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Mr Autofire MOD APK 3.2.1

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Mr Autofire APK is a dramatic and stylish action adventure where you will play the role of Mr. Autofire and fight against invading monsters from other worlds!


Name Mr Autofire
Version 3.2.1
Size 210.50 Mb
Category Action
Price Free
Compatible with Android 6.0+

Introduce to Mr Autofire APK

Mr Autofire APK is a bustling adventure game that you cannot miss. In Mr Autofire APK god mode, you will play the role of Mr. Autofire, a powerful character whose mission is to protect everything from the invasion of monsters from other worlds. With the biggest gun and a full magazine, you will fight through levels, open new worlds and destroy enemies by accurately shooting them in the face.

More Overview of Mr Autofire Mobile Game

The special feature of Mr Autofire APK one shot is the combination of action gameplay and roguelike elements, giving players a non-stop experience. You can discover and open more powerful weapons and equipment, as well as open unique characters and rewards.

With the ability to play offline, you can join the adventure anytime, anywhere without needing an internet connection. So, if you are looking for a dramatic and exciting action game, codes for Mr Autofire APK is the perfect choice.

Don't hesitate any longer, join and become the greatest defender of everything in Mr Autofire APK today!

All features in Mr Autofire Latest Version

Here is a detailed summary of the outstanding features of Mr Autofire APK:

  • Exciting Run & Gun Action: In Mr Autofire APK, players will experience an endless adventure journey. Get ready to slay monsters and invade other worlds with thrilling run-and-gun gameplay.
  • Roguelike Twist: The game brings roguelike elements, each play will bring a new experience and different challenges. Explore randomized levels and face a variety of terrifying monsters.
  • Open Weapons and Equipment: Progress through the game by opening more powerful weapons and equipment. Find and use special guns, ammunition and equipment to increase your strength and combat performance.
  • Template Zones and Travel Styles: Mr Autofire APK offers many different characters and travel styles for you to choose from. Each character has their own characteristics and provides unique benefits, helping you customize your experience.
  • Perks and Special Abilities: Additionally, players can open perks and special abilities to improve their combat skills. Increase speed, strength and evasion to become a true warrior.
  • Offline Play Mode: With the offline play feature, you can participate in the adventure anytime, anywhere, without needing an internet connection. Make sure you can always kill monsters even when there is no signal.

Interface, graphics on Mr Autofire For Android

Sharp and Vivid Graphics: Mr Autofire APK is designed with sharp and high-quality graphics, bringing an intuitive and vivid experience to players. Landscapes and characters are illustrated in detail and clarity, creating a compelling world of action.

Unique Effects: The game uses unique effects to highlight action and monster defeats. From bright sparks when shooting guns to loud explosion effects when destroying enemies, everything is optimized to create a feeling of intensity and excitement.

Attractive Animation Style: With a unique animation style, Mr Autofire APK gives players a fun and exciting feeling. Characters are designed with flexible movements and unique styles, creating attractive and engaging matches.

Vibrant Colors: Colors in the game are used creatively and variedly, creating diverse environments and sizes. From gloomy forests to vast fields, each level in Mr Autofire APK brings a unique color experience.

How to play, gameplay for Mr Autofire iOS

How to play:

Action Run & Gun Rebellion: Mr Autofire APK offers a fast and dramatic action experience. Players will take on the role of Mr. Autofire, a powerful warrior tasked with destroying monsters and invaders from other worlds.

Conquer Levels: In the game, players will conquer a series of levels ranging from gloomy forests to secret scientific facilities. Each level brings new challenges and opportunities to earn points and rewards.

Destroy Monsters and Bosses: Use your guns and ammunition to destroy scary monsters and bosses. Shoot accurately at targets to destroy them and collect valuable rewards.

Collect Items and Upgrades: Throughout the journey, players can collect items and money to upgrade their weapons, equipment, and abilities. Each new item and upgrade will help you become stronger and ready to face tougher challenges.

Style play:

Non-stop Action: Mr Autofire APK offers a non-stop playing experience, ensuring players are always busy with action and challenges.

Roguelike Elements: The game uses roguelike elements, each play will bring a new experience and different challenges. The randomness in levels and monster appearances make each game interesting and varied.

Character Customization and Development: Players can customize their character by choosing perks and special abilities, thereby creating a unique play style and growing in the direction they want.

Pros and Cons of Mr Autofire APK


  • Fast and Dramatic Action: Mr Autofire APK delivers a powerful and dramatic action experience. Players will participate in an adventurous journey with constant battles, thereby creating an intense and vibrant feeling.
  • Sharp and Vivid Graphics: The game is designed with sharp and high-quality graphics, creating a vivid and attractive visual world. Landscapes and characters are illustrated in detail and clearly, enhancing the player's experience.
  • Diverse Roguelike Elements: The combination of action and roguelike elements creates a diverse and exciting experience. Each play will bring new challenges and opportunities to progress and develop.
  • Character Customization and Upgrades: Players can customize their characters through opening perks and special abilities, as well as upgrading weapons and equipment to increase their strength and combat performance.


  • Can Become Repetitive: Due to the repetitive nature of some game elements, such as levels and monsters, it can become monotonous after long periods of play.
  • In-Game Items May Require Purchase: Although the game is free to download and play, some items and features may require players to purchase with real money, which may create obstacles for those who want to fully experience the game without wanting to spending.


Mr Autofire APK is a dramatic and exciting action game, giving players hours of memorable entertainment. With nimble action, sharp graphics, and diverse roguelike elements, the game promises a non-stop adventure and constant challenge.

Although there are strengths such as beautiful graphics, exciting gameplay and diversity of content, it is inevitable that there are some disadvantages such as repetition and requiring an internet connection for updates.

So, get ready, grip your guns and get ready to become Mr. Autofire - Protection of everything in Mr Autofire APK!


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

FAQs? Mr Autofire APK

In Mr Autofire APK, what can I do to upgrade my weapons? +

To upgrade your weapons, you can use money and resources collected in the game to buy upgrades and new equipment. This will help increase your strength and combat performance.

How to open new characters in Mr Autofire APK? +

To open new characters, you need to complete specific goals in the game, like reaching a certain level or defeating a difficult boss. Once completed, the new character will be open and ready to use.

Does Mr Autofire APK have multiplayer mode? +

Currently, Mr Autofire APK does not have an online multiplayer mode. However, you can challenge your friends by sharing your results and achievements on social networks.

How do I continue the game if I lose my internet connection? +

Mr Autofire APK allows you to play offline, so you can continue the game without an internet connection. However, to update new features and participate in game events, you need an internet connection.

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