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Nonoki App APK offers a diverse and engaging music experience, from millions of songs to a karaoke-like lyrics function, all for free and without annoying ads.


Name Nonoki App
Version 10.0.0
Size 15 MB
Category Music & Audio
Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.1+
Developer Noname Hub

About to Nonoki - Music Video Streaming APK

Nonoki app deutsch kostenlosn APK is more than just a regular music streaming application. What I like most here is the diversity of the music library. There are millions of songs from many different genres, from pop, rock, hip-hop to country music and EDM. This truly satisfies users' diverse music listening preferences.

Nonoki App APK allows you to play millions of songs on all your devices, from mobile phones to tablets and computers. You can choose your favorite hits, add them to your personal library, and even sing the lyrics like a true karaoke session.

More Overview of Nonoki Mobile App

One of Nonoki's great advantages is that the music listening experience is not interrupted by ads. Users can enjoy their favorite music in high quality without being disturbed, which truly creates a relaxing space and a complete music experience.

Nonoki APK is not only a place to listen to music, but also a platform to help interact and connect with the music lover community. You can share songs, albums, and even get to know people with similar musical tastes. This creates a unique space of sharing and connection. For music enthusiasts like me, this is a great choice to explore and enjoy diverse tunes on any device.

All features in Nonoki App Latest Version

  • Diverse Music Library: Nonoki App APK has an extremely diverse music library with millions of songs from many different genres, from pop, rock, hip-hop to country music and EDM. Music listeners will easily discover and enjoy rich melodies.
  • Listen to Music Without Ads: A great strength of Nonoki APK is the ability to listen to music without being interrupted by ads. This creates a complete listening experience without disturbing the listener.
  • Karaoke and Lyrics Singing Function: Nonoki offers a karaoke-like lyric singing experience, helping users express their passion for music in an interactive and creative way.
  • Community Sharing and Connectivity Features: Users can share songs, albums, artists and playlists with friends across various platforms. This creates an active and connected community of music lovers.
  • Listen to Music in Background: Nonoki APK allows music listeners to enjoy music without focusing specifically on the app, can use other apps or even do other work on the phone while still Keep listening to music seamlessly.
  • Continuous Updates and Personalization: Nonoki APK always provides new music updates, based on the listener's personal preferences. Users can discover new sounds through personalized radio, playlists, and channels.

Instructions, how to use Nonoki App For Android

Step 1: Create Account

  • Open the Nonoki APK app and create an account by choosing your username and password.

Step 2: Explore the Music Library:

  • Use the search bar to search for artists, songs or genres that interest you. Explore a diverse music library.

Step 3: Enjoy Karaoke Function:

  • Choose your favorite song and enjoy the karaoke-like lyrics singing function.

Step 4: Share and Connect:

  • Share what you like with friends across social media platforms and connect with a community of music lovers.

Step 5: Listen to Music in Background:

  • Enjoy music even while using other applications or when operating your phone.

Tips and advice when using for Nonoki App iOS

Enjoy Karaoke Function: High level of interactivity and creativity when you use the lyrics singing function like karaoke. Take advantage of this feature for a more enjoyable music experience.

Customize Personal Playlists: Create your own playlists to seamlessly enjoy the songs you love. This helps create a personal and at the same time convenient music space for listening to music according to your preferences.

Connect with the Community: Use the sharing feature to connect with a community of music lovers. Share the songs, albums or playlists you discover and connect with people with similar interests.

Enjoy Music in the Background: For those who like multitasking, using the music feature in the background helps you avoid interruptions while using other applications on your phone.

Advantages and disadvantages Nonoki App APK


  • Diverse Music Library: This application has a diverse music library with millions of songs from many different genres, giving listeners many choices.
  • No Annoying Ads: Listening to music without being interrupted by ads is a great advantage, creating a complete music listening experience and not disturbing the user.
  • Sing Lyrics Like Karaoke Function: This function increases interaction and fun as listeners can express their passion for music.


  • Internet Connection Required: Nonoki APK requires an internet connection to play music, which may make using the app inconvenient offline.
  • Insufficient Interoperability: Although there is a sharing feature, the ability to interact and connect with the user community may be incomplete compared to some other applications.


Nonoki App APK is a complete and diverse music application, giving listeners unique and interesting experiences. With a rich music library, the ability to sing lyrics like karaoke, and the ability to connect with a community of music lovers, Nonoki is definitely an option worth considering for those who are passionate about music.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

FAQs? Nonoki App APK

Is there a fee to use Nonoki? +

No, Nonoki is a free app, you can enjoy music without paying anything.

How to enjoy the karaoke function on Nonoki? +

Simply choose your favorite song and start singing, the karaoke function will automatically activate.

How to share songs with friends on Nonoki? +

You can share songs, albums or playlists via social media platforms or direct messages within the app.

Is it possible to listen to music in the background? +

Yes, you can listen to music in the background and use other apps without interruption.

How to search for specific songs or artists on Nonoki? +

Use the search bar in the app to enter the name of the song or artist you want.

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