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NCT ZONE APK is a game latest version that brings a unique interactive experience with NCT members, explore KWANGYA, build NEOZONE and immerse yourself in the dreams of idols!


Name NCT ZONE Game
Pagekage name com.takeonecompany.nctz
Version 1.01.051
Size 146.54 Mb
Category Simulation
Price Free
Compatible with Android 8.0+
Developer TakeOne Company

Introduce to NCT ZONE Game APK

NCT ZONE APK is not just a game, but an opportunity for fans to immerse themselves in the rich and diverse world of the group NCT. Here, you will have the opportunity to choose your favorite NCT member and explore the promising journey at NCT ZONE.

Players can interact directly with NCT members by choosing their favorite members and building special relationships with them. Every choice and interaction affects the member's emotions and reactions, making the relationship deep and meaningful.

Overview of NCT ZONE Mobile Game

Explore and purify nightmares at KWANGYA to collect exclusive photocards of NCT members. The game offers a unique experience where the player is not just a player but also a participant in an adventure in search of magic.

With the integration of monthly subscription feature, NCT ZONE Game APK offers players many exclusive incentives and benefits. You can manage your subscriptions and cancel them easily through Google Play, and enjoy special offers just for subscribers.

All features in NCT ZONE APK Latest Version

  • Choose Favorite Member: Players have the ability to choose their favorite NCT member from the list of members. The journey begins at NCT ZONE Game APK, where players can nurture and develop relationships with selected members.
  • Interaction and Relationship Building: Interact directly with selected members through activities such as mini games, giveaways, and discussions. Relationships are built and developed based on the player's decisions and interactions.
  • Exclusive Photocards and KWANGYA: Join the nightmare purification adventure in KWANGYA to collect exclusive photocards of NCT members. The nightmare is presented through multiple graphic models and creates a unique experience.
  • Build Your Own NEOZONE: In NEOZONE APK download, players have the ability to build and manage their own world. Customize buildings, decorations, and grow members through the production of necessary items.
  • The Dream within a Dream: The Dream in a Dream opens up a mystical world where players can shape the story with NCT members. The player's personal choices influence the course and outcome of the story.
  • Registration Information and Attractive Incentives: The monthly subscription feature gives players many exclusive incentives and benefits. Manage your subscriptions and cancel them easily through Google Play, with the ability to request a refund within a certain period of time.
  • Great Graphics and Music: The game is designed with beautiful graphics, creating a vivid and realistic world. NCT's vibrant music and style add to the engaging experience.
  • Regular Updates and Special Events: The game will be updated periodically with new features and special events to keep the experience fresh and exciting.

Interface, graphics on NCT ZONE Game iOS

Beautiful Graphics: NCT ZONE APK is designed with high-quality graphics, creating a vivid and attractive world. NCT members are recreated in great detail, with diverse and realistic expressions.

KWANGYA - Nightmare World: The nightmare in KWANGYA is expressed through impressive graphics and unique space. Innovative graphic modeling helps create a challenging and mysterious exploration experience.

NEOZONE - Build Your Own World: The graphics in NEOZONE focus on detail and interactivity. Players have the ability to customize and design buildings and decorate them according to personal preferences, creating a unique space.

Synchronized Music and Graphics: Graphics are synchronized with NCT's upbeat music, creating an enjoyable and collaborative experience. The expressions of the game members also reflect the dynamics of the music, creating a strong link between image and sound.

How to play, gameplay for NCT ZONE APK OBB

Choose Your Favorite Members and Build Relationships:

  • Players start by choosing their favorite NCT member.
  • Interact with members through activities like mini games, giveaways, and discussions to build deep relationships.

Purifying Nightmares in KWANGYA:

  • Embark on an exciting adventure to purify the nightmare in KWANGYA.
  • Collect exclusive member photocards by overcoming various challenges.

Build Your Own NEOZONE:

  • Experience NEOZONE management and construction, where you can customize and design your space.
  • Produce items and help members grow, creating a unique and stylish world.

The Dream in a Dream:

  • Step into the dreams of NCT members, shaping the story through personal choices.
  • Enjoy the mysterious world and unique storylines that the game has to offer.

Pros and Cons of NCT ZONE APK For Android


  • Deep Interaction: Provide deeply interactive experiences with NCT members, from building relationships to participating in adventures.
  • Stunning Graphics: High quality and creative graphics create a vibrant and engaging world.
  • Gameplay Diversity: Combining elements such as nightmare purification, NEOZONE building, and dream discussions, creates a diverse experience.


  • Resource Requirements: May require a large amount of resources from the device, especially in terms of storage space and battery capacity.
  • Monthly Subscription Cost: Despite the incentives and benefits, the monthly subscription fee may be a hassle for some players.


NCT ZONE Game APK is not just a regular puzzle game but also a unique experience for the NCTzen community. With deeply interactive gameplay, beautiful graphics, and a variety of content, this game has created a vibrant world where players can build and interact with their idols.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.


How to choose your favorite NCT member? +

You can choose your favorite NCT member when starting your journey at NCT ZONE. Choose a member and start building a deep relationship with them.

How to interact with NCT members in the game? +

In the members' room, you can interact with them through activities such as mini games, giveaways, and discussions. Every interaction affects your relationship with them.

How to collect exclusive photocards? +

Join the adventure at KWANGYA to purify the nightmare and collect exclusive photocards of NCT members.

Do I need to pay to participate in the game? +

This game requires a monthly subscription fee. The subscription fee will be charged to your Google Play account. You can check and manage your subscriptions via the Google Play > Subscriptions menu.

How to build your own NEOZONE? +

In NEOZONE, you can build and customize your world by producing needed items, constructing unique buildings, and helping members grow.

How to participate in special events? +

The game will be updated periodically with special events. Check out announcements and the game's home page for updates on new events and activities.

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