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My Dream Setup Mobile APK is a fun and creative game that allows players to design and decorate their living space according to their personal style, creating unique and dream experiences.


Name My Dream Setup
Version 1.0
Size 146 MB
Category Simulation
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer Campfire Studio

Introduce to My Dream Setup Demo APK

My Dream Setup APK mediafıre is not just a game, but also a creative and sophisticated experience that puts you in the role of an interior designer. In Rooms Decor, you will be free to express your creativity by designing and decorating virtual living spaces full of dreams. From the cute bedroom to the luxurious living room, you will have the opportunity to freely express your personal style through the selection and arrangement of furniture items, decorations and other details.

More Overview of My Dream Setup For Android

One of the most notable points of My Dream Setup APK pc is the variety and richness of design options. You can choose from a range of furniture patterns, colors, materials and accessories to create your own living space. From modern to classic, from luxury to coziness, there is a world of options waiting to be discovered.

Not only an entertaining game, My Dream Setup is also an opportunity to realize your dreams of designing your own living space. This can be a fun and engaging experience for those who love art and interior design.

All features in My Dream Setup Latest Version

Here are some details about the features of the My Dream Setup APK app that you may be interested in:

  • Design and Decorate: Rooms Game allows you to design and decorate your virtual living space according to your own style and ideas. From choosing the furniture to arranging the decorative details, you have absolute freedom to create the living space of your dreams.
  • Diverse interior items: The application provides a diverse collection of interior items from famous brands and diverse styles. From sofas to decorative lamps, from dining tables to beds, you will have thousands of options to satisfy your preferences.
  • Customization Feature: My Dream Setup offers customization feature so you can flexibly adjust the size, color and position of interior items. This helps you create the perfect living space that reflects your own style and ideas.
  • Test before applying: Before deciding to apply the design to a real space, My Dream Setup game APK allows you to test by previewing and moving items in 3D space. This helps you make sure that everything is consistent and harmonious before proceeding.
  • Sharing and Friendly Interface: You can share your designs with friends and family via social networks or email. The application's interface is friendly and easy to use, allowing users to experience it comfortably and without difficulty.
  • Regular updates: In order to bring the best user experience, My Dream Setup regularly updates and adds new features, along with improving performance and fixing errors that arise.

Interface, graphics on My Dream Setup For iOS

With high-quality 3D graphics, My Dream Setup creates a vivid and lively virtual living space. Interior items and decorative details are reproduced clearly and realistically, from delicate lines to vivid colors. You can admire every detail of the design space clearly, from the expansive perspective to the smallest details.

The special thing about the graphics of My Dream Setup APK is its high interactivity. You can move, rotate and zoom in and out of items and objects in 3D space easily and flexibly, making it feel like you're really entering the living space you've designed. .

Another strong point of the graphics is the attention to detail. From light and shadow to special effects such as sunlight shining through windows and tree silhouettes, everything is expressed naturally and harmoniously, creating a lively and intimate feeling. .

Finally, My Dream Setup's graphics are not only beautiful but also very smooth and stable. No matter what device you are using, from smartphone to tablet, you can enjoy a great experience with smooth and glitch-free graphics.

How to play, gameplay for My Dream Setup Mobile Game

How to play:

  • Choose space: First you will choose the space you want to design, from the bedroom to the living room or office.
  • Choose and arrange furniture: Next, you will be able to choose from a diverse collection of furniture and decorations. From sofas to dining tables, from wall paintings to plants, you can choose and arrange everything to your liking.
  • Customization and editing: My Dream Setup APK offers customization features so you can adjust the size, color, and position of interior items. You can also add or remove items to create the perfect living space as you want.
  • Preview and share: Before you're done, you can preview your design in 3D and make adjustments as needed. Once completed, you can share your design with friends and family via social networks or email.

Play style:

  • Creativity and Freedom: My Dream Setup allows you to freely express your creativity in designing your living space. You can implement any idea you want, from creating a luxurious space to a cozy and beautiful space.
  • Relaxation and entertainment: This is not just a game but also a fun and exciting way to relax after a stressful day at work. You can comfortably enjoy the process of designing and decorating your living space without having to worry about pressure or time.
  • Skills and Development: My Dream Setup can also help you develop your interior design and decorating skills. You can experiment and innovate new design ideas and styles, thereby improving your creativity and aesthetic over time.

Pros and Cons of My Dream Setup APK


  • High creativity: My Dream Setup APK gives players a free space to express their creativity and develop their interior design skills.
  • Immersive graphics: High-quality and detailed 3D graphics, along with dynamic interactivity, create an engaging and immersive experience for players.
  • Diverse interior items: The number and variety of interior and decorative items allow players to create living spaces according to their own preferences and style.
  • Fun and entertaining: My Dream Setup is not just a design tool but also a fun and entertaining way for you to relax and enjoy.


  • Limited features: Although My Dream Setup offers many customization features, it may lack some more complex features such as the ability to import third-party designs or create detailed technical drawings.
  • Lack of social interaction: Although it is possible to share designs with friends via social networks or email, My Dream Setup does not offer much social interaction, which may reduce the game's appeal to some players.


My Dream Setup APK is a fun and engaging game for those who love interior design and want to express their creativity in creating their dream living space. With vibrant graphics, diverse interior items, and flexible interactions, players can enjoy an exciting design experience.

If you're looking for a fun, inspiring game to relax and express your creativity, My Dream Setup is definitely a great choice. Start your journey and create your own dream living space today!


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FAQs? My Dream Setup APK

How to choose a space to design in My Dream Setup? +

When you open the app, you'll get to choose from a variety of spaces like bedrooms, living rooms, offices, and more. Choose a space you want to design and start creating right away.

How to customize furniture items in My Dream Setup? +

When you select a furniture item from the menu, you can drag and drop it into the design space. You can then tap the item to reveal customization options like changing size, color, and position.

How do I share my designs with others? +

Once you've finished your design, just tap the share button and choose the medium you want to share it on, like email or social media. You can also store your designs on your phone or computer to review later.

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