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Download Pico Park APK is a fun puzzle game for Android. Show off your puzzle skills, can team up with 2-8 other players to solve puzzles, with lots of different puzzles.


Name Pico Park
Version 1.2
Size 33.3 MB
Category Adventure
Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.4+

About Pico Park APK

For Android is a fun and unique game that combines classic puzzle solving elements with fast-paced action. Players take on the role of Pico, a park ranger who must use his wits to solve puzzles to reach each level.

Pico Park APK For Android

The goal is simple: collect as many coins as possible and avoid obstacles and enemies along the way. With over 25 levels of puzzles, intense boss battles, secrets and loads of powerups, this thrilling adventure will keep you entertained for hours and leave you craving for more.

The rules and mechanics of this puzzle game in Pico Park are simple. You have to find all the clues and go to the end and win. In addition to 48 levels, it has unique features created by many people. As you complete the game, there will be situations where you need to work with other players and find creative solutions.

In this cooperative game, you can play non-stop and try to get the highest score with your friends. Meeting other players will help you level up faster. You can try playing online with random people, but it's better to use voice chat when playing with other people, because communication is very important in this game.

It's fun to play with friends if you are patient enough. However, there is a problem with playing this game - lack of levels. There are only 48 levels at the moment, which speeds up the game in some situations and slows it down in others. So it's good to add more levels to Pico Park

Some feature of Pico Park APK

Level up

To complete each level of Pico Park, the player will need a key and the key to access each level one at a time. Cooperation at all levels is needed.

Cooperate with friends

Cooperation is the main focus of the game, but when the cooperation ends, challenge your friends to a battle with you.

Endless modes

You can play the final even if you complete 48 levels and choose to cooperate with your friends. Partnerships can quickly increase your profits.

Connect while playing game

You can play the game online away from the crowd.

Communication is very important in this game, so we recommend using Discord or Zoom when playing.

Try to cooperate at all levels.

Players can race each other to new heights or move larger blocks.

Eye-catching interface

The game is a bright and lively cartoon. Players dominate the image of the game with their big heads and small bodies. The background of the game is an animal house with a doll.

Players examine a small Pico Park sign with a large theme. Players must avoid obstacles by jumping over them and collecting coins. Play through, don't win. Players can play as a character or Pico.

The game has multiplayer, so the player can play with his friends by logging into a single player. Players with many friends can play. You can set as many characters you want to play.

Self-designed for Pico

The design of the PICO PARK phone is sleek and stylish. Not true, but surprisingly true. The pictures are very beautiful and captivating. They are beautiful and beautiful. The different characters and levels of the game are easy to identify. This upgrade is very simple. You are not well, but you have a job. This game is not good for graphics.

PICO PARK has a very high birth rate. There is so much to do and so many games to play. Excellent work and unrepeatable content. You can also get more power by completing specific goals. The game is good for a while, but then it slows down.

Warm weather system

The main thing is to allow players to complete each level when they reach Pico . Park

The door opened when they all arrived.

Cooperation is essential to completing each stage.

Flexibility in any situation

Players can complete each level by locking the door of Pico Park with the key and letting all players enter the door at the same time.

After playing cooperatively, you can compete with your friends in battle mode.

Access anytime, anywhere

After completing all 48 levels, you can play non-stop and compete with your friends for extra points. Connect with friends to increase your score faster.

Challenge each level

The level of challenge and difficulty increases as the game progresses.

Colorful illustrations bring every scene to life.

Smooth tracks for a powerful experience.

Friendly physics make this game easy to play for players of all ages.

Ability to collect in-game coins to make your character look.

Pros and cons of Pico Park:


  • Fun and engaging gameplay.
  • Easy to learn system.
  • Difficulty increases as you progress.
  • Colorful pictures with funny text.
  • Various puzzles keep you entertained for hours.
  • The banner feature encourages competition between friends.


  • Over time, the game can become repetitive and boring.
  • The game features complex puzzles, requires problem-solving skills, and may not be suitable for all ages.
  • The app does not have a multiplayer mode that reduces the replay value.
  • Some game settings or features require an in-app purchase to open. If you want to use this program, you will only need to pay.


Pico Park Mobile is a website designed to simplify your App Store. You can access this website from your mobile browser. This means that the Apple and Google stores are not comparable and the performance of the device is very poor.

Pico Park provides detailed instructions to install Pico Park APK. Can Android and ios mobile device users make deep connections similar to installed apps?


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

FAQs? Pico Park APK

How many players does Pico Park support at the same time? +

Pico Park supports 2 to 8 players at the same time, depending on the game mode and difficulty level you choose.

Can I play Pico Park on different devices? +

Currently, Pico Park is available for the Android platform, and you can play it on different Android devices. However, availability on other platforms such as iOS, PC, or other operating systems may change over time.

Are there any ways to customize characters or levels in Pico Park? +

Currently, Pico Park does not support character or screen customization in the game. You can only play the way the developer has set it up.

I'm having trouble downloading and installing Pico Park APK. How to fix? +

If you have problems downloading and installing Pico Park APK, you should check if your device has enough space and compatible Android OS version. Additionally, ensure that you have downloaded the APK version from a trusted source and have allowed the installation of apps from unknown sources in your device's settings.

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