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Pikmin 4 Mobile APK is a colorful and adorable mobile adventure game where you will lead your unique army of Pikmin to explore a magical world and solve tactical challenges.


Name Pikmin 4 Game
Version 80.0
Size 147 MB
Category Strategy
Price Free
Compatible with Android 6.0+
Developer Nintendo

Introduce About to Pikmin 4 Game APK

Pikmin 4 is a product of Nintendo, a famous brand with a reputation not only in the gaming world, but also in the entertainment industry. Inspired by the natural world, you will be taken on an adventure with the main character Olimar, who has become the symbol of the Pikmin series.

In this game, Olimar has returned to the planet where he searched for cute Pikmin in previous versions. This time, however, the threat is greater, and Olimar needs your help to fight new challenges and find a way to return home.

More Overview of Pikmin 4 Game Mobile

A highlight of Pikmin 4 APK is the colorful and lovely world that the game brings. Pikmin species will accompany you, each with unique abilities and colors. Take advantage of this diversity to overcome challenges and dangers on an alien planet.

The game not only requires fighting skills but also requires players to use their minds to solve complex puzzles. Use Pikmin wisely to remove barriers and explore mysterious areas.

With the launch of Pikmin 4 all bosses APK, mobile players can participate in this exciting adventure anytime, anywhere. Use your mobile device to control Olimar and his army of Pikmin, explore the world and solve exciting quests.

All features in Pikmin 4 Game Latest Version

Here are some key features in Pikmin 4 Game APK:

  • Vast World: Pikmin 4 new game plus will have a large open world for players to explore. Players will control protagonist Olimar and guide the Pikmin army through diverse environments.
  • Pikmin Army: Players can create and operate a diverse Pikmin army with different colors and skills. Each type of Pikmin has unique abilities, such as digging, carrying objects, attacking enemies, or building bridges.
  • Combat and Puzzle Solving: Pikmin 4 full game will challenge players with monster battles and complex puzzles. Players need to use the diverse army of Pikmin to overcome difficulties and solve puzzles to progress far in the game.
  • Tactics: The game may require players to think tactically to manage resources and Pikmin troops effectively. Choosing the right type of Pikmin and how to use them properly will determine your success or failure.
  • Beautiful Graphics: As is tradition, Pikmin 4 can deliver beautiful graphics, with bright and lovely landscapes of the Pikmin world.
  • Exciting Music: It is expected that Pikmin 4 will have a soundtrack suitable to the situation in the game, from cute background music to dramatic background music during battles.
  • Mission System: Players can participate in main missions in the plot or perform side activities to explore the world.
  • Mobile Compatibility: Pikmin 4 Game APK will be compatible with mobile devices, allowing players to take part in this adventure on mobile phones or tablets.

Interface, graphics on Pikmin 4 Game iOS

Bright and Sharp Colors: The most notable point in the graphics of Pikmin 4 Game APK is the bright and vibrant colors. The diverse colors of Pikmin, along with the environments and monsters, create a vivid and impressive world. Every detail on the screen is designed with meticulousness, from the cool leaves to the shining sunlight.

Lovable Characters: To realize the magic of the Pikmin world, the development team created adorable characters with distinct characteristics and expressions. Olimar and his army of Pikmin not only have cute designs but also express their own souls and personalities.

Bright and Dynamic Landscapes: Every environment in Pikmin 4 Game APK is brought to life with bright and dynamic landscapes. Different areas such as forests, seas, and caves are delicately designed, creating a variety of player experiences.

Suitable for Touch Screens: With dedication to developing games on mobile devices, the graphics of Pikmin 4 Game APK will likely be well compatible with touch screens, allowing players to interact easy and comfortable.

How to play, gameplay for Pikmin 4 Game For Android

Pikmin Army Management: In Pikmin 4, you will take on the role of Olimar and control your Pikmin army. Each type of Pikmin has its own color and skills, and you need to use them wisely to perform missions. For example, Red Pikmin have powerful attacks, while Blue Pikmin can dive underwater.

Explore the World: The game will take you to many different environments on the alien planet, from jungles to mysterious caves. Your mission is to explore and learn about this world, collect resources and find ways to overcome obstacles.

Solving Puzzles: Pikmin 4 often confronts players with puzzles and logic challenges. You need to use your army of Pikmin and their special abilities to solve these puzzles, such as building bridges, digging dirt, or transporting large objects.

Fighting Monsters: Olimar's planet is not always peaceful. In Pikmin 4, you will face monsters and carry out battles. Use your Pikmin to attack and defend them from enemy attacks.

Time Limit: An important element of Pikmin is the time limit. In each session, you will have to complete a specific number of tasks before the dark day comes. This requires resource management and smart tactical decisions.

Upgrade and Evolve: Throughout your journey, you can find many ways to upgrade and evolve your Pikmin army. Pikmin types can evolve and become stronger over time.

Pros and Cons of Pikmin 4 Game APK


  • Unique Gameplay: Pikmin has always been loved for its unique gameplay, combining resource management, puzzle solving and tactical battles.
  • Mobile Interaction: The APK version for mobile devices will support easy interaction through the touch screen, helping you control the Pikmin army effectively.
  • Diversity of Pikmin Army: With many types of Pikmin with different skills and colors, players will have the opportunity to learn and take advantage of the diversity of the army to overcome obstacles.


  • Requires Tactical Thinking: Pikmin's tactical gameplay can make the game difficult for some players, especially those unfamiliar with the genre.
  • Time Limit: The existence of a time limit in the game can put pressure on players, especially when having to complete tasks in a short period of time.


Pikmin 4 Game APK promises to be a worth-waiting version in the Pikmin series. With beautiful graphics, unique gameplay, and the diversity of the Pikmin army, this game has the potential to provide an exciting experience for players on their mobile devices.


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FAQs? Pikmin 4 Game APK

In the game, how do I manage my Pikmin army? +

In the game, you will control the main character Olimar and use commands to direct his army of Pikmin. You can gather, attack, dig, build bridges, and perform many other actions by interacting with the environment and monsters.

Does the game have a time limit? +

Pikmin games are limited time. You will have to complete the task within a certain amount of time. However, the time may vary depending on the specific storyline and missions in the game.

Is there a way to upgrade my Pikmin? +

Throughout your journey, you can find ways to upgrade and evolve the Pikmin types in your army. This may include finding special resources or completing specific tasks.

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