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Nasi Goreng Frenzy Game APK gives you the opportunity to join the amazing cooking and restaurant management adventure, with unique features and experiences.


Name Nasi Goreng Frenzy
Version 1.2.0
Size 43.1 MB
Category Simulation
Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.0.3+
Developer Netpolitan Studio

About of Nasi Goreng Frenzy APK

Nasi Goreng Frenzy APK money is a unique cooking simulation game where you have the opportunity to experience the life of a chef and manage a creative restaurant. With the goal of delicious cooking and serving, this fun game offers a journey full of challenges and diverse flavors.

In download game Nasi Goreng Frenzy APK, you will enter the world of cooking and serving customers. Your goal is to become an excellent chef and build an outstanding restaurant. With the expansion and growth of sales, you will have the opportunity to experience many interesting stories in the cooking process, making each meal a memorable journey.

Overview of Nasi Goreng Frenzy APK For Android

In the process of playing Nasi Goreng Frenzy APK, you will have to manage both the business side and the cleanliness of the restaurant. The goal is to create a comfortable dining environment where customers can enjoy the delicious food you make. With a variety of ingredients and seasonings to choose from, you can create diverse flavor challenges to appeal to your customers.

The game's standout features include the ability to upgrade kitchen equipment and introduce advanced appliances to improve the cooking process. With simple gameplay, you can be creative and show off your cooking skills in your own way. Improving your cooking skills is also an important factor in growing your restaurant's sales.

Overall, Nasi Goreng Frenzy APK is not only an interesting cooking game, but also gives you the opportunity to experience a diverse and creative restaurant life. Great graphics, interesting stories and the ability to create unique flavors are the factors that make this game an attractive choice for lovers of simulation and cooking genres.

Features of Nasi Goreng Frenzy APK Mobile Game

Here are the details of the game's key features:

  • Story and Fun: The game comes with many interesting stories that take place during the cooking process, making each meal a memorable journey. This drives player engagement and engagement.
  • Restaurant Manager: You will not only cook but also manage the entire restaurant. This includes keeping the dining environment clean and comfortable so that customers are satisfied.
  • Variety of Dishes: With a variety of ingredients and seasonings to choose from, you can create fried rice dishes with diverse flavor challenges to appeal and satisfy your customers.
  • Upgrade and Advance: The game allows you to upgrade kitchen equipment and introduces advanced equipment to improve the cooking and serving process. This helps to optimize meal performance and quality.
  • Simple Gameplay: With easy gameplay, you can use your imagination to create and show off your cooking skills freely.
  • Improve Skills: You can always improve your cooking skills throughout the game, helping you to increase your restaurant's sales and become an excellent chef.
  • Diverse Experiences: From cooking simple dishes to challenging more complex flavors, the game offers diverse experiences for players.
  • High Quality Graphics: With beautiful graphics, the game creates an exciting and lively world that you can easily enter.
  • Restaurant Growth: By increasing the number of customers and improving the quality of service, you can increase your restaurant's income and grow sales.
  • Story and Quests: Each player will become a restaurant management master and must complete a variety of tasks, demonstrating an understanding of how to cook dishes and manage a business.
  • Cooperation and Uniqueness: The game cooperates with famous partners, creating a unique and fascinating world.
  • Interaction and Relaxation: By creating a relaxing experience environment, players can enjoy the virtual space of cooking and managing.

Graphics of Nasi Goreng Frenzy APK iOS

The graphics in Nasi Goreng Frenzy APK are designed to give players an immersive and immersive experience created with high quality, giving players a vivid and detailed world.

The game takes players into the restaurant environment with the dining tables, kitchen, and dining space are shown very vividly. The dishes and ingredients are designed with creative shapes and colors, to make them attractive and interesting.

Kitchen appliances and cooking tools are designed with details, helping players feel the cooking process in a realistic way. Sensory graphics capture customer satisfaction and interaction, as well as employee performance in the restaurant.

The emotions and expressions of the characters in the game are expressed through features such as facial expressions, gestures, and movements.

In short, the graphics in Nasi Goreng Frenzy APK can be an important part of the gaming experience, helping players get into the world of cooking and restaurant management.

How to play, gameplay of Nasi Goreng Frenzy APK

  • Getting started: You'll start with a small restaurant and some basic fried rice.
  • Choose Food: Customers will come to your restaurant and order food. You have to choose a dish from a list of different types of fried rice to prepare.
  • Prepare Ingredients: After choosing a dish, you will have to prepare the necessary ingredients and seasonings to cook that dish.
  • Cooking: Conduct cooking by performing cooking steps. This may include cutting, sautéing, baking, or frying ingredients.
  • Serving Guests: When the dish is done cooking, you have to take it out to the customers and serve them. Make sure the food is in accordance with the customer's request.
  • Earnings and Reviews: After the customer has finished eating, you will receive money and a rating of your dish based on the quality and time served.
  • Upgrades and Open: You can use your earned money to upgrade kitchen equipment, open new types of dishes, and improve the restaurant environment.
  • Challenges: As the game progresses, the number of customers increases and the flavor challenges become more diverse. You have to deal with good management to meet their needs.

Pros and Cons Nasi Goreng Frenzy APK Latest Version


  • Live Cooking Experience: The game offers a detailed and vivid cooking experience, helping players show off and improve their cooking skills.
  • Restaurant Management: Not only cooking, you also have to manage the restaurant, creating more variety and challenge in the gameplay.
  • Stories and Quests: Exciting stories and quests keep players engaged and excited.
  • Diverse Dishes: There are different types of dishes and taste challenges, ensuring variety and creativity in cooking.
  • Upgrade Feature: The ability to upgrade kitchen and restaurant equipment adds depth to the game.


  • Repeatability: Due to the simple gameplay, there can be some repetition in the cooking and management, making the game less challenging after a while.
  • Lack of Deep Interaction: Although there are management elements, the game lacks deep interaction and details about business management compared to real management games.
  • Potential Loss of Interest: Players can lose interest after completing many of the same quests or without a new challenge element.


Nasi Goreng Frenzy APK is a unique cooking simulation game that gives players the experience of life as a chef and restaurant manager. With high-quality graphics, simple gameplay and diverse features, this game promises hours of fun and entertainment.


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