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Mine Survival APK is an offline survival game in which the player plays as a character trapped in a wild area after a nuclear disaster and must find a way to survive and thrive.

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Name Mine Survival
Version 2.5.3
Size 96.34 Mb
Category Adventure
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer WILDSODA

About of Mine Survival APK

Mine Survival APK is an offline survival game developed by WILDSODA, where the player plays the role of a character stranded in a wild area after a nuclear disaster. The game combines elements of combat, base building and survival, creating a diverse and challenging experience for players.

In Mine Survival APK, you must find a way to survive and thrive in a dangerous wild environment. You will have to explore new lands, gather resources, build bases and fight dangerous enemies like zombies, monsters and other scary creatures.

Overview of Mine Survival Mobile APK

The game has an innovative system that allows you to build your base to protect from external threats. You can build defenses, houses, equipment and tools needed to survive. At the same time, you also need to manage resources, hunt and grow crops to provide enough food and energy.

The game also has a diverse system of game modes such as Story Mode, Follow Mode and Hunt Mode. You can experience exciting stories, explore different areas, and participate in monster hunts to gather new resources and equipment.

Mine Survival has simple but sharp pixel graphics and vivid sound, creating a lively world in the game. In addition, the game also provides an achievement system and quests for players to complete and receive rewards.


With a combination of survival, base building and combat elements, Mine Survival APK gives players an exciting and challenging experience in surviving in a terrifying wild environment.

Features of Mine Survival APK for Android

  • Base Building: Players can build and customize their base to protect from threats. You can build defensive structures such as fences, towers, gates, and sensors. In addition, you can also build houses, farms, warehouses to store resources and other constructions.
  • Creature system: The game has a variety of dangerous creatures such as zombies, monsters, sea monsters and many other types of creatures. Each type of creature has its own strength and movement pattern, requiring the player to have a suitable strategy to destroy them.
  • Missions and stories: Mine Survival offers a series of missions and stories for players to experience. You will explore new areas, find information and solve problems as you progress along the main story.
  • Resource management: Players need to collect and manage resources such as wood, stone, metal, food, and water to survive. These resources are used to build, upgrade bases, and craft items.
  • Grow plants and raise livestock: You can grow plants and raise animals to provide food and resources. Growing plants and taking care of animals will require you to manage your time and resources wisely.
  • Items and equipment: The game offers a variety of items and equipment for the player to use. You can craft and upgrade weapons, tools, armor and other useful items to enhance combat and survival.
  • Diverse Game Modes: Mine Survival APK has different game modes like Story Mode, Survival Mode and Hunting Mode. Each mode offers its own experience and challenge, ensuring variety and replaying replay value.
  • Achievements and Progress: The game recognizes player achievements and progress through a level and rank system. You can upgrade skills, open achievements, and get rewards for completing quests and in-game goals.

Minecraft Survival games offers players a unique survival world with many features and challenges, creating a diverse and addictive gaming experience.

Game mode, graphics of Mine Survival APK

The graphics of the game Mine Survival are designed in pixel art style. This is a style of graphics that uses small images called pixels to create images and objects in the game.

Mine Survival uses pixel art graphics with bright colors and simple style, creating a nostalgic and lovely feeling. Every detail in the game, from the main character, monsters, trees, to constructions and items, is designed in this style.

The pixel art style not only brings a unique aesthetic to the game, but also enhances the identity and classic experience. It also has performance benefits, making the game run smoothly and compatible across multiple mobile devices.

Although the graphics of Minecraft Survival series have a simple style, it is still sharp and special enough to create a wild and lively world in the game.

How to play the game Mine Survival APK Latest version

Explore the environment: Start by exploring areas in the game such as forests, deserts, mountains, grasslands, and caves. Look for important resources and locations.


Gather resources: Use hand tools like sticks or axes to gather resources like wood, stone, metal, food, and water. Collect as many as you can to use in building and upgrading your base.

Build a base: Use the resources you have collected to build your base. Build fences, defensive posts, houses, farms and other structures to protect and provide survival needs.

Creature Fight: Face dangerous creatures like zombies, monsters and other creatures. Use weapons like bows, guns or crafted weapons to destroy them and protect yourself.

Grow crops and raise livestock: Grow plants and care for animals like poultry and livestock to gather food and resources. Make sure you provide enough water and food for your plants and animals.

Complete Missions and Accomplish Goals: The game offers a variety of missions and objectives to complete. Follow the tutorial and in-game information to progress and open new areas.

Health and Energy Management: Make sure you manage your character's health and energy. Eat enough, rest, and use energy sources such as campfires to maintain health and energy.

Upgrade and craft equipment: Use resources and items to upgrade your weapons, tools, and armor. Craft useful items like flashlights, generators, and other utility tools.

Exploration and Expansion: Keep exploring new areas and expanding your base. Search for key points, new resources and hidden secrets in the world of Mine Survival APK.

Note that Mine Survival APK game has many different modes and features, so you can learn more and experiment to enjoy the varied experience of this game.

Pros and cons of Mine Survival APK iOS


  • Diverse survival experience: Mine Survival APK combines elements of survival, construction and combat, bringing a diverse and engaging experience to players.
  • Innovative Building System: The game allows players to build and customize their base, from building fences and houses to defensive structures and farms. This creates creativity and freedom in building a private survival environment.
  • Simple and lovely graphics: With a pixel art style, Mine Survival's graphics give a lovely and nostalgic look. This creates attraction and is suitable for both young players and older players.
  • Multiple Game Modes: The game offers multiple game modes such as Story Mode, Follow Mode and Hunt Mode, ensuring the game's variety and replayability.


  • Monotonous Environmental Conditions: Although Mine Survival APK has many areas to explore, however, the environment and scenery in the game can become monotonous after a long time of playing.
  • Unbalanced difficulty: Some players consider the difficulty in Mine Survival to be unbalanced, sometimes too easy or too hard. This can take away the challenge and consideration of the gameplay.
  • Lack of Multiplayer Interoperability: Mine Survival lacks online multiplayer, hence the inability to interact and play with friends or other players.


Mine Survival APK is a diverse and addictive survival game that combines elements of construction, combat and exploration. With simple but lovely graphics, the game offers a nostalgic and creative experience. The in-game resource and building system allows the player to freely build bases and search for resources.

Despite some disadvantages such as monotonous environment and unbalanced difficulty, Mine Survival APK is still an attractive and worth playing game, especially for those who love the genre of survival and construction.



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