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Locanto APK is a mobile application designed to connect users with each other, allowing users to search and post for sale, buy, rent, find jobs, find accommodation and more in its area.


Name Locanto
Pagekage name de.yalwa.locanto
Version 2.7.69
Size 4.9 MB
Category Shopping
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.1+
Developer Yalwa

About of Locanto APK

Locanto APK is a mobile application designed to connect users with each other through posting free classifieds. This app allows users to search and post information about for sale, to buy, to rent, to find a job, to find accommodation and more in their area.

With Locanto APP APK, users can search different categories, such as cars, mobile phones, jobs, home appliances, real estate and many more. The app also allows users to communicate with each other through a built-in messaging system, helping them discuss details regarding products or services that interest them.

Locanto APK also offers other convenient features, including free posting, quick and easy posting, tracking of posted stories, reviews and feedback from other users, and much more.

This application is available on mobile platforms running Android and iOS operating systems and is developed by the company specializing in the online classifieds market - Locanto GmbH.

Features of Locanto APK For Android

Here are the details of the features of Locanto APK:

  • Search for free classifieds: Locanto APK allows users to search for information about products and services for free by entering keywords or selecting specific categories.
  • Post free classifieds: Users can post free classifieds and post ads quickly and easily with the login and account management system.
  • Communicate directly with buyers or sellers: Locanto APK provides a built-in messaging system that helps users communicate directly with buyers or sellers.
  • Track Posts: The application allows users to track posted messages and manage their classifieds easily.
  • Save favorites: Users can save their favorites for quick access later.
  • Reviews and feedback from other users: Locanto APK allows users to rate and respond to other classifieds to help other users make smart decisions when buying or selling products.
  • Certificate of Registration: Users can register and verify their accounts for increased security and credibility.
  • Abnormal Notifications: The app provides anomaly notifications to protect users from fake or fraudulent classifieds.
  • Spam filter: Locanto APK provides spam filter to remove spam or fake classifieds.
  • Detailed information about products and services: The classifieds on Locanto APK provide detailed information about products and services, including images, prices, addresses, phone numbers and more .

In short, Locanto APK provides users with a series of useful features to search, post and search for free classifieds. This is a handy app for people who want to buy or sell local products and services quickly and easily. With direct communication with sellers or buyers, users can exchange information and negotiate prices directly to ensure a successful transaction. This saves time and money for the parties involved. Moreover, the feature of saving favorites, tracking posted stories and registering registration makes it easy for users to manage and search for classifieds that suit their needs. With many advanced features and utilities, Locanto APK is considered as one of the best classifieds applications for Android users.

Instructions, how to use Locanto APK

To use the Locanto APK, you need to download the app to your Android device from the Google Play Store or our website. Once installed, you can start searching and posting classifieds. Here are detailed instructions on how to use Locanto APK:

  • Search for a product or service: You can use the search feature to search for a product or service that you want to buy or sell. Please enter related keywords in the search box and press the "Search" button. The search results will show you so you can choose the product or service you want.
  • Post a classified ad: If you want to post your classified ad, please click the "Post" button. You need to provide detailed information about your product or service, including the title, description, price, and product image. After that, you need to post the news and wait for the buyer to contact you.
  • Communicate with buyers or sellers: If you want to exchange information with a seller or buyer, you can use the live chat feature. You can send direct messages and exchange information with sellers or buyers.
  • Save favorites: If you want to save your favorite classifieds for later review, you can use the "Save Favorites" feature. You just need to click on the "heart" icon on the product or service details page to save it.
  • Classifieds Management: You can manage your classifieds by using the "Posted" and "Certificate of Registration" features. The "Posted Stories" feature allows you to view your posted classifieds and manage them. The "Certificate of Registration" feature allows you to confirm your account registration and post classifieds on Locanto APK.

In short, Locanto APK is a very useful application for those who want to search, post and search for free classifieds. With advanced search features, easy posting and live chat, users can easily search for the products or services they want and communicate with sellers or buyers one-on-one. quick and easy way. Besides, the "Save Favorites" feature and the classifieds management feature help users easily manage and re-access the classifieds in a convenient way.

However, before using Locanto APK, users should pay attention to the standards and instructions for use of the application to ensure their own safety. In addition, users should also check and verify the information of the seller or buyer before conducting the transaction to avoid unwanted risks.

In short, with diverse features and utilities, Locanto APK is a good choice for those who want to buy or sell free products and services on the mobile platform.

Advantage and Defect of Locanto APK Latest version


  • Locanto APK provides users with a free classifieds platform to search, post and manage classifieds information.
  • This application is very diverse with many different categories and topics, making it easy for users to search and choose.
  • Users can search for classifieds in any location they want, thereby saving time and effort in moving and searching.
  • Locanto APK allows users to create personal profiles and post their classifieds, helping to increase professionalism and credibility when dealing with other users.
  • The chat feature between users is also very convenient, making communication and negotiation easier.


  • On Locanto APK, there may be incomplete or inaccurate classified information, so users need to double check before making a transaction.
  • Since this application is free, there may be some inappropriate or spam classifieds.
  • Locanto APK has not been widely developed in some regions, so there will be restrictions on finding classifieds if you are in these places.
  • Not all transactions on Locanto APK are secure and reliable, so users need to be careful when making these transactions.

In short, Locanto APK is a very useful application in finding and posting classifieds. However, like every other application, it also has its own advantages and disadvantages. Users need to pay attention and consider before using this application to get the best experience.


Locanto APK is a good choice for users to search, post and manage classifieds easily and conveniently. With many useful features such as searching for locations, categories, topics and chat between users, Locanto APK makes searching for classifieds information faster and more convenient than ever.

However, like any other application, Locanto APK also has limitations and users need to be careful when using this application. Carefully checking the classifieds information before trading and carefully considering it before making a decision will help users avoid risks and ensure safety during use.

Locanto APK is a very useful and convenient application in searching and posting free classifieds. If users use it correctly and carefully in each transaction, they will have a good experience and find the products and services they need.


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FAQs? Locanto APK

I have problems using the app, how do I contact Locanto support? +

To contact Locanto support, you can search for the "Contact Us" or "Support" option in the app. You can also email or search for contact information on Locanto's official website.

How to search for products or services on Locanto? +

To search, you can enter search keywords in the search bar at the top of the page. You can also select specific categories and use filters to customize search results to your needs.

How to post classified ads on Locanto? +

To post news, you need to create an account on the Locanto application. You can then select the appropriate category for your posting, fill in the details and upload images if necessary. Finally, you just need to post and wait for others to contact you.

Where can I use Locanto? +

Locanto operates in many countries and regions around the world. You can use this app to search and post classifieds in your area, as long as it is supported.

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