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QS Watermelon Game Mobile APK is a unique fruit matching game where you have the opportunity to be creative and challenge yourself to create a giant watermelon in a lovely and exciting world.


Name QS Watermelon Game
Version 1.0.36
Size 70.05 Mb
Category Casual
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.1+

Introduce About to QS Watermelon Game APK

QS Watermelon Game APK online is a unique and fun game that helps you unleash your creativity and challenge yourself in combining cute fruits to create a giant watermelon!

This game creates a special point by combining many attractive elements. You will have the opportunity to experience the fresh world of fruit through lovely images and fun sounds. However, the most special feature of this game is the competitiveness and creativity of the players. You are tasked with combining different fruits to make them bigger, and the one who creates a giant watermelon first wins!

More Overview of QS Watermelon Game Mobile

Watermelon Game Mobile APK offers many different challenges for you to try. You can compete with friends or participate in weekly events to achieve your best results.

This is a great entertaining game to relax and challenge your intelligence. If you are a fruit lover and like creative games, then QS Watermelon Merge Game APK will definitely not disappoint you.

Challenge yourself now and see if you can be the first to create a giant watermelon in this game!

All features in QS Watermelon Game Latest Version

Here are the details about the features of QSWatermelon Game Android:

  • Attractive graphics and sound: ado Watermelon Game APK brings players a fresh and lovely world with vivid images and sounds. Cute fruits and creative colors create a wonderful visual and auditory experience.
  • Creative Challenge: This game fosters players' creativity by asking them to combine different fruits to create a giant watermelon. Competitiveness and creativity will take you into a world full of challenges.
  • Peak Match Mode: QS Watermelon Game Mobile APK provides Peak Match mode for players to compete with friends or other players around the world. This is your chance to demonstrate your skills and win competitions.
  • Weekly events: The application regularly organizes weekly events, giving players the opportunity to compete and achieve the highest achievements. This keeps the game fresh and engaging.
  • Simple gameplay: QS Watermelon Game APK has a friendly user interface and easy-to-understand gameplay. Players just need to tap and combine fruits to make them bigger.
  • Explore many different levels: The game has many different levels with increasing difficulty, helping players challenge themselves and develop fruit combination skills.
  • No internet connection required: QS Watermelon Game Android allows you to play offline, keeping you entertained anytime, anywhere.

Interface, graphics on QS Watermelon For Android

Bright colors: Especially in QSWatermelon Game APK, you will encounter a bright and diverse color palette. The vibrant colors of the fruits, from bananas and strawberries to pomegranates and watermelons, create a lovely and attractive world.

Lovely design: All fruits in the game are designed to be extremely cute and adorable. You will encounter expressions on their faces, from happiness to surprise, as they grow up.

Smooth Movement: The movement and reaction effects when you combine the fruits are very smooth. We can see the natural interaction as the fruits bloom and grow larger.

Strange dynamic background images: The game's background images are also notable for their fruit garden scenes and vast blue sky. They create interesting spaces for you to "plant" and combine fruit.

Funny sound effects: The graphics in QS Watermelon Game Mobile Android come with fun and humorous sounds, creating a diverse entertainment experience.

How to play, gameplay for QS Watermelon Game iOS

How to play:

  • Getting Started: After you download and install the game, you will start at a fruit garden screen. Here, you will get an initial fruit.
  • Combine Fruits: Your task is to combine different fruits to make them bigger. You can drag and drop fruits to place them next to each other and form a giant watermelon.
  • Challenges: During the gameplay, you will encounter different challenges, such as time limits or requests to combine specific fruits. To complete each challenge, you must make optimal use of your combination and creativity.
  • Competition: QS Watermelon Game APK offers a Battle mode in which you can compete with your friends or other online players. The goal here is to create the biggest watermelon to win.

Style play:

  • Creativity and strategy: The game promotes creativity and strategy. You need to consider carefully how you combine the fruit to achieve the greatest size in the shortest time.
  • Explore many levels: The game has many different levels with increasing difficulty. You will need to develop your skills to pass more difficult levels.
  • Competition and progression: Join the Peak mode to compete with other players and climb the leaderboards. This creates competition and motivation to improve your skills.
  • Relaxation: QS Watermelon Game APK is an interesting entertainment game, helping you relax and relieve stress in your free time.

Pros and Cons of Watermelon Game: Monkey Land APK


  • Fun entertainment game: QS Watermelon Game APK is an interesting and fun entertainment game, helping players relax and relieve stress.
  • Beautiful graphics: The game has bright and attractive graphics with cute fruits, creating a lovely world.
  • Creativity: The gameplay promotes creativity, players need to think strategically to combine fruits so that they grow the fastest.
  • Top Match Mode: Competitive mode between players adds an element of fun, with the ability to participate in a race to produce the largest watermelon.
  • Relaxation: Games are a good choice for leisure time entertainment and relaxation.


  • Monotone after time: Although the game has initial fun, after a while some players may feel the gameplay becomes monotonous and repetitive.
  • Element of luck: In some cases, the production of large watermelons can depend on the element of luck, and it is not always possible to have complete control.
  • Mobile use: This game is typically played on mobile phones or tablets, and may not be suitable for those who want a larger screen experience.


QS Watermelon Game Mobile APK is a unique and fun game where players have the opportunity to unleash their creativity and challenge themselves by combining fruits to create a giant watermelon. This game has many advantages, including beautiful graphics, creativity, competitive Duel mode, and relaxation. Challenge yourself and see if you can be the first to create a giant watermelon in this game!


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FAQs? QS Watermelon Game APK

How to combine fruits in the game? +

To combine fruits, simply drag and drop them next to each other. When they are the same color, they will combine together and become larger.

Does the game have any control on creating large watermelons? +

The QS Watermelon Game APK game promotes creativity, but there is also an element of luck. You need to combine fruits effectively to create large watermelons, but it can also depend on which fruits you get each round.

Does the game have regular events or updates? +

Yes, the game regularly organizes weekly events where you have the opportunity to participate and compete for the best results. Additionally, there are regular updates to improve the gaming experience and add new features.

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