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No Hesi Game APK is a third-person action-adventure and puzzle video game that offers a colorful and engaging virtual world where players will be involved in a challenging adventure and secret.


Name No Hesi Arcade
Version 2.0
Size 64.0 MB
Category Arcade
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.1+
Developer Kodii Games

About of No Hesi Game Arcade APK

No Hesi Arcade is a third-person puzzle and action- adventure video game developed by a group of passionate gamers called "No Hesi Studios". The game offers a colorful and fascinating virtual world where players will be involved in an adventure full of challenges and mysteries.

In No Hesi Arcade, players will take on the role of a character named Alex, a young adventurer looking for fun and adventure in life. Alex possesses a special ability that can stop time for a short period of time, allowing him to complete difficult challenges and overcome dangerous situations.

Overview of No Hesi Arcade Mobile APK

The game is designed in an open-world style, where players can freely explore diverse areas, from jungles, ancient temples, to modern cities. Each area is rife with puzzles and mysteries that the player needs to solve using Alex's ability to stop time and explore his surroundings.

In addition to solving puzzles, players will also face confrontational battles and avoid dangers. They will have to use their fighting ability and agility to face dangerous enemies and go further in their adventure.

No Hesi Arcade has stunning graphics and immersive sound, making for an engaging and interactive game experience. The rich storyline and innovative puzzles will ensure players are never bored and always have something new to discover. A unique adventure game that combines action, puzzles and adventure elements, giving players a great experience and exploring a world full of surprises.

Features of No Hesi Arcade For Android

No Hesi Arcade has many attractive and diverse features to give players a unique experience. Here are some detailed features of this game:

  • The ability to stop time: The player will control the character Alex, who has the ability to stop time for a short period of time. This ability allows the player to solve complex puzzles, overcome obstacles and confront enemies.
  • Open-world: No Hesi Arcade offers a wide and varied open world. Players can freely explore areas, from jungles, caves, to modern cities and many other interesting locations.
  • Puzzles and Mysteries: The game contains many diverse and innovative puzzles and mysteries. Players need to think, be creative and find information in the environment to solve them and go further in the adventure.
  • Fighting Battles: No Hesi Arcade offers intense and dramatic fighting battles. Players will face dangerous enemies and must use their fighting ability to win.
  • Interactive Environments: In No Hesi Arcade, the surroundings are interactive and can affect gameplay. Players can interact with objects, push, pull, climb, and find ways to utilize the environment to overcome challenges.
  • Vivid graphics and sounds: The game is designed with beautiful graphics and high-quality visual effects. Vivid sound and matching background music give the game a great audio experience.

Game mode, graphics of No Hesi Arcade APK

The graphics in the game No Hesi Arcade are beautifully designed and high quality, creating a lively and attractive world. The environments and areas in the game are graphic with detail and sharpness, creating a feeling of reality and variety.

In No Hesi Arcade, you will explore environments as diverse as jungles, caves, ancient temples, modern cities, and many other interesting locations. Each area is designed with a unique landscape, from curving mountain views to modern urban architecture, giving players diversity and attractive scenery.

The characters and enemies in the game are also designed with care. Players will find the character Alex and the supporting characters have unique looks, gestures and costumes, creating individuality and variety in the game.

The visual effects in No Hesi Arcade are also carefully processed to provide an engaging and vivid experience. From natural landscapes to lighting, water, fire, and other special effects, the game's graphics help create a world that is alive and full of adventure.

No Hesi Arcade's graphics provide a stunning and unique visual experience that supports the story and creates an engaging game environment for players to explore.

How to play the No Hesi Arcade Latest version

Character control: You will play as the character Alex and use the console or keyboard to control the character to move and interact in the world of the game. You can run, jump, climb and interact with surrounding objects.

Explore the World: No Hesi Arcade offers an open world, allowing you to freely explore areas as diverse as jungles, caves, cities and more. Take a walk around, look for your character's strengths, and uncover mysteries and puzzles in your surroundings.

Solve puzzles and mysteries: The game contains a variety of puzzles and mysteries. Use Alex's ability to stop time to find solutions and go further in the adventure. Look for signs, items, and hints in your surroundings to help you solve puzzles and progress through the game.

Battle and Dodge: As you explore and solve puzzles, you'll face head-to-head battles and need to avoid dangers. Use Alex's fighting abilities to defeat enemies and overcome intense battles.

Character progression and development: The No Hesi Arcade game offers progression and character development. You'll progress through levels and explore new areas, while improving and open new skills and abilities for your character Alex.

Rewards and Achievements: The game offers rewards and achievements as you complete missions and achieve in-game goals. Track your progress and see what achievements you've made along the way.

Pros and cons of the game No Hesi Arcade APK


  • Unique Time Stop Mechanic: Alex's ability to stop time brings a unique and special element to the game, opening up a variety of combat and puzzle-solving possibilities.
  • Diverse and open environment: The game offers an open world with diverse areas such as jungles, cities and ancient temples. This creates exploration and adventure for players.
  • Creative Puzzles and Mysteries: The game has a variety of puzzles and mysteries that require the player to think and be creative to solve. This creates a challenge and fun during gameplay.
  • Beautiful graphics: No Hesi Arcade has high-quality graphics and beautiful visual effects, creating a vivid and engaging world for players to explore.


  • Limits to Deep Exploration: Although the game has an open environment, there may be limitations on deep exploration and detailed interaction within the environment, making the exploration experience possible.
  • Repeatability: The game can become repetitive after a while, when the player has solved puzzles and challenges and there are no new challenges to discover.
  • Simple Enemy Fighting: Some players may find the fighting mechanics simple, reducing the variety and challenge of the game.
  • Lack of breakthrough: While the game has unique elements, there can be a lack of breakthrough and creativity in pushing this game genre to a new level.


No Hesi Arcade is a fascinating game with many notable advantages such as the ability to stop time, diverse and open environments, creative puzzles and beautiful graphics. However, the game also has some disadvantages such as limited deep exploration, repeatability and lack of breakthrough.

Despite its disadvantages, No Hesi Arcade still offers an interesting and unique gaming experience for players. With elements of puzzle solving, open-world adventure, and the ability to stop time, this game can captivate players and provide hours of memorable entertainment.


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