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Miitomo APK is a free social networking application developed by Nintendo that helps users connect with friends, but also create a unique space for chatting and entertainment.


Name Miitomo
Version 2.4.0
Size 34.8 MB
Category Social
Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.1+
Developer Nintendo Co., Ltd.

About to Miitomo APK

This is a free social networking application developed by Nintendo for mobile devices running on Android and iOS operating systems. This app allows users to create a Mii character and participate in activities with friends.

Miitomo APK is a social emulator game application, developed by Nintendo for Android and iOS operating systems. The application allows users to create their own avatar (virtual character) and participate in social activities, exchange and share information with friends in their friends list.

Overview of Miitomo APP APK

Miitomo allows users to create and customize their avatars by choosing hairstyles, outfits, and jewelry. In addition, users can also choose questions to answer, thereby creating interesting conversations with friends. The app also offers users a host of other features such as mini-games, costume shopping, messaging, and photo sharing.

Miitomo was first introduced in 2016 and quickly became a popular app in the market. However, in 2018, Nintendo decided to stop the development and operation of this application. Currently, Miitomo can still be downloaded and used for free on the app stores, but there are no new updates and development features anymore.

Features in Miitomo For Android

  • Create avatar: Users can create their own avatar with a wide selection of hairstyles, costumes, accessories, skin color, eyes, mouth, etc.
  • Make friends: Users can make friends with other people on Miitomo and answer each other's questions to get to know each other better.
  • Sharing: Users can share their avatar status, pictures and information with friends on Miitomo or other social networks.
  • Shop: Users can purchase new outfits and accessories for their avatar using in-game currency or real money through the app.
  • Mini-games: The app provides users with mini-games like "Miitomo Drop" to help them earn extra in-game money.
  • Events: The app has special events for users to participate in to earn in-game money or get free outfits and accessories.
  • Miitomo chat: The application provides a chat feature for users to chat with friends on Miitomo.
  • Customize sound: Users can customize the notification sound when receiving a message or notification from Miitomo.
  • Language: The application supports multiple languages to suit users in many different countries.
  • Miifoto: The application allows users to take photos with their avatar and use effects and filters to edit photos.
  • Miifoto Sharing: Users can create photos that combine their Miitomo with different backgrounds and effects to create unique photos. Users can then share these photos with friends on social networks.
  • Miitomo Drop: This is a mini game in the Miitomo app, in which the user will help his or her Miitomo to participate in the game and have a chance to receive valuable items.
  • Shop Miitomo: Users can purchase fashion items for their Miitomo from the store using in-game coins or by using real money through in-app purchases.
  • Gifts: Users can give gifts to friends on Miitomo, including items such as costumes, accessories, items, ...
  • Answering Miitomo's Questions: Miitomo will ask questions and users can answer them to share information about themselves with a community of other players. These questions can relate to interests, thoughts, experiences, and a variety of topics.
  • Connect to Nintendo Account: Users can connect their Miitomo account to their Nintendo account to receive notifications about the latest Nintendo events and promotions.
  • Miitomo Suggestion Feature: The Miitomo app provides suggestions on creating a new Miitomo and matching fashion outfits for the user's Miitomo.
  • Sharing feature: Users can share their information and photos with friends on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Line connection feature: Users can also connect the application to a Line account to share.

How to use the Miitomo APK Latest version

Download and install apps from websites or app download sites outside of Google Play.

Open the app and sign in with your Nintendo account.

After successful login, you will be asked to create your own Mii character by customizing features such as hair, face, eyes, mouth, clothes, accessories and more.

You can connect with your friends through options like searching for friends or sharing your QR code so others can add you to their friends list.

At the main screen of the application, you can perform activities such as answering questions, viewing photos of friends, participating in games and many more.

You can also create posts and share them with your friends or post on other social networks like Twitter or Facebook.

Note that the Miitomo APK app has been discontinued and officially discontinued in May 2018. Therefore, you may encounter some problems while using this application.

Useful tips when using the Miitomo APK

Protect personal information: Make sure you don't share too much personal information on the app and only share information that you trust. Always be aware that your personal information can be exposed online if you are not careful.

Check security settings: Check the security settings on the app and make sure they're set up to be as secure as possible. This includes enabling two-factor authentication, setting strong passwords, and regularly changing passwords.

Actively interact with other users: This app is designed for you to make friends and chat with other users. So please actively interact with other users for a better experience on the app.

Do not use the app to harass or annoy others: If you discover other users using the app to harass or annoy you, report it immediately to the developer so they can take action situational handling.

Keep your apps up to date: Always keep your apps up to date to ensure that you're using them with the latest features and the most secure patches.

Do not install apps from untrusted sources: Only download and install apps from trusted sources like the Google Play Store or the App Store. Do not download and install applications from unknown websites or sources.

Pros and cons of the Miitomo APP iOS


  • Simple design, easy to use and attract users.
  • Features social interaction with friends through costumes and stories.
  • The "Miifoto" feature allows users to create and share images of the Miitomo character.
  • There is a feature to create chat groups to interact with friends.
  • There are regular events and tasks, helping users feel excited when using the application.


  • There are many features that require users to pay to use.
  • Sometimes the app crashes or slows down when signing in to your Nintendo account.
  • Not updated often and has many broken features.

The Miitomo APK is a simple and fun social interaction application, but there are also some issues that need to be improved to meet the needs of users.


Miitomo APK is a unique entertainment application with many attractive features such as creating avatars, connecting with friends, participating in activities and events. In addition, the application also offers fun mini games and an attractive reward system.

However, use of the application may be restricted by certain age and network connection requirements. In addition, the application has also stopped working so users cannot experience its features anymore. Miitomo APK will still be an interesting choice for those who love creativity and entertainment.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

FAQs? Miitomo APK

Do I need to update Miitomo APK regularly? +

Yes, to ensure you have the best experience and avoid errors or security issues, you should update Miitomo APK when new updates are available from the developer. Regularly check Nintendo's official website or a trusted APK download source to download the latest updated version and install it on your Android device.

I got an error when using Miitomo APK. How to fix this error? +

To fix errors when using Miitomo APK, you can do the following steps:

  • Check if you have downloaded the latest version of Miitomo APK.
  • Delete the current installation version and reinstall from the new APK file.
  • Restart your device.
  • Contact the developer or support forum to get specific help with the issue you're having.
Can I use Miitomo APK on all Android devices? +

Miitomo APK will work on most Android devices, but check the app's minimum system requirements to ensure that your device is compatible.

Can I play Miitomo APK on non-Android devices? +

No, Miitomo APK only works on devices using the Android operating system. For other devices like iOS, you need to search for the Miitomo version on the App Store.

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