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Monster Legends APK is a monster battle and management game where you have the power to build and run a monster world. Ready to explore and experience?


Name Monster Legends
Version 17.2.7
Size 240.13 Mb
Category Strategy
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer Social Point

About of Monster Legends APK

Monster Legends APK 2023 is a mobile game developed by Socialpoint where players can build and manage a colorful monster island. This game is available on the Google Play Store and can be downloaded for free.

In Monster Legends APK update, players will enter a world full of legendary creatures and unique monsters. Your task is to build a strong monster squad and defeat other opponents in battle. You will train, breed and upgrade your monsters to create the strongest creatures possible.

Monster Legends features a variety of game modes for players to explore, including PvP (player-versus-player) battle mode, mysterious island exploration mode, and event mode special event. You can also enter into alliances with other players and fight together for exciting rewards.

Overview of Monster Legends APK Mobile Game

Monster Legends game is designed with stunning graphics and beautiful visual effects. It also has a tactical battle system in which you need to have the right strategy and choose the right monsters to fight.

If you love monster management and fighting genre, then zerozone Monster Legends APK is a fascinating and fun game to experience on your mobile phone.

Features of Monster Legends APK for Android

  • Train and collect monsters: tales challenge Monster Legends allows players to train and collect more than 700 different types of monsters. You can breed new monsters by combining different monster species to create powerful and unique monsters.
  • Build and manage a monster island: You can build and customize your island as you like. Build houses, farms, houses and other facilities to upgrade and open new features. The island is also a place to raise and take care of your monsters.
  • Combat and PvP Modes: The game has various battle modes. You can challenge other players' monsters in PvP mode and prove your fighting prowess. In addition, you can also participate in PvE (against the computer) matches and challenge AI opponents for rewards and progress in the game.
  • Explore islands and open new lands: Monster Legends offers mysterious islands for players to explore. You can explore new lands, solve puzzles and battle monsters to open new content and get precious rewards.
  • Special Events: The game often features special events that take place regularly. You can participate in these events to receive rare monsters, materials, and unique rewards. The event also brings a new challenge and creates a competitive environment among players.
  • Alliance and team mode: Players can join alliances with other players. Alliance provides an environment to exchange, share experiences and support each other in the game. You can participate in alliance activities, participate in alliance wars and get special rewards.
  • Graphics and sound: Monster Legends has beautiful graphics and vivid visual effects. Sound and background music are also designed to create an immersive and engaging game experience.

Monster Legends APK gold gems and food gives players a diverse and rich world where you can train, fight and build your own monster island. The diverse features of this game ensure constant excitement and challenge for players.

Game mode, graphics of Monster Legends APK

Monsters: Each monster in Monster Legends is designed with great detail and has a unique appearance. They come in different shapes and sizes, from cute little monsters to huge and mighty monsters. Monsters also have features and details such as feathers, scales, eyes, teeth and other elements, creating a diverse and interesting variety of monster species.

Monster Island: The environment and buildings on the monster island are designed with creativity and sophistication. You can build structures like houses, farms, suspension training and other facilities on your island. These structures have details and colors that match the monster world, creating an exciting and vibrant living space.

Effects and skills: During battle, monsters will use special skills and create attractive effects. These effects are demonstrated through beautiful graphics, including lighting, fire, flowing water, spray dust, and many more. This makes the battles engaging and unique.

User Interface: The user interface in Monster Legends APK is designed to be easy to use and player friendly. You can easily navigate through menus, view monster information, manage resources, and participate in in-game activities.

Thanks to the use of beautiful and detailed graphics, Monster Legends APK creates an intuitive and engaging experience for players. From monsters to environments and effects, graphics play an important role in creating a lively and adventurous monster world.

How to play Monster Legends APK Latest version

Download and install: Go to the Google Play Store and search for "Monster Legends". Select the appropriate app and tap the download button to download and install the game onto your mobile device.

Launch and login: Open the Monster Legends APK application after the installation is complete. Sign in with your Google or Facebook account, or create a new one if you haven't already.

Island Tour: After successful login, you will be taken to your monster island. The original island has basic structures and a starter monster.

Train and collect monsters: Start training your monsters by going on quests and participating in battles. Collect new monsters through breeding, shopping or completing quests.

Build the island: Use resources like gold and food to build and upgrade structures on the island. Build houses, farms, suspend training and other facilities to enhance your ability to develop and manage the island.

Participate in game modes: Monster Legends has many different game modes such as PvP battle mode, island exploration and participation in special events. Participate in matches, complete quests and challenges to collect rewards and progress in the game.

Alliances and social connections: Join alliances with other players to exchange, share experiences and fight together. Interact with friends and other players through the in-game social networking feature.

Upgrade and Evolve: Keep upgrading your monsters, improving the island, and open new content as you progress in the game. Explore the colorful monster world and become the top trainer.

Pros and cons of Monster Legends APK iOS


  • Monster variety: The game has more than 700 different types of monsters, providing a variety and rich choices for players.
  • Diverse game modes: The game offers many game modes such as PvP, island exploration and special events, giving players a diverse and not boring experience.
  • Island building and management: Players can customize and grow their monster island, building structures and upgrading them to enhance development and manageability.
  • Alliances and social connections: Monster Legends allows players to join alliances, socialize and battle with other players, creating a vibrant gaming community.


  • Requires internet connection: To play Monster Legends, players need a constant internet connection, which can be binding and data consuming.
  • Slow Upgrade Progress: The game has a rather lengthy process of upgrading monsters and islands, requiring the player to invest time and patience to make progress.
  • In-game purchases and resources required: To level up and grow rapidly, players may need to purchase resources and in-game currency with real money or perform quests and events to earn.


Monster Legends APK game is a diverse and engaging monster island management and tactical role-playing mobile game. With more than 700 types of monsters, beautiful graphics, diverse game modes and the ability to build islands, this game promises to bring players hours of exciting entertainment.

Is an interesting game and worth playing for those who love the genre of management and fighting monsters. Prepare to train, battle and build your own island in the colorful and adventurous world of Monster Legends.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

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