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Only Up APK is an easy to play but quite addictive game, players will face the challenge of overcoming the floors of a high-rise building, the main goal is to go as high as possible.

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Name Only Up Game
Pagekage name com.mwd.onlyup
Version 1.0
Size 30.0 MB
Category Casual
Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.3+
Developer MWDSOFT

About of Only Up Game APK

Only Up APK is a fun and exciting video game developed for mobile devices. In this game, the player will face a challenge to overcome the floors of a high-rise building.

Only Up is a game mobile developed by an independent game development company. This game is designed to provide an entertaining and challenging experience for players on mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets.

Overview of Only Up Game Mobile APK

In only up game download for android, the player controls a character and tries to break through the floors of a tall building. The main goal is to go as high as possible and get the highest score possible. To do that, the player will have to jump over stairs, move platforms and avoid obstacles. The game will get more and more difficult as the player goes further, with faster pace and more complex challenges.

Only Up has bright graphics and eye-catching colors, providing an engaging visual experience for players. In addition, the dynamic sound and accompanying sound effects create a lively and exciting sound space.


Only Up game apk download for android is an easy game to play but quite addictive. With simple gameplay and constant challenge, it is suitable for entertaining in your spare moments or when you want to challenge yourself.

Features of Only Up Game for Android

  • Exciting gameplay: Only Up download has simple but addictive gameplay. Players only need to tap the screen to make the character jump and avoid obstacles during the climb to the upper floors of the building.
  • Incremental difficulty level: The game has increasing difficulty level over time. The higher the player goes, the more difficult challenges the player will encounter such as faster speed, moving platforms and complex obstacles.
  • Attractive graphics and sound effects: Only Up has sharp graphics and eye-catching colors. Vivid sound effects help create an intuitive and enjoyable experience.
  • Score system: The game records the player's score based on the achievement of climbing to the top floor. Players can try to improve their score and climb the global leaderboard.
  • Socialization: Only Up apk integrates a social element that allows players to share their scores on social networks and invite friends to participate in the competition.
  • Explore new levels: The game offers different levels or open new levels as the player achieves certain goals, creating variety and challenges in the game.
  • Quick play mode: Only Up android provides quick play mode so that players can get into the game quickly and test their skills in a short time.

Game mode, graphics of Only Up Game APK

The graphics of Only Up game are designed to create an innovative and engaging visual experience for players. Here is an overview of the game's graphics:

  • Building Environment: Only Up APK has a detailed building environment with diversely designed floors. The floors can have different architectures, from simple steps and platforms to more complex structures with pivots and rotations.
  • Protagonist: The player will control a lovable and dynamic character. Characters have a simple yet adorable design, with details like bright colors, adorable shapes, and fun expressions.
  • Visual Effects: Only Up game download uses visual effects to highlight important game elements. For example, when the character jumps on the platforms, there may be a flicker or light streak effect to create a sense of fast movement and momentum.
  • Color and light: The game uses bright colors and lights to create a lively and attractive game space. Vibrant and varied colors are used on the floors and obstacles, creating an outstanding visual experience.
  • User Interface: Only Up's user interface is designed to be simple and intuitive. The controls and information displayed are logically placed so that players can easily interact and track their progress in the game.


How to play the game Only Up Latest version

  • Starting the game: At the start of the Only Up game, you will find your character standing on the bottom floor of the building. Ready to start climbing!
  • Jump up the stairs: Tap the screen to make the character jump up the stairs. Your goal is to climb as high as possible.
  • Avoid obstacles: Along the way, you will encounter obstacles such as moving platforms, columns, or other obstacles. Jump over them so you don't get blocked.
  • Collect Coins: On the floors of the building, you will see coins appear. Try to collect them for higher score.
  • Difficult challenge: As you climb higher, the game becomes more difficult. Platforms move faster and obstacles appear with a higher level of complexity. Must be careful and skilled to overcome them.
  • Get high score: Your ultimate goal is to get the highest score possible. Try to climb as high and collect as many coins as you can to increase your score.
  • Achievement Review: After you finish the game, you can review your score and compare it with other players on the global leaderboard.
  • Play again and improve: Challenge yourself and try to improve your score. Try different strategies, jump at the right time and find your way through tougher challenges.

Playing Only Up game android requires concentration, quick reflexes and control skills. Try to climb as high and become the top player on the leaderboard!

Pros and Cons of Only Up Game APK iOS


  • Addictive: Only Up game is highly addictive. The constant challenge and trying to improve their score motivate players to play again next time and challenge themselves.
  • Attractive graphic design: Only Up mobile has bright graphics and eye-catching colors. Vivid visual and sound effects create an immersive visual and music experience.
  • Quick Play Mode: The game offers a quick play mode, allowing players to join and play some rounds quickly when little time is available.


  • Lack of variety: While Only Up has new levels to open, the game can become monotonous after a long playthrough. Lack of variety in gameplay and challenges can reduce player's interest after a while.
  • No deep elements: Only Up is a simple entertaining game and has no complicated content or story. It doesn't offer a deep experience or rich storyline.
  • Depends on Luck: Part of the Only Up game may depend on luck, like the appearance of coins and obstacles. This can make the game a combination of skill and luck, and may not be suitable for those looking to experience a purely skill-based game.


Only Up APK is a simple but addictive game, with easy gameplay, attractive graphics and highly addictive. Players only need to tap to jump up and avoid obstacles during the climb to the upper floors of the building.

With its exciting experiences and the ability to compete on leaderboards, it can be a great choice for those who want to relax and challenge themselves in a simple game.


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