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Download PlayDead Inside APK is a 2D puzzle game for Android. Players will control a boy: run, jump, push, pull and climb any obstacle to solve the puzzle.



Name PlayDead Inside
Version 2.4
Size 10.8 MB
Category Adventure
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer Farkim Team

About Playdead Inside APK

Playdead Inside Apk is a 2D plane shooting game developed by Playdead. The game was announced in 2016 and is available on Android via the Google Play app. The game includes a variety of game modes, including a free-choice mode, trying to complete the quests in order, and confronting other opposing characters. The game also offers players an extensive editing feature, allowing players to create their own maps, weapons, and characters to complete the gameplay experience. The game is highly rated on mobile platforms and is one of the highest rated indie games by experts.

PlayDead Inside APK is the highly anticipated sequel to the award-winning Limbo. This free 2D puzzle game once again puts us in the shoes of a young man wandering in a dark and strange world full of monsters and falling into various nightmare situations. Dark, gritty and full of mystery, Nang has a brand new PlayDead game.

Like games like Little Nightmares, PlayDead Inside Game allows us to explore a strange world divided by regions. In addition, you must avoid terrible dangers and avoid mysterious hunters. There is no turning back in this dark adventure, we can only move forward and hope our sanity doesn't kill us. Do you want to join this amazing and surreal adventure?


Play the game PlayDead Inside For Android.

PlayDead Inside is a 2D platformer game with puzzle elements. Our little red hero can run, jump, spit, throw, climb various atmospheric obstacles and avoid the horrors around him. You can also learn about game mechanics.

But let's talk about the puzzle. It has intuitive gameplay where you can explore and do everything to solve the puzzle. You can interact with machines, natural elements, land objects and unique features of this exciting story. All the challenges in the game are well designed and follow a clear, repetitive and interesting logic.

If you came here expecting an explanation of how PlayDead Inside ends, look for mysterious, mystical finishes elsewhere. Be aware, however, that the game has a secret ending obtained by finding and destroying all 14 orbs. It won't be easy, but trust me, it's worth it

Internally, it's a massive horror game that builds on everything Limbo has laid out, and the new PlayStation game is one of the best indie games of the year. The game might be a bit short, but the gory and scary moments make up for it.

Inside Playdead APK is a fun adventure game where you have to complete different missions and earn achievements. More than 50 light adventure missions. Explore new places, experience the night and visit haunted areas that challenge everyone. Most of the graphics and animations are filtered to black and white, creating a vague and eerie atmosphere.

You can move anywhere and use character controls to deal with scary moments. Challenging missions and puzzle solving require attention to detail. To reach the next level you have to complete the puzzles, so you have to actively participate and enjoy the game.

Features of PlayDead's Inside Game

The game has different attractions that make it more interesting. Below is a list of all the major events.

Stressful mission

The missions are challenging and you have to focus on the small tasks to solve the puzzles.

Realistic sound effects

Realistic graphics and sound effects with monochrome filters. I'm happy to see new places.

Easy to use button

You can change the buttons, but all the controls should be enough for the player to perform certain actions.

Unique plot

The plot is simple and there are challenging missions along the way. All missions must be completed to complete the game.

Light game

The game does not take up much space on your smartphone and by installing PlayStation Inside Games you can play this game on any smartphone you want.



Beautiful, interesting and unforgettable. The quizzes present real questions and challenges, but hide information about characters, environments, and more. that you really need to find in the game.

Playdeads Inside is a game you can't replay once you've played, but the challenges ahead are endless and you never know what lies ahead.

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