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Da Fit Pro APK is a multitasking health and activity monitoring application, with a friendly interface, diverse features, and flexible connection ability with many different smart devices.


Name Da Fit
Pagekage name
Version v2.7.5-6-g93f4f236b9-dirty
Size 48.95 Mb
Category Sports
Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Developer MO YOUNG LTD

About to Da Fit APK

DaFit APK is an indispensable application for people who love sports and want to monitor their health simply and effectively. Da Fit app free download APK is a multifunctional application, designed to synchronize data from smart wearable devices with your mobile phone. With a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface, it provides a favorable experience for users of all ages.

Da Fit app alternative APK is impressive with its sophisticated and easy-to-use user interface. Searching and accessing spatial functions, helps users have a smooth and enjoyable experience. This app is not just limited to counting steps, but also tracks a variety of activities like cycling, swimming, and even yoga. This creates a comprehensive view of the user's active lifestyle.

More Overview of Da Fit Mobile App

Da Fit doesn't just do the simple job of recording activity, it also provides detailed information about your growth. This helps users track progress and set goals appropriately. With the ability to monitor sleep quality, Da Fit app download APK not only helps you manage your sleep time but also suggests ways to improve your sleep quality.

Da Fit app reviews APK not only stops at measuring physical activity but also integrates important functions such as blood pressure measurement and menstrual cycle monitoring, providing an overall view of the user's health.

All features in Da Fit Latest Version

Below are details about some key features of Da Fit watch faces APK:

  • Track Physical Activity: Record daily steps, distance traveled, and calories burned. Tracks physical activities like running, walking, cycling, and more.
  • Sleep Management: Assess sleep quality through parameters such as wake time, deep and light sleep time. Provides suggestions to improve sleep quality based on tracking data.
  • Heart Rate Monitor: Measures heart rate throughout the day and night.
    Provides detailed heart rate graphs and parameters to track changes and trends.
  • Blood Pressure Measurement Function: Measure blood pressure easily and conveniently.
    Displays blood pressure change graphs to help users monitor heart health.
  • Menstrual Cycle Tracker (For Women): Allows women to track their menstrual cycle and predict ovulation. Provides menstrual cycle information to help women manage their women's health.
  • Sports Mode and GPS Tracking: Supports in-depth sports mode for exercises like running, cycling, and many other types of sports. Combined with GPS feature to track distance and speed during outdoor workouts.
  • Reminders and Alarms: Set reminders to motivate you to exercise, drink water, or relax. Smart alarm function to help users manage sleep and wake time.
  • Widely Compatible: Supports many different types of smart wearables and smartwatches. Integrates with multiple device makes and models to optimize user experience.

Instructions, how to use Da Fit For Android

Connect to Device: Open the app and connect to your smart wearable device via Bluetooth. Make sure your device is compatible with Da Fit app upgrade APK.

Personal Parameter Settings: Enter your personal information such as weight and height so the app can accurately calculate calories burned.

Sports Mode and GPS: If you exercise regularly, use the intensive sports mode and activate GPS to accurately track distance and speed.

Set Daily Goals: Set daily goals for steps, exercise time, or calories burned to stay motivated and pursue a healthy lifestyle.

Sleep Management: Set bedtime reminders to ensure you get enough sleep.

Check Data and Charts: Regularly check data and charts to better understand your progress over time.

Tips and advice when using for Da Fit App For iPhone

Regular Updates: Keep your smart wearable app and firmware up to date for the best experience and access to the latest features.

Battery Care: Check your device's battery level regularly and charge it fully to ensure continuous and accurate monitoring.

Combined with Diet: Use calorie tracking in conjunction with a healthy diet to help you effectively reach your weight goals.

Share and Connect with the Community: Connect with the Da Fit APK old version community to share your successes, receive encouragement from others, and get motivated to workout.

Embrace Sleep: Use sleep tracking to improve sleep quality and boost daily productivity.

Set Reminders to Make the Most of Your Time: Use reminders to remember to drink water, get up from your desk, and relax properly.

Advantages and disadvantages Da Fit APK


  • Diverse Features: The application supports many features such as tracking physical activity, sleep, heart rate, blood pressure, and menstrual cycle, creating a comprehensive solution for health management.
  • Widely Compatible: Da Fit APK is compatible with many different types of smart wearable devices and smartwatches, providing flexibility for users when choosing devices.
  • Advanced Sports Mode: In-depth sports mode and built-in GPS help accurately track outdoor activity.
  • Community Connection Ability: The sharing and connection feature with the community helps users share experiences, receive encouragement, and create motivation.


  • Needs Constant Connection to Phone: To use full features, the device needs to be linked to a smartphone, which can be annoying for those who want to use it alone.
  • Lacks Some Advanced Features: Compared to some competing apps, Da Fit APK may lack some advanced features such as workout guides, diet plans, or integration with food apps.
  • Battery Drain Potential: Continuous monitoring and heavy use of features can lead to rapid battery drain, especially on devices with small batteries.


Da Fit APK is not only a simple health monitoring application but also a powerful assistant in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. With a user-friendly interface and diverse features, it meets the diverse needs of users who want to monitor and improve personal health. Remember, every health journey is a journey, and the most important thing is perseverance and regularity in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

FAQs? Da Fit APK

How do I connect the app to my smart wearable device? +

Simply, after downloading the application, open it and find the connection function. You will be guided step by step to link to your device via Bluetooth.

Does Da Fit have a sleep tracking feature? +

That's right, Da Fit has a sleep tracking feature so you have an overview of your sleep quality and get suggestions to improve it.

How to set your daily activity goals? +

In your personal settings, you can set daily steps, active time, or calories burned goals based on your personal goals.

Does Da Fit support menstrual cycle tracking? +

Yes, if you're a woman, Da Fit has a menstrual cycle tracking feature to help you monitor and manage your female health.

How do I share my achievements with the Da Fit community? +

In the app, you will find the option to share your activity. Select the activity you want to share and choose how you want to share it, whether it's directly in the app or via social networks.

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