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Prison Empire Tycoon APK is a prisoner management construction simulation game, your task is to build and operate an effective prisoner management system for profit.

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Name Prison Empire Tycoon
Size 215.21 Mb
Category Simulation
Price Free
Compatible with Android 7.0+
Developer Codigames

About of Prison Empire Tycoon APK

Prison Empire Tycoon APK is a prisoner construction management simulation game on mobile phones. In this game, you will play the role of the manager of a prison, your task is to build and run an efficient system of prisoners to make a profit.

The game allows you to customize and build the prison building to your liking. You can build prison rooms, dining rooms, gyms, medical rooms and many other areas. In addition, you can also expand your prison building to accommodate more prisoners.

The game involves managing prisoners, including providing shelter, food, and other necessary services. You need to take care and meet the needs of the prisoners to keep them satisfied and prevent any rebellion from happening. If you manage it well, you will profit from receiving inmate fees and investing in improving the prison's infrastructure.

Overview of Prison Empire Tycoon Mobile APK

During the game, you will encounter many challenges such as taking on dangerous prisoners, stopping a rebellion, handling murder cases and many other situations. You can also customize the way you manage the prison, from how security measures are applied to the choice of detention mode to enhance performance and control the situation.

Prison Empire Tycoon APK offers an authentic experience of managing a prison and the challenges you face in maintaining order and profit. You will need to skillfully use your resources and management skills to build a successful prisoner empire.


Features of Prison Empire Tycoon APK for Android

  • Build and customize the prison: You can build and customize different areas of the prison, including prison rooms, dining rooms, gyms, medical rooms, and many more. You can customize the architecture, location and size of the rooms to fit your strategy.
  • Prisoner Management: You will take on the role of a prisoner manager, providing for their basic needs such as accommodation, food and services. You need to identify the needs and desires of each prisoner in order to keep them satisfied and avoid rebellion.
  • Detention Strategies: You can choose from a variety of prison strategies, from handling and managing dangerous prisoners to applying strict security measures. Your decisions will affect the performance and security situation in the prison.
  • Expansion and Upgrade: You can expand your prison building to accommodate more prisoners and earn higher profits. Upgrade your infrastructure such as gyms, health rooms and security areas to improve living conditions and reduce risks.
  • Troubleshooting: You will face murder cases, riots and other emergency situations. You need to be able to handle the situation and make the right decisions to maintain order in the prison.
  • Profit and Grow: Your ultimate goal is to create an efficient prison and make a profit. You can profit from receiving prisoner fees and invest in infrastructure improvements, new purchases and service upgrades to develop your own empire.

Game mode, graphics of Prison Empire Tycoon APK

The graphics of the game Prison Empire Tycoon tips are designed based on the cartoon style and give players a friendly and intuitive interface. Here is a description of the in-game graphics:

Character Models: The game uses carefully designed and detailed character models. You can see the prisoners, security guards and other characters in the prison moving, operating and interacting with the environment.

Prison environment and buildings: Prison buildings and environments are designed with many details and elements such as prison rooms, gymnasium, restaurants, security areas and others. Each part of the prison has a variety of architecture and equipment.

Effects and activities: The game provides special effects and motivational activities such as lights, noise, explosions and the character's reaction when something goes wrong. This helps bring the game to life and fun.

User Interface: The game's user interface is designed to be simple, intuitive and easy to use. You can easily navigate and interact with inmates, staff, and other management options.

The graphics in the game Prison Empire Tycoon create an interesting and lively environment, making it easy for players to monitor and manage the activities in the prison.

How to play the game Prison Empire Tycoon APK Latest version

Download and install the game: Find the game Prison Empire Tycoon wiki on your mobile's app store (App Store or Google Play) and download it. Then install the game on your device.

Start the game: When you open the game, you will be taken to an initial screen or tutorial to familiarize yourself with the interface and basics of the game. Follow the tutorial to understand how to play.


Build a prison: You will start with a basic prison and be given a plot of land. Use construction tools to build and customize prison rooms, other areas, and infrastructure. You can drag and drop elements to build and customize the prison environment.

Prisoner Management: You will receive prisoners and need to meet their basic needs such as accommodation, food and services. Check the requirements and wishes of each prisoner by clicking on them and fulfill their needs. Make sure you have enough rooms and facilities to meet your prisoners' needs and keep them satisfied.

Expansion and Upgrades: As you progress in the game, you can expand your prison building to accommodate more prisoners. Use the profits to upgrade infrastructure and make new purchases to improve the prison's living conditions and security.

Troubleshooting: During the game, you will encounter incidents such as riots, murder cases and other emergency situations. Respond to these situations by interacting with staff and inmates, implementing security measures, and resolving issues in the best way.

Profit and Grow: Your ultimate goal is to make a profit and grow the prisoner empire. Profit from receiving prisoner fees and use the profits to invest in prison improvements and scale your business.

Prison Empire Tycoon APK game has many aspects and variety in prison management, so experiment and learn the best strategies to achieve success in the game.

Pros and cons of Prison Empire Tycoon APK APK iOS


  • Realistic Management Experience: The game gives players the experience of managing a prison with many realistic elements. You will have to manage prisoners, respond to their needs and handle emergencies, creating an exciting and challenging experience.
  • Customize and Build: The game allows you to customize and build prison rooms, areas, and infrastructure to your liking. You can be creative and create a unique and sophisticated prison.
  • Attractive Graphics and User Interface: Prison Empire Tycoon has animated graphics and friendly user interface, providing an intuitive and easy-to-use experience for players.
  • Diverse situations and challenges: The game presents a variety of situations and challenges, from managing dangerous prisoners to handling rebellions and murder cases. This creates variety and fun for the game.


  • May become repetitive: After a period of play, games may become repetitive with similar activities and situations. This can reduce the enjoyment and complexity of the game after a long time.
  • Time-consuming: Prison Empire Tycoon game can require players to use a lot of time and effort to manage and develop the prison. This can be difficult for people with little free time.
  • Lack of creativity in gameplay mechanics: Although the game offers an enjoyable prison management experience, there may be a lack of creativity in gameplay mechanics and no special elements to make it stand out.


Prison Empire Tycoon online or offline APK is a fascinating and exciting management game in which you are tasked with building and managing a prison. With the realism of prisoner management experience, the ability to customize and build, attractive graphics and intuitive user interface, the game gives players a relatively good experience.

If you are interested in management games and want to experience the role of a prison manager, then Prison Empire Tycoon pc can be an interesting choice. Try it and see if you can build a successful prisoner empire!



Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

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