flying dust effects, burning flames, fast motion sensations, and special lighting effects.

Diverse environments: Rally Fury gives players the feeling of racing on many different terrains. From vast fields and harsh deserts, to jungles and city streets, each environment is designed with its own detail and landscape, creating a diverse and engaging racing experience.

Race car details: The car models in Rally Fury are created with care in detail, from the exterior design to the car interior. Players can clearly see details such as headlights, logos, spoilers, and other details on the car.

Powerful user interface: Rally Fury has a beautiful, intuitive and easy-to-use user interface. The menus, controls, and operation system are designed to make it easy for players to interact and navigate in the game.

How to play Rally Fury Latest version

Download and install the game: Search for Rally Fury beta on your mobile device's app store (App Store for iOS or Google Play Store for Android) and download the game. After successful installation, open the application to get started.

Choose a car and customize: Before starting the race, you will be asked to choose a car. There are different types of vehicles to choose from, including sports cars, SUVs and off-road racing cars. You can choose a car you like and customize it by changing paint colors, wheels and other accessories.

Choose a game mode: Rally Fury offers a variety of game modes. You can choose Caravan mode to participate in off-road events and complete quests, Solo mode to challenge yourself in single races, or online head-to-head racing mode to race against other people play other.

Vehicle control: Rally Fury offers touch control options or a touch pad. You can choose the right control method for you in the settings. Use buttons or touch to drive, control speed and perform driving skills like braking, accelerating and drifting.

Race: Once you've selected your vehicle and game mode, prepare to enter the race. Choose one of the races and opponents, then try to drive through the roads and over the difficult terrain to achieve the race goal.

Vehicle Upgrades: When you complete races and earn in-game currency, you can use that money to upgrade your car.

Pros and cons of the Rally Fury APK iOS


  • High-quality graphics: Rally Fury has beautiful 3D graphics, with car details and vivid environments, creating a great racing experience on mobile phones.
  • Diverse game modes: The game offers many game modes, from Caravan mode, Solo mode to online fighting racing mode, bringing variety and challenge to players.
  • Vehicle upgrades and customization: Players can upgrade and customize their vehicles, from changing paint colors and accessories to improving performance and speed.
  • Diverse Terrain: Rally Fury has a variety of racing environments, including grasslands, deserts, rocky mountain and city streets, providing variety and challenges for players.
  • Flexible controls: The game allows the player to choose the method of controlling the vehicle by touch or touch keyboard, which helps to create flexibility and comfort in the game.


  • Can become repetitive: Although there are many game modes, the game can become repetitive after a long time of play, as the races and environments become familiar.
  • Lack of social interaction: Despite having an online competitive racing mode, the game lacks deep social interaction, like chatting or communicating directly with other players.
  • Internet connection required: To play online fighting mode, players need a stable internet connection.


Rally Fury game is an exciting rally racing game on mobile phones, with high quality graphics, varied game modes and vehicle customization. Players can experience the thrill of fast driving, racing through diverse terrains and participating in online fighting races.

Despite some drawbacks such as the game can become repetitive and lacks deep social interaction, Rally Fury update still offers an engaging and enjoyable racing experience for players. If you are a lover of rally racing, this game is worth a try.


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