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Minecraft Trial Ruins APK is the free mobile version of the popular game, offering the experience of building and exploring in an endless pixelated world on mobile phones or tablets.


Name Minecraft Trial
Size 476.94 Mb
Category Arcade
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer Mojang

Introduce to Minecraft Trial APK

Minecraft Trials and tales APK is the mobile version of the game Minecraft. This is a free, limited version that allows players to experience some of the basic features of Minecraft on their mobile phones or tablets.

In Minecraft Trial APK indir, players are transported into an endless open world with pixelated blocks and can build and explore at will. Players can build structures, houses, cities, or even explore caves and valleys. The game provides tools and resources for players to exploit, but is limited compared to the full version.

More Overview of Minecraft Trial Mobile Game

Minecraft Free Trial allows players to participate in crafting and building, hunting, mining resources, planting trees, raising animals and interacting with a living world. Players can also play solo or join the multiplayer mode over a Wi-Fi connection with friends.

For Minecraft Trial 1.16.40 APK there are some limitations compared to the full paid version. Some features like survival and story mode are not available in this trial version. Graphics and effects may also be limited compared to the desktop version or the version on high-end mobile platforms.

All features in Minecraft Trial For iOS

  • Build and destroy: Players can build structures, houses, castles, bridges, dams and more. They can also destroy blocks to create new space and gather resources.
  • Resource Mining: Minecraft Trial allows players to exploit resources from the environment such as wood, stone, minerals and many other materials. These resources can be used to craft tools, build, and create items.
  • Planting trees and raising animals: Players can grow trees and harvest plants such as grass, pine trees, coffee trees and more. They may also raise animals such as cows, pigs, chickens and sheep for meat, fur and milk.
  • Crafting and Crafting: Minecraft Trial allows players to craft tools and items by combining resources. They can craft mining tools, weapons, farming tools, and many other useful items to aid in exploration and construction.
  • Single and Multiplayer Modes: Players can play Minecraft Trial alone in single player mode or connect via Wi-Fi to play with friends in multiplayer mode. They can explore the shared world, build together, and perform interactive activities.
  • Open World and Adventure: Minecraft Trial offers an open world with different areas to explore. Players can travel through forests, deserts, grasslands, mountains, and underground tunnels in search of treasures, monsters, and new destinations.
  • Update support: Even though Minecraft Trial is a free trial version, it still gets updated support from Mojang. This means that players may receive patches and minor improvements during use.

Interface, graphics on Minecraft Trial For Android

The graphics of Minecraft Trial APK are designed with the typical pixelated style of Minecraft. This means that every object, environment, and character in the game is represented by cubes of pixels, creating a simple and cubic world.

Due to the pixelated nature, the graphics of Minecraft Trial seem simple and crude compared to Minecraft versions on more advanced platforms like PC or console. However, this is also part of the appeal of the game, creating the special and unique style of Minecraft.

Minecraft Trial APK uses bright, bright and diverse colors, creating a world with a friendly and attractive appearance. You will see blocks of pixels arranged into natural landscapes such as forests, seas, grasslands, and as well as buildings, houses, and man-made structures.

Although the graphics of Minecraft Trial APK may not be as detailed and smooth as the higher-end versions, it still gives a unique and childhood-reminiscent feel through a unique graphic style mine.

How to play, gameplay for Minecraft Trial APK

Download and install: Visit the app store on your mobile device (Google Play Store for Android or App Store for iOS). Search for "Minecraft Trial" and download the app.

Launch the game: Once installed, open the Minecraft Trial app on your device.

Log in or create an account: If you already have a Minecraft account, log in with your credentials. Otherwise, you can create a new account in the game.

Choose a game mode: Minecraft Trial offers game modes like Creative and Survival. In Creative mode, you are not limited to resources and can build freely. In Survival mode, you have to mine resources and fight to survive.

Explore and Build: You will be transported into an endless Minecraft world. Let's start exploring, moving and interacting with the environment. You can build buildings, houses, or create items by combining resources.

Pros and Cons of Minecraft Trial Latest version


  • Free: Minecraft Trial APK is a free trial version, helping players access and experience Minecraft without buying the full version.
  • Minecraft Basic Experience: The game allows players to explore and build in a Minecraft world with basic features like building, resource mining, and interacting with objects and creatures.
  • Update support: Despite being a free version, Minecraft Trial APK still receives update support from Mojang, helping players receive patches and small improvements.


  • Limited features: Minecraft Trial APK only provides some basic Minecraft features. Some game modes such as survival and story modes are not available in this version.
  • Limited Time: In the trial version, players only have a limited time to play before being asked to upgrade to the paid version.
  • Graphics limitations: The graphics of Minecraft Trial APK are characteristically pixelated, however, it may not achieve the level of detail and smoothness as the more advanced platform version.


Minecraft Trial APK game is a free trial version of Minecraft on mobile devices. It allows players to experience some of the basic features of Minecraft and create in a pixelated world with unique graphics.

Despite the limited features and playing time, Minecraft Trial APK still offers an enjoyable experience and allows players to explore and create. This can be a great way for players to familiarize themselves with Minecraft before deciding to buy the full version, or a convenient way to experience Minecraft on mobile devices.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

FAQs? Minecraft Trial APK

Is there a time limit when playing Minecraft Trial? +

That's right, Minecraft Trial has a time limit. You can play for free for a certain period of time before the game requires you to purchase the full version.

Can Minecraft Trial be played online? +

No, Minecraft Trial does not support online play. You can only experience single player mode in this trial version.No, Minecraft Trial does not support online play. You can only experience single player mode in this trial version.

Can I save a game state in Minecraft Trial? +

No, this trial version does not allow you to save game state. Once the trial period ends or you exit the game, you will lose any progress you have made.

Is Minecraft Trial available on PC? +

The Trial version is primarily designed for mobile devices, but you can find the trial version on your computer through the Windows Store if you're using Windows 10 or later.

Does Minecraft Trial support multiple languages? +

That's right, Minecraft Trial supports many different languages. You can adjust the language in the game's settings.

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