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Peridot APK is an attractive adventure game with beautiful graphics environment, interesting storyline and diverse magic system that players can explore and experience a unique adventure.


Name Peridot
Pagekage name com.nianticlabs.peridot
Version 1.13.0
Size 94.18 Mb
Category Simulation
Price Free
Compatible with Android 7.0+
Developer Niantic, Inc.

About of Peridot APK

Peridot is a video game developed by an independent developer team. This game combines elements of adventure, puzzle and action in a colorful and rich virtual world.

In Peridot, players will assume the role of a character named Peri, who explores a mysterious island called Peridot. This island is isolated from the outside world and contains many mysteries and dangers. The player's mission is to help Peri explore the island, learn about its origins and powers, and solve puzzles and challenges to progress further in the game.

Overall, Peridot is a fascinating adventure game with beautiful graphics environment, interesting story and diverse magic system. It is an open world that players can explore and experience a unique adventure.

Overview of Peridot APK 

Peridot is built with stunning 3D graphics and large environments for players to explore freely. The game offers the player a variety of quests and objectives to complete, including collecting mythical shards, deciphering ancient consoles, battling monsters, and finding skills. and new equipment.

One of the special features of Peridot is the magic system. Peri has the ability to use different types of magic to solve problems and fight enemies. Players can learn and upgrade Peri's magical skills however they want, providing flexibility in gameplay and strategy.

In addition, Peridot also has a compelling story and diverse supporting characters. Players will meet and interact with various characters on the island, from locals to mysterious and powerful figures.

Features of Peridot APK

Peridot has a series of attractive features that players can experience during the game. Here's a detailed rundown of the game's main features:

  • Diverse Open World: Peridot has a large and varied world to explore. From jungles to mysterious caves and ancient cities, each area in the game offers a unique environment with its own landscape and challenges.
  • Action and combat: The game offers a diverse combat system, allowing the player to use weapons and magical skills to deal with monsters and enemies in the game. Players can attack, dodge, and use special moves to win tough battles.
  • Magic system: Peridot has a diverse and flexible magic system. Players can learn and upgrade the protagonist's magical skills, from offensive spells to support and defense spells. This system allows players to customize and change the way they play according to their own style.
  • Puzzles and riddles: During the exploration of Peridot island, players will face various puzzles and puzzles. These puzzles can involve discovering codes, finding items, or solving logic problems. Solving these puzzles will open up new areas and provide more information about the story.
  • Character Upgrade: Players can upgrade their Peri character by collecting mythical shards and finding new equipment. Character upgrades will provide new powers and abilities to deal with tougher challenges.
  • Compelling Storyline: Peridot has a unique and engaging main story. Players will approach the supporting characters, face challenges and uncover the mysteries of the island of Peridot. The plot will progress through completing quests and achieving in-game objectives.

How to play, gameplay of Peridot APK

Peridot's gameplay and gameplay focuses on action adventure and exploration in an open world. Here is a detailed description of the gameplay and gameplay of this game:

  • Adventure and discovery: Players will control the protagonist Peri in exploring and exploring the world of Peridot. Areas on the island are open by level or quest, and the player can move freely in these areas. There are various locations to explore, from jungles to caves, cities and mountains.
  • Main Quests and Side Quests: Peridot has a main storyline, and the player will progress through completing the main quests to reach new areas and continue the story. In addition, there are also different side quests and puzzles for players to solve. These quests can include interacting with side characters, finding items, or defeating monsters.
  • Combat and skills: During the adventure, the player will face monsters and other enemies. Peri can use weapons and magical skills to fight. The combat system is flexible and diverse, allowing players to attack, dodge, and use special skills to defeat opponents. In addition, players can also customize and upgrade their magic skills to adapt to their own play style.
  • Puzzles and puzzles: Peridot has many puzzles and puzzles scattered throughout the regions. Players must solve these puzzles to advance further in the game and open up new areas. Puzzles can involve learning codes, uncovering hidden paths, or finding needed items.
  • Character and Equipment Upgrades: Players can collect resources and items throughout the adventure to upgrade their Peri character and equipment. Upgrades will provide new powers and abilities, helping players overcome more difficult matches and uncover hidden areas.
  • Interact with secondary characters: During the game, players can interact with supporting characters on Peridot Island. These characters have their own quests and stories, and through interacting with them, the player can take on side quests, gain useful information, and explore side stories.

Peridot's gameplay focuses on adventure, exploration, and action, providing a multi-dimensional and exciting experience for players.

Pros and cons Peridot APK


  • Beautiful and Vivid Graphics: Peridot has stunning and detailed 3D graphics, creating a lively and engaging world for players. The environments, characters, and effects are all designed with care, creating a great visual experience.
  • Compelling Storyline: Peridot has a unique and engaging main storyline. Players will have access to side characters, challenges and uncover the mysteries of Peridot island. The plot will progress through completing quests and achieving in-game objectives.
  • Diverse combat system: Peridot has a flexible and diverse combat system. Players can attack, dodge, and use magical skills to deal with monsters and enemies. Customization and skill upgrades also bring variety and creativity in gameplay.
  • Exploration and side quests: Peridot encourages players to explore the game world and complete side quests. This creates a diverse gaming experience, allowing players to learn more about the game world, gather resources, and interact with side characters.
  • Highly replayable: Peridot offers a wide range of activities and quests for players, from exploration to combat and puzzles. This creates a high level of replayability, allowing players to re-experience the game in a variety of styles and approaches.


  • Lack of breakthrough: While Peridot has many advantages, this game may lack breakthrough and creativity compared to some other titles on the market. The plot and gameplay mechanics may not be unique or unique enough to set Peridot apart.
  • Reproducibility of Content: While Peridot has many areas and activities to explore, there can be some repetition in content. This can reduce freshness and motivation to continue playing after a long time.
  • Multiplayer Restrictions: If Peridot is geared towards singleplayer, the game may not offer multiplayer or online play. This can reduce the interactivity and social experience in the game.


Peridot is an action-adventure game with beautiful and vivid graphics that provides an open world for players to explore and explore. The gameplay focuses on completing main and side quests, battling monsters, solving puzzles, and interacting with side characters. Compelling storyline, diverse combat system and the ability to upgrade characters are the strengths of Peridot.

With all its features, advantages and disadvantages, Peridot is a fascinating game for those who love action adventure genre and want to explore a vivid and colorful world.


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