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MX Grau 2 APK is a dramatic and exciting arcade motorcycle racing game where players can experience the feeling of speed and challenge on the Italian Monza Circuit.


Name MX Grau
Pagekage name com.mapinha.mxgrau
Version 2.5
Size 75.6 MB
Category Simulation
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.1+
Developer RamoSoft

Introduce to MX Grau APK

MX Grau APK iphone is not just a regular motorcycle racing game, but also an emotional and challenging journey on Italy's famous Monza Circuit.

MX Bikes Grau download APK brings a great experience for those who love speed and thrill. With nearly a dozen different types of large displacement motorbikes, from fast to powerful ones, you will have the opportunity to try your hand at challenging and tough racing tracks.

More Overview of MX Grau Latest Version

The arcade nature of the game creates more intimacy and accessibility for players. You will feel the quick response of the motorcycle and the fun of performing skillful off-road maneuvers. With simple controls, you can enjoy each race freely and excitedly.

Along with that, the perfect reproduction of the Monza Circuit will make you admire the beauty and diversity of the racetrack. From the iconic circular platform to familiar variations like the Ascari and Parabolic Curve, every corner is a thrilling new challenge.

With MX Grau APK money, you have the freedom to choose first or third person perspective, creating a personalized experience to your liking. And don't forget, if you venture too far, you may be faced with falling and choosing between restarting or getting back up from where you fell.

All features in MX Grau For Android

  • Diverse Motorcycles: game MX Grau is not limited to providing only a few types of vehicles, but also gives players a diverse collection of large displacement motorcycles. From agile race cars to powerful models, each vehicle has its own power and versatility.
  • Perfect Racing Circuit: Italy's Monza Circuit is recreated in the most authentic and detailed way, giving players the feeling of participating directly in the race. From famous variations like the Ascari to complex curves, every corner and every stretch of road has been meticulously outlined.
  • Easy Controls: With arcade-style driving, driving in MX Grau beta APK is easier and more fun than ever. You can accelerate, brake, turn and even turn the wheel flexibly with just a few simple gestures.
  • Challenging Nature: The game is not simply about driving but also a stimulating challenge. With the possibility of falling when driving too far, players will have to prove their skill and concentration to get through each stage safely.
  • Perspective Choice: Elite MX Grau Motorbikes APK offers players the flexibility to choose a driving perspective, from first-person to third-person. This creates a personalized experience and diversifies the game according to each player's preferences.

Interface, graphics on MX Grau For iOS

Realistic Detail: Every motorbike, every corner, every road segment is reproduced in the most meticulous and realistic way. From the soft curves to the small details on the surface of each car, players feel like they are participating in a real race.

Unique Effects: Light and shadow effects create a vivid and realistic feeling, especially when driving through areas with different lighting levels. From the sunlight shining through the windows to the car's headlights, each effect is handled delicately and professionally.

Diverse Environments: Not just flat racing tracks, MX Grau brasil APK also offers players a variety of environments, from lush forests to bustling cities. Each environment has its own diversity and richness, creating a never-ending journey of discovery.

Dynamic Interaction: Graphics in MX Grau are not just static images but also part of a dynamic experience. From the vehicle's response over terrain to the physics of collision, each interaction is presented naturally and realistically.

How to play, gameplay for MX Grau Mobile Game

Driving Freedom: One of the special features of MX Grau is the absolute freedom when driving. Players can freely explore every corner and every road without any restrictions. From accelerating to braking and turning, every decision is in your hands.

Diverse Challenges: Each race in MX Grau is not simply about driving from the starting point to the finish line, but is also a dramatic and arduous challenge. With increasing difficulty through each level, players will have to show off their driving skills to overcome all challenges on the track.

Choose Your Perspective: MX Grau gives players the flexibility to choose their driving perspective, from first-person to third-person. This creates a rich and varied experience, allowing players to customize the game to their liking.

Diverse Racing Modes: Besides the traditional racing mode, MX Grau also offers players many different racing modes such as lap racing mode, clock racing mode, or even reverse racing mode. This creates variety and excitement in the gameplay.

Pros and Cons of MX Grau APK


  • Exciting Racing Experience: MX Grau offers players a vibrant and exciting arcade motorcycle racing experience. Flexibility in vehicle control and diversity in gameplay are strong points that attract players.
  • Sharp and Attractive Graphics: The game's graphics are cared for in every detail, from the car models to the racing environment, creating an engaging and realistic experience.
  • Balanced Difficulty: The game has a balanced difficulty level, from easy levels for beginners to more difficult challenges for experienced gamers.


  • Performance and Compatibility: Despite its good graphics, MX Grau can be demanding on system resources, which can cause problems with some older or weaker devices.
  • Variety of Content: Although there are many different types of motorcycles and racing modes, the variety of content is still limited compared to some other racing games.
  • Addictive Potential: While it can be considered an advantage, the addictive nature of the game can also be a disadvantage if not controlled carefully, especially for players who are prone to optimism become addicted to games.


In the world of mobile gaming, MX Grau APK has emerged as a great choice for speed and motorbike racing enthusiasts. With a combination of exciting gameplay, sharp graphics and diverse content, this game promises to bring players unforgettable racing experiences.

In short, MX Grau APK is a motorbike racing game worth playing and experiencing, bringing players exciting and dramatic moments of entertainment. Get ready to enter the world of speed and passion with MX Grau today!


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In MX Grau APK, are there any racing modes other than the standard racing mode? +

In addition to the standard racing mode, MX Grau also offers a variety of different racing modes such as lap racing mode, clock racing mode, and even reverse racing mode, creating variety and fun in gameplay.

How many different types of motorcycles are there in MX Grau APK? +

MX Grau offers nearly a dozen different types of large displacement motorbikes for players to choose from, from agile to powerful ones, each with its own power and flexibility.

How to control the car in MX Grau APK? +

Vehicle control in MX Grau is very simple. You can use on-screen buttons to accelerate, brake, turn and turn the wheel, creating a fluid and effortless driving experience.

Does MX Grau APK require an internet connection to play? +

No, MX Grau APK does not require an internet connection to play. You can enjoy the game anytime, anywhere without needing an internet connection.

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