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Enter the challenging adventure world of Ojol The Game Mobile for Android. Defeat enemies, collect ingredients and become a hero in a varied action game. Ready to explore now!


Name Ojol The Game
Pagekage name codexplore.ojol
Version 2.6.1
Size 89.12 Mb
Category Simulation
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.1+
Developer CodeXplore

About of the game Ojol The Game APK

Ojol The Game APK is a mobile game whose gameplay simulates the daily life of online ojek (ojol) drivers - motorcycle drivers who carry passengers on demand through a mobile application. In this game, players will play the role of an ojol driver and experience the job of finding and transporting customers to earn money.

Ojol The Game Mobile APK gives players a simple and interesting look at the life of an online ojek driver and experience the real feeling of being a best ojol driver. You can download this game from Google Play Store to experience the world of ojol online and try the challenges of this job.

Overview of Ojol The Game APK Mobile Game

Ojol The Game APK uses simple and friendly graphics, recreating the daily life of an ojol driver. Highlights of the game for all ages include fun experience, customization and upgradeability, variety of game modes, and support for ranking and challenges, promoting the spirit of competition and progress.

Ojol The Game Android promises to give players hours of effective entertainment and the challenge of becoming the best ojol racer. If you love simulation and racing, try to experience this game on your mobile.

Features of the game Ojol The Game APK for Android

  • Character Creation: Players can create their own ojol driver character with customization options such as name, appearance, outfit, and accessories.
  • Motorcycle control: The game provides an intuitive control interface that allows the player to move the character's motorcycle across the map.
  • Order Search: The main task of the player is to find and receive orders from customers. This may include picking up passengers from point A and driving them to point B.
  • Vehicle and phone upgrades: Players can use the money earned from orders to upgrade motorcycles and mobile phones. Upgrading the motorcycle will increase the speed and performance of the vehicle, while upgrading the phone can improve the functionality of the ojol app.
  • Open World: The game allows the player to freely explore an open world, move on the map, and explore different areas of the city.
  • Real-time and order system: The game works in real-time, so players will face real-time order requests. If it is not completed in time, the customer may cancel the order or give it a low rating, affecting the player's performance.
  • Rewards and challenges: When successfully completing orders, players will receive bonuses and skill points. These skill points can be used to open new features and improve character performance.
  • Progress and Achievements: The game records player progress through achievements and leaderboard ranks. Players can compare their achievements with other players and challenge their friends.
  • Graphics and Music: Ojol The Game APK has simple but beautiful graphics and uses lively music to create an engaging gaming experience.
  • Updates and Support: The game is often updated to improve features and fix bugs. Customer support may be available through email or other contact channels.

These are some of the key features of the game Ojol The Game APK, giving players hours of entertainment and the challenge of being an excellent ojol driver.

Game mode, graphics of the game Ojol The Game APK

  • City Environment: The map in the game is designed with a diverse and vivid city environment. Players will experience moving through the landscape of streets, roads, markets, and other areas.
  • Ojol driver character: The player will control an ojol driver character on a motorbike. Characters are designed with cute and funny features, showing the personality of a friendly ojol driver.
  • Motorcycles: Motorcycles in the game have a simple but clear design, and you can upgrade them to improve performance and transport speed.
  • User Interface: The game interface is designed to be easy to use and intuitive, making it easy for players to learn and enjoy the game conveniently.
  • Effects and motion: The game uses smooth motion and effects to create a realistic and exciting feeling when moving and driving motorbikes in the city.

How to play the game Ojol The Game APK Latest version

  • Single Run: In this game mode, you can fulfill orders individually and earn money from transporting customers from point A to point B.
  • Race: Ojol The Game APK also has a racing mode, allowing you to participate in motorcycle races with other ojol drivers. Your task is to control the motorbike skillfully to overcome the opponents and win.
  • Explore the World: The game also offers a freestyle mode, allowing you to freely move around the map and explore the world in the game. You can roam, search for pick-up points or perform side quests to earn more money.
  • Upgrading and Customization: In the game, you can upgrade your motorcycle and mobile phone to improve performance and enhance speed.
  • Rankings and challenges: Ojol The Game APK has a ranking system that allows you to compare your achievements with other players and participate in challenges to achieve higher.
  • Interact with customers: During transportation, you can interact with the customers in the game, showing the friendly personality of the ojol driver and helping to create an enjoyable experience.

Remember that each playstyle will bring different experiences and may require different skills. Try a variety of gameplay to discover and fully enjoy the game Ojol The Game.

Pros and cons of the game Ojol The Game APK iOS


  • Exciting experience: Ojol The Game APK offers an engaging and exciting simulation gaming experience with unique gameplay, allowing you to role-play as an ojol driver and experience their daily life.
  • Customization and Upgrades: The game allows the player to customize the character and upgrade motorcycles and phones, helping to create gameplay progression and dynamics.
  • Diverse game modes: Ojol The Game offers a variety of game modes, including single-player, racing and open-world exploration, bringing variety and challenges to players.
  • Supports Ranks and Challenges: The ranking and challenge system helps players compare achievements and compete with other players, fostering competitive spirit and progress.


  • Graphics simplicity: While simple graphics may attract the attention of some players, it can also make the game monotonous and unappealing to those who like games with graphics more complex plots.
  • Can take time: The game relies on real time, which means players have to wait to receive orders or complete them. This can be time consuming and not suitable for those who want to play fast and efficiently.
  • Repetition: Due to the nature of the ojol driver's job, the game may become repetitive after a while, leading to a loss of interest in the player.
  • Lack of Drama: While the game offers an enjoyable experience, it may lack drama and special events to make the game more engaging.


Ojol The Game APK is a unique and exciting simulation mobile game that allows players to role-play as ojol drivers and experience their daily lives. With simple graphics and lively music, the game creates an engaging and exciting gaming environment.

Ojol The Game Android is an engaging and entertaining game that gives players the unique experience of being the best ojol driver. Despite the small limitations, the game is still worth it for you to experience and explore the online ojol world in your mobile.


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