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In the game Maple Rush APK, you will embark on a colorful adventure on Shroom Island, where you will explore, fight and cooperate with the community to protect your home from evil forces!


Name Maple Rush
Pagekage name com.mxdzz.sea
Version 2.0.24
Size 672.04 Mb
Category Casual
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+

Introduce to Maple Rush APK

Maple Rush APK money and gems is not just a regular mobile game, but it is also an endless journey of discovery on the mysterious island of Shroom. Inspired by the legend of the last warrior, the game gives players the authentic experience of becoming a great warrior on his journey to rebirth his home.

Maple Rush's outstanding features do not stop at exploration and combat. With the Lady of the Lamp and her magic lamp, players can create amazing equipment, open endless loot, and upgrade the lamp level to increase their chances of owning rare weapons.

More Overview of Maple Rush Mobile Game

Companions are also an indispensable part of Maple Rush redeem code. You can recruit pets and build a powerful adventure team to face unknown challenges together and conquer challenging bosses.

Flexibility in gameplay is also a strong point of Maple Rush best class. Players can change warriors, archers, and mages depending on the match, train talents, and enhance skills to open super evolution potential.

All features in Maple Rush Latest Version

  • Adventure on Shroom Island: Maple Rush APK puts players in the role of the ultimate warrior, ready to defend their home against evil forces. Explore the magical land of Shroom Island, from jungles to deep caves and mysterious towns.
  • Magic lamp and wonderful equipment: Thanks to the help of the Lady of the Lamp, players will receive a special magic lamp, capable of creating wonderful equipment. Every time you tap the magic lamp, you'll open endless loot and increase your chances of getting rare weapons.
  • Challenging monster and boss battles: Engage in exciting battles with powerful monsters and bosses that require the player's concentration and fighting skills.
  • Recruit companions and build a team: You can recruit pets as companions, build a powerful adventure team to face unknown challenges and fight for Shroom Island.
  • Freedom to change and super evolve: Players can adjust their gaming strategy by switching between warriors, archers and mages depending on the battle situation. Train talents, improve skills and open super evolutionary potential.
  • Socialize and cooperate in the Maple Rush community: Make friends, socialize and cooperate with other players to conquer challenging bosses and explore entertaining features like the Manor and Parking Lots.

Interface, graphics on Maple Rush For Android

Large and detailed world: Maple Rush APK gives players an expansive world, from deep blue forests to mysterious caves and vibrant towns. Each area is designed with meticulous detail, from the natural landscape to the unique architecture and cultural features of Shroom Island.

Vivid 3D graphics: The graphics in Maple Rush APK are designed in a vivid 3D style, giving players the feeling of entering a completely new world. From the smallest details to vast landscapes, everything is displayed clearly and vividly.

Unique and flexible effects: Maple Rush APK not only has beautiful graphics but also comes with unique and flexible effects, from powerful blows to light and shadow effects in matches. These effects create a stimulating and enjoyable game experience for players.

Diversity of colors and styles: Maple Rush APK is constantly innovating with a variety of colors and styles in each game scene. From the bright colors of the green forest to the mysterious atmosphere of the caves and the mystique of the town, each area has a distinct and attractive style.

How to play, gameplay for Maple Rush iOS

Exploration and adventure: Maple Rush APK encourages players to explore every little corner of Shroom Island. From deep forests to caves and mysterious towns, there are countless interesting things waiting for you to explore. Take advantage of every opportunity to gather resources, find mysteries, and explore new areas.

Combat and action: In Maple Rush APK, players will face dozens of powerful monsters and bosses along the way. Use your fighting skills and awesome equipment from the magic lamp to defeat them and protect your home. Get ready for intense and challenging battles!

Character customization and development: Maple Rush APK allows players to customize and develop their characters in their own way. From choosing equipment and skills to enhancing abilities and super evolutions, every decision affects the character's development in the game.

Community interaction and cooperation: An important part of Maple Rush APK is interaction and cooperation with the other player community. Make friends, exchange tips and tricks, and even participate in community quests and activities to achieve common goals.

Challenges and rewards: Throughout their journey, players will encounter many different challenges, from small battles to boss battles. However, the more great challenges you overcome, the more valuable rewards and loot you will receive.

Pros and Cons of Maple Rush APK


  • Vivid and attractive graphics: One of the strengths of Maple Rush APK is its vivid graphics, creating a whole new world and stimulating players' experience on Shroom Island.
  • Diverse and interesting gameplay: The game offers a diverse gameplay, from exploration, combat, to character customization and community communication. This keeps the game fresh and engaging.
  • Strong and highly interactive community: Maple Rush APK attracts a diverse and active community of players. Making friends, exchanging experiences, and collaborating in the game is an integral part of the Maple Rush experience.


  • High hardware requirements: Due to complex graphics and gameplay, Maple Rush APK may require a device with relatively high configuration to run smoothly. This may reduce access for some players.
  • Requires persistent Internet connection: The game requires a persistent Internet connection to play, which may be inconvenient for players who want to play in places with no Internet connection or with unstable connections.
  • Requires time and long-term commitment: With its rich features and content, Maple Rush APK may require a long-term commitment and time commitment from players to truly enjoy the game.


Maple Rush APK is an engaging and diverse adventure game, giving players an immersive experience in a colorful world on Shroom Island. With vivid graphics, diverse gameplay and high interactivity with the player community, this game will definitely be a great choice for those who love adventure and challenges.

In short, Maple Rush APK is a great entertainment experience, but you also need to consider the above weaknesses before starting to play. Surely you're willing and ready to embark on an adventure on Shroom Island with Maple Rush APK!


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

FAQs? Maple Rush APK

Maple Rush APK is available for which operating systems? +

Maple Rush APK is available for both Android and iOS operating systems, making it easy for players to experience the game on their mobile phones or tablets.

Does the game require an Internet connection? +

Yes, Maple Rush APK requires a persistent Internet connection to play, ensuring players can participate in community activities and interact with other players.

Do I need to pay to play Maple Rush APK? +

Maple Rush APK is a free game to download and play. However, there are in-app purchases that can provide additional items and amenities to the player.

How to interact and make friends with other players in Maple Rush APK? +

Players can make friends, exchange tips and tricks, and participate in community activities using the in-game interaction and group features.

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