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Hide Mock Locations APK is a unique Android app that allows simulating GPS locations, creating fake locations and adjusting routes on the map, useful in app testing and privacy protection.


Name Mock Location
Version 1.23.1
Size 22.81 Mb
Category Tools
Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Developer Dvaoru

About to Mock Locations Premium APK

I want to introduce to you the application Mock Locations (fake GPS path) APK, a unique and useful tool for Android devices. This is an app that simulates your phone's GPS location, allowing you to create fake locations and even adjust fake routes on the map.

Mock Locations Pro APK allows you to create any fake location globally, by scrolling through custom GPS coordinates or entering specific place names. You can plan a series of locations and travel times, create a fake route, and the app will automatically change your device's location according to that schedule.

Mock Locations detection APK is a powerful tool that allows you to create fake locations and create virtual travel schedules on your Android device. This app has many useful applications in a variety of situations and is especially useful for people who want to protect their privacy and check out apps that require location. Try it and discover more about its fascinating features and applications.

More Overview of Mock Locations App Mobile

If you want to share fake pictures of different tourist locations on social networks, this app will be very useful. You can download the Mock Locations app from the Google Play Store or from another trusted source.

Mock Locations full version APK is a powerful tool that allows you to control the location on your Android device flexibly and securely. It has many useful applications in application testing, virtual content creation, and privacy protection. Please consider using it responsibly and in compliance with rules and laws regarding location spoofing.

All features in Mock Locations For Android

  • Fake GPS Location: Allows you to set up a fake location by entering exact GPS coordinates or searching for a place on a map and placing your device there.
  • Create virtual travel schedules: You can plan a series of fake destinations and travel times, creating a virtual travel route. The application will automatically change the device's location based on the schedule you set.
  • Integrates with various apps: Fake Mock Locations works with many apps that require GPS location such as Google Maps, Pokemon Go, virtual reality games, and other social apps.
  • Create and store favorite locations: You can create a list of favorite locations and save them for later use. Best Mock Locations allows you to share fake locations with others through social apps or messages.
  • Customize movement speed: You can set a fake movement speed of your device to make traveling between destinations more realistic.
  • Security and Privacy: This app has security features to prevent unauthorized tampering and to protect user privacy.
  • Easy integration: Installing and using the Fake GPS Location APK download app is quite simple and easy.
  • Record activity: This app can record your movements so you can review and share them later.
  • Change MAC address (only on rooted devices): Allows you to change your device's MAC address, useful in protecting privacy and avoiding MAC-based tracking.

Instructions, how to use Mock Locations Latest version

Step 1: Download and install Mock Locations APK

  • First, download the Mock Locations APK app from a trusted source, or search for it on the Google Play Store (if available).
  • Once downloaded, install the app by opening the APK file and following the on-screen instructions.

Step 2: Enable permissions for the Mock Locations application

  • For the app to work, you need to give it permission to access location and adjust settings.
  • Go to "Settings" on your Android device.
  • Select "Manage apps" or "Apps and notifications," then search for the GPS Mock Locations app and select it.
  • Enable "Location permissions" for the Mock Locations app.

Step 3: Use Mock Locations

  • Open the Fake Location APK android app on your device.
  • You'll see the app's main interface, allowing you to enter exact GPS coordinates or search for a specific location on the map.
  • To set up a fake location, you can do so by selecting a location on the map or entering exact GPS coordinates.
  • Once you have set the fake location, you can press the "Enable" or "Apply" button to have the app change the device's location to the fake location.
  • You can also create a virtual travel schedule by selecting the "Schedule" option and setting up destinations and travel times.
  • Once you have set up the spoof location or schedule, you can click "Start" to start spoofing your device's location.

Step 4: Turn off Mock Locations

  • When you no longer need location spoofing, you can return to the Mock Locations app and tap "Disable" to restore your device's actual GPS location.

Note: Some Android devices require you to have root access to fully utilize Mock Locations features, including changing MAC address. Rooting can void your device's warranty and can cause damage if you don't do it properly.

Please always comply with the law and ensure that you use this application responsibly and respect the privacy of others.

Tips and advice when using for Mock Locations APK

Comply with local laws: First and foremost, always comply with regulations and laws regarding location spoofing. In some areas, use of this application may be illegal.

Use Responsibly: Mock Locations can have many useful applications, but please use it responsibly. Avoid using it to commit fraud, invade others' privacy, or perform illegal activities.

Turn off the app after use: When you no longer need location spoofing, make sure you turn off the Mock Locations app so your device returns to its actual GPS location.

Check permissions: Sometimes, software or device updates can change app permissions. Make sure that Mock Locations still has location access and other necessary permissions.

Backup important data: Before rooting your device (if necessary) or changing important settings, back up important data to ensure that you can restore your device if something goes wrong.

Understand the risks of rooting (if applicable): If you need to root your device to take full advantage of Mock Locations, please understand that rooting may void your device's warranty and may put you at risk cause damage if you do not do it properly.

Use applications from trusted sources: Always download the Mock Locations application from a trusted source such as Google Play Store or the developer's official website to ensure safety and virus freedom.

Update regularly: Make sure you update the Mock Locations app and your Android operating system to get the latest security patches and feature upgrades.

Advantages and disadvantages Mock Locations iOS


  • Test apps that request location: Mock Locations allows you to test whether apps that request location work correctly without revealing your actual location.
  • Create virtual content: This application allows you to create images and videos with fake locations, suitable for entertainment, marketing, or research purposes. You can create virtual tour images or check navigation apps.
  • Protects privacy: Mock Locations helps you keep your location information private and does not provide your actual location unnecessarily.
  • Great customization: This app has many customization features, allowing you to set up fake locations and create travel schedules the way you want.


  • Violating laws and regulations: Using Mock Locations to spoof your location may violate laws and regulations in some areas. This may result in legal consequences and loss of rights to use the service.
  • Misuse: If this application is not used responsibly, it may violate the privacy and safety of others. Using Mock Locations to spy on or deceive others is not wise.
  • Root required (on some devices): To fully utilize Mock Locations, some Android devices require root. Rooting can void your warranty and cause damage if not done properly.


Mock Locations APK app is a powerful tool that can provide many benefits such as testing apps that require location, creating virtual content, and protecting privacy. However, its use should be done responsibly and in compliance with local laws and regulations.

We encourage you to use Mock Locations responsibly and respect the privacy of others. Make sure you understand the risks and laws surrounding location spoofing and comply with them at all times. Use of this tool should be done with reasonable and ethical intentions to ensure that it does not harm you or others.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

FAQs? Mock Location APK

Why do users need to use Mock Location application? +

There are many reasons users want to use Mock Location apps, including testing location-based apps, protecting privacy, playing location-based games, and testing apps in different location conditions together.

Is there any way to protect privacy when using Mock Location APK? +

To protect privacy, you should only share fake location with people you trust and not use it to perform improper activities on others.

Can I use Mock Location APK on both iPhone and Android? +

Yes, there is a similar app for both iPhone and Android. However, usage and integration may differ on these two platforms.

How to prevent improper use of Mock Location APK? +

To prevent improper use, apps and services may use security measures such as checking the device's physical location and detecting occasional changes.

Does the Mock Location APK app have user configuration options? +

If your app has configuration options, explain how users can customize the app to fit their needs.

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