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MMLive APK is an application for you to join the online community and interact with each other through live videos, users can chat, watch and participate in the livestreams of other users around the world gender.


Name MMLive
Version 1.2.6
Size 40.5 MB
Category Social
Price Free
Compatible with Android 6.0+
Developer leoxu2020

About of MMLive APK

MMLive APK is an online application for Android users to participate in online communities and interact with each other through live videos. With MMLive APK, users can chat, watch and participate in the livestreams of other users around the world.

Some of the features of MMLive APK include the ability to search and connect with other users, create and manage your own livestreams, give virtual gifts to other users, and much more.

Although MMLive APK provides users with a great experience of connecting and interacting directly with each other, there are also risks to be aware of such as exposure to unsafe strangers, violation of rights. private and deceptive. Therefore, users need to use this application carefully and ensure their own safety.

Features of MMLive APP APK

Here are the details of the features of MMLive APK:

  • Search and connect with other users: MMLive APK allows users to search and connect with other users around the world. Users can search by username or use filters to search by location, topic or genre. Users can connect with other users by sending friend requests or following them.
  • Create and manage livestreams: MMLive APK allows users to create and manage their own livestreams. Users can choose to stream publicly or only allow certain users to participate in the livestream by setting a password for the livestream. Users can set a title for the livestream, upload a profile picture, and customize the sound and light settings.
  • Virtual gift giving: MMLive APK offers a series of virtual gifts that users can give each other during the livestream. These gifts include emoticons, flowers, hearts, gold and more. Users can purchase these gifts with cash or by using other online payment methods.
  • Provide all kinds of sound and light effects: MMLive APK provides users with a wide range of sound and light effects to create a unique and creative livestream. Users can customize these effects to create a unique and attractive livestream screen.
  • Create and participate in chats and video calls: In addition to the livestream, MMLive APK also provides users with other features to connect and interact with each other. Users can create and participate in chats with friends or participate in video calls to interact with others online. These features help users enhance the connection and communication with each other on the platform of MMLive APK.
  • Create and participate in contests on MMLive APK: MMLive APK also allows users to create and participate in contests on its platform. These contests can be related to a certain topic or genre and are offered with attractive prizes. Users can create their own contests or participate in contests organized by other users.
  • Secret chat mode: MMLive APK also provides users with a secret chat feature, allowing users to send messages to each other privately without sharing information with other users. This feature helps users keep in touch with each other privately and securely.
  • Account Management and Personal Information: Finally, MMLive APK allows users to manage their personal and account information. Users can add, edit and delete their personal information and update account settings. In addition, MMLive APK also provides security features to ensure the safety of users' personal information and accounts.

How to use MMLive APK For Android

To use MMLive APK, users need to download the app from our website or the app download sites on the net. After downloading and installing the application, users can register for an account or log in to an existing account.

After logging in, users can access the features of MMLive APK as follows:

  • View and participate in live chats: On the home page of MMLive APK, users can view a list of ongoing live chats. Users can participate in these chats by clicking on the username and participating in the live chat.
  • Search users and make friends: MMLive APK also provides user search feature. Users can search for users by entering usernames or related keywords in the search box. In addition, users can make friends with other users by clicking the "friend" button on their profile.
  • Participate in contests and games: MMLive APK also offers contests and games for users to participate in. Users can visit the homepage of MMLive APK and select "contest" or "game" to participate.
  • Use secret chat: Users can use secret chat to chat with other users privately. To use this feature, users need to open the profile of the user they want to chat with and click the "secret chat" button.
  • Account and personal information management: MMLive APK also provides account management and personal information. Users can visit their profile and edit their personal information or account settings.

With diverse and attractive features, MMLive APK is a great application to connect and exchange with new friends and also a place to entertain and relax after a hard working day.

Tips and advice when using MMLive APK iOS

Here are some tips and advice when using MMLive APK:

  • Personal Information Protection: When using MMLive APK, users should protect their personal information by not sharing too much personal information with other users. In addition, users should password protect their accounts to prevent bad actions from other users.
  • Respect the privacy of others: When using the secret chat feature, users need to respect the privacy of other users and not use this feature to violate the privacy of others.
  • Use the reporting feature if necessary: If the user encounters any behavior that violates the law or has an adverse impact on society, the user can use the report feature to notify the administrator. members and prevent bad actions from other users.
  • Screen Time Control: MMLive APK can become addictive and easily lose control of the user's screen time. Therefore, users should control their usage time and not use the application too much so as not to affect their work and personal life.
  • Use chat politely and respectfully: When using live chat, users should use polite and respectful language to create a healthy and civilized conversation environment.

Advantage and Defect of MMLive APK


  • Simple interface, easy to use: MMLive APK has a simple and easy to use interface, giving users easy access to the features of the application.
  • Diverse features: MMLive APK provides many attractive features such as live chat, livestream, new friends and secret chat feature.
  • Connecting users around the world: With MMLive APK, users can connect and interact with other users around the world, creating a civilized and diverse exchange environment.
  • Regular updates: MMLive APK is always updated regularly to improve the quality and features of the application.


  • Risk of privacy violation: MMLive APK has a secret chat feature, which may lead to a risk of violating user privacy.
  • Risk of addiction: MMLive APK has an addictive feature that easily makes users lose control of the time spent.
  • At risk of fraud: MMLive APK can be used to perform fraudulent or fraudulent actions, so users need to be careful and cautious when using.
  • Not completely free: Some features of MMLive APK may require users to pay to use, which can be frustrating for users.


MMLive APK is an attractive live chat and livestream application, rich in features, simple and easy to use interface. It allows users to connect and interact with other users around the world, creating a civilized and diverse exchange environment.


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