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NavixSport firestick APK is a versatile sports application that helps you easily follow and watch your favorite sports events live on your mobile device.


Name NavixSport
Version 3.1
Size 9.06 MB
Category Sports
Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.1+
Developer Navixsport

Introduce About to NavixSport APK

NavixSport player APK is an application that broadcasts live top sporting events on your mobile device. Developed to provide sports fans with a great experience, NavixSport APK has quickly become one of the favorite applications to follow live matches, sports events and related news.

NavixSport APK for firestick provides quick and convenient access to matches and sporting events taking place around the world. You will always be up to date with the latest information about your favorite matches.

More Overview of NavixSport Latest Version

Not just limited to tracking football, download NavixSport app APK also offers a wide selection of other sports such as basketball, tennis, baseball, racing, and many others. No matter you are a fan of football, basketball or any other sport, this app has got you covered.

NavixSport 2.5 APK is designed with a bright, easy-to-use interface, allowing users to easily search and follow their favorite sports events without difficulty. The app provides detailed information about match schedules, lineups, results, and even sports-related news. You can easily learn about all the necessary information related to the sporting event you are interested in.

All features in NavixSport For Android

Here are the details of all the important features of the app:

  • Access to Live Sports Events: NavixSport APK 2023 allows users to watch live sports matches and events on their mobile devices. Whether it's soccer, basketball, tennis, racing, or any other sport, you can watch it live and without interruption.
  • Detailed Match Schedule: NavixSport APK provides detailed match schedules for upcoming matches. You can see the dates, times, and locations of sporting events.
  • Lineups and Results: The application provides information about the lineups of participating teams and the results of matches. You can look up this information to update the progress of the match.
  • Match Details: NavixSport APK allows users to view detailed information about each match, including time, stadium, referee, and more.
  • Replay and Recap Video Options: In addition to watching live, you can replay past matches and watch recap videos to capture important moments during the match.
  • Variety of Sports: NavixSport APK is not limited to tracking a specific sport. This app provides diverse access to many different sports, from soccer, basketball, tennis, racing, to golf, baseball, and many more.
  • User-Friendly Interface: NavixSport APK is designed with a bright, intuitive and easy-to-use interface, helping users easily search and follow the sports events they are interested in.
  • Fast and Easy Search: The app allows users to search for sports matches and events quickly, while providing accurate results.
  • No Registration Required: NavixSport APK does not require users to register an account to use. This helps make accessing sporting events quick and easy.
  • Continuous Updates: This application continuously updates information about sporting events to ensure that users are always provided with the latest and most detailed information.

Instructions, how to use NavixSport Mobile App

Step 1: Use NavixSport APK

  • When you open NavixSport APK, you will encounter a main interface with a list of sports events and matches.
  • Use the search function or select a specific sport to view information about related sporting events.
  • Once you have selected a match or sporting event, you can view detailed information such as schedule, lineups, results, and related information.
  • If the match is in progress, you can select the live view option to watch the event live on your mobile device.
  • If you can't watch it live, you can rewatch the match after it ends or watch a video summary of the match.

Step 2: More Options

  • NavixSport APK offers many additional features such as update notifications, marking favorite matches, and sharing information with friends via social networks.
  • You can also customize settings within the app, such as changing language or notification settings.

Step 3: Ensure Safety and Security

  • Consider using a VPN to protect your privacy and avoid issues with accessing country-specific content.
  • Follow copyright laws and regulations and watch live sporting events legally.

Tips and advice when using for NavixSport iOS

Use a VPN if necessary: If you are in a country where accessing live content is limited or prohibited, use a VPN service to protect your privacy and access content securely. This is especially important if you want to watch a sporting event in another country.

Comply with laws and copyrights: Always comply with copyright and legal regulations when watching live sporting events. Using NavixSport APK to watch live sporting events is subject to the rules and regulations of your country.

Update the app regularly: Make sure you keep NavixSport APK and your phone system up to date. Updates often include security fixes and performance improvements.

Check replay options and recap videos: Before you start watching a live match, check to see if NavixSport APK offers a replay option or recap video, so you can review important moments.

Use the update notification feature: Turn on the notification feature to receive notifications about important sporting events or changes in the match schedule.

Pros and Cons of NavixSport APK Update


  • Diverse access to sporting events: NavixSport APK allows users to access a variety of sporting events, including football, basketball, tennis, racing, and many other sports. This makes the app suitable for a wide range of sports fans.
  • Watch live and review: NavixSport APK allows watching sports events live as well as rewatching the match after it ends or watching summary videos.
  • No registration required: This app does not require users to register an account to use, making accessing sporting events quick and easy.


  • Ads: NavixSport APK contains annoying ads that interrupt the user experience.
  • No official support: NavixSport APK has no official support from the developers or app stores, which means you may get stuck when you need help or when the app crashes.
  • Variation and stability: NavixSport APK may be unstable or change frequently, leading to inconvenience when you try to watch the match live.


NavixSport APK is an attractive app for sports fans, providing diverse access and detailed information about sports events on your mobile device. This app has many advantages, including live viewing capabilities, detailed information, user-friendly interface, and review features.


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FAQs? NavixSport APK

Do I need to register an account to use NavixSport APK? +

No, NavixSport APK does not require users to register an account to use. You can access sports events directly without an account.

How to use NavixSport APK safely and securely? +

To use NavixSport APK safely, download the app from a trusted source and consider using a VPN when necessary to protect your privacy. Please comply with copyright and legal regulations when watching live sports.

Does NavixSport APK support mobile phones and other mobile devices? +

NavixSport APK has a version specifically for mobile phones, but there may also be versions for other devices such as tablets or Smart TVs. Depending on the specific version and support options.

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