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PAYDAY 3 APK is the ultimate crime adventure where you and your teammates will team up to execute impressive robbery plans and experience an underground life full of action and challenges.


Version 1.0.2
Size 1.04 GB
Category Action
Price Free
Compatible with Android 6.0+
Developer Starbreeze Studios

About of PAYDAY 3 Game APK

PAYDAY 3 APK is an action, role-playing and multiplayer cooperative game developed by Starbreeze Studios and OVERKILL Software. This game is a sequel to the PAYDAY series and is an important part of the exclusive game project called "PAYDAY Universe."

PAYDAY 3 price APK continues the story of the famous bandits and the quartet Wolf, Chains, Dallas and Hoxton. The game takes players into the underworld with diverse missions, including stealing, robbing banks, and engaging in other criminal activities.

PAYDAY android includes both single and multiplayer modes. In multiplayer mode, players can work together to perform difficult missions and loot money from targets.

Overview of PAYDAY 3 APK Latest Version

The game features new characters and will also retain familiar characters from previous versions. Each character has its own special abilities and strengths, allowing players to customize and combine characters to ensure success in missions.

PAYDAY 3 crossplay APK offers a diverse character development system, allowing players to customize and upgrade their skills and equipment to become stronger and more effective in their missions.

The game offers a wide variety of weapons, equipment, and customization tools so players can create unique heist plans that suit their play style.

Features of PAYDAY 3 APK Mobile Game

Here are some key features of PAYDAY 3 APK:

  • Story and World: PAYDAY 3 release date APK will continue the story of the famous bandit characters and take players into a complex underground world with many missions and criminal activities.
  • Multiplayer gameplay: The game focuses on multiplayer gameplay, allowing players to work together to carry out robbery plans and crime missions.
  • Characters and Skills: PAYDAY 3 servers reddit has new characters and also retains familiar characters from previous versions. Each character will have their own abilities and skills, allowing players to customize their character and coordinate within the team.
  • Settings and Equipment: The game offers a variety of weapons, equipment, and tools for players to choose from and customize according to their play style.
  • Character Development Opportunities: PAYDAY 3 APK status features a character development system that allows players to enhance their skills and abilities in a customized way.
  • Heists and Missions: The game features many different types of heists and missions, requiring meticulous planning and team cooperation to ensure success.
  • Updates and Expansions: OVERKILL Software has committed to supporting PAYDAY 3 APK by releasing post-launch updates and expansions that add new content and features to the game.
  • Graphics and Gameplay Mechanics: PAYDAY 3 servers up has significant improvements in graphics and gameplay mechanics compared to previous versions to bring a better experience to players.

Graphics of PAYDAY 3 APK For Android

PAYDAY 3 significantly improves graphics compared to previous versions to bring a more engaging experience to players. Characters, environments, and weapons are designed with greater detail, creating a vibrant and engaging game world.

PAYDAY 3 APK uses exciting effects such as lighting, shadows, and particle effects to create a more impressive visual experience. The graphics in PAYDAY 3 go in the direction of an open world, improved to support a more expansive and expansive environment.

The game supports high-end graphics on powerful platforms and computers, allowing players to enjoy the best experience with beautiful and smooth graphics.

How to play and gameplay of PAYDAY 3 APK iOS

  • Multiplayer Mode: PAYDAY 3 APK focuses on multiplayer mode, in which you will cooperate with three other players to carry out missions and loot money from different targets. It is possible to organize your team or participate in matches created by other players.
  • Choose Character and Skills: Before starting the mission, you will have to choose one of the available characters and customize them with different skills and equipment. Each character has special abilities and choosing the right character and skills is important to ensure mission success.
  • Plan and Execute the Heist: In each mission, you need to carefully plan how to execute the heist. This includes determining the route, timing of the attack, how to approach the target, and how to handle security forces and police. Optimized planning and collaboration with teammates are the keys to success.
  • Communication and Cooperation: The game requires good communication between team members. This helps you agree on approaches and responses in a particular situation.
  • Using Equipment and Weapons: PAYDAY 3 APK allows you to customize your equipment and use a variety of weapons to deal with security forces and protect property.
  • Character Development: When you complete missions and earn money, you can use that money to upgrade your character's skills and abilities, making you stronger and more effective in difficult missions more difficult.

Advantages and disadvantages of PAYDAY 3 APK


  • Cooperative Experience: PAYDAY 3 APK creates a cooperative multiplayer experience, allowing you and your friends to engage in heist missions and coordinate to take on the game's challenges.
  • Character Customization: The game allows for arbitrary character customization and development, allowing players to build unique characters with skills and equipment according to their play style.
  • Continuous Updates: OVERKILL Software is committed to providing updates and expansions after the game launches, providing many new missions, equipment and features.


  • Repetition: The game becomes repetitive if there is a lack of variety in missions and activities.
  • Team Dependency: PAYDAY 3 requires team cooperation and coordination to succeed. Without a good team, the gaming experience can become difficult and frustrating.
  • Internet Connection Required: The game requires a stable internet connection to play, which can be difficult for players without a reliable network connection.


Embark on the ultimate crime adventure with PAYDAY 3 APK, the popular multiplayer action and co-op game. In PAYDAY 3, you will take on the role of professional thieves and engage in daring bank robbery missions and other criminal activities, confronting security forces and police. Customize your character, meticulously plan each heist, and develop your skills in the challenging underground world. With top-notch graphics and a commitment to continuous updates, PAYDAY 3 APK promises to bring you a unique and engaging crime experience. Accompany your teammates, and fight to become a legendary bandit!


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Is PAYDAY 3 a mainstream bank robbery game? +

Yes, PAYDAY 3 continues to focus on carrying out bank robbery missions and various criminal activities in the underworld.

Does PAYDAY 3 have a single player mode? +

The game is primarily designed for multiplayer play, but may have some missions or single-player modes for players to challenge their skills.

How many types of characters are available in the game? +

PAYDAY 3 will introduce a series of new characters and also retain familiar characters from previous versions. The number of characters can be increased through updates and expansions.

Does PAYDAY 3 have a character development system? +

To be precise, the game will have a character development system, allowing players to customize and upgrade their character's skills and abilities in a customized way.

Does the game support post-launch updates and expansions? +

Yes, OVERKILL Software is committed to supporting PAYDAY 3 by releasing updates and expansions after the game's launch, to add new missions, equipment, and features.

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