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Green Pista Price APK is an application that helps you discover and own special moments in life through your phone, connect the community and create value from unique Indian currency notes.


Name Green Pista
Pagekage name com.greenpista
Version 1.0.20
Size 109.64 Mb
Category Shopping
Price Free
Compatible with Android 8.0+
Developer GreenPista

About to GreenPista app - Green Pista APK

Green Pista HQ APK is not just a marketplace app, but also a special way for you to own and celebrate the important moments of your life through unique Indian currency notes. With the opening treasure feature in your wallet, you will have the opportunity to discover the stories behind your money, turning each bill into a precious keepsake.

The APK version of Green Pista app download is the bridge between you and your green moments. Simple, fast and convenient, this app offers a unique experience from scanning daily Indian currency notes to discovering your green treasures, from date of birth to lucky numbers.

More Overview of Green Pista For Android

Each banknote has two letters and a 6-digit number (DDMMYY) - imagine discovering these green treasures, connected to important events like birthdays, anniversaries, and more. another. For Pistachio Green Cake, it is not only a unique decoration but also a symbol of profound values and meanings.

In particular, GreenPista app APK not only creates unique bills but also provides the opportunity to make money through its platform. You can own your own and share important moments with the community at the same time.

All features in Green Pista Latest Version

  • Open treasures with GreenPista: This feature allows users to open hidden treasures behind Indian currency notes every day, creating a special connection with each note.
  • Discover hidden stories: Green Pistachio Cake is not just about owning a banknote, it is also about discovering the story behind that money through Pista. Each banknote becomes a page full of meaningful stories.
  • Search by date of birth and event: Users can search for special notes based on date of birth, marriage date, lucky numbers, and many other events, helping to create personal keepsakes.
  • Earn money through a unique platform: Green Pista benefits APK is not only a place to own, but also an opportunity to earn money through sharing special bills on its platform.
  • Personal connection with each note: Each note is uniquely associated with important events or memories, creating an experience of endless personal connection.
  • Discover your green moment: The app helps users own notes from the 100 billion notes in circulation among 1.4 billion Indians, making each one unique.
  • Adventure and Rewards with Pista: Each GreenPista APK note is an exclusive "memory", creating a series of memorable stories for each note in life.
  • Rare occurrence and resale value: GreenPista offers the rare pleasure of finding a banknote with an important date and at the same time retains its long-term resale value.

Instructions, how to use Green Pista Mobile App

Step 1: Register and Login

  • Open the GreenPista application once installed.
  • Register a new account by entering the necessary personal information or log in if you already have an account.

Step 2: Explore Green Treasures

  • The main interface of the application will display the main features. Click "Discover Treasure" to start your adventure.
  • You can scan the daily Indian currency notes you receive to discover the stories behind the money.

Step 3: Search by Date of Birth and Event

  • Use the "Search" feature to find special bills based on birth date, marriage date, lucky numbers and many other important events.

Step 4: Own Your Own

  • When you find a special banknote, you can own it and create a unique personal collection.

Step 5: Make Money with Pista

  • Join GreenPista's unique platform to share and earn from your unique notes.

Step 6: Enjoy Personal Connection and Emotion Value

  • Each GreenPista banknote brings not only material value but also emotional value and personal connection. Enjoy the meaningful moments in your life.

Step 7: Browse By Featured Features

  • Explore other outstanding features such as "Open Treasures" and "Adventure with Pista" to experience the full functionality of the application.

Tips and advice when using for Green Pista iOS

Explore Each Feature Carefully: Before starting, take the time to learn each feature of Green Pista APK. This will help you take full advantage of the app's potential.

Secure Your Account Carefully: Protect your account with a strong password and follow other security measures. This helps protect your personal information and memorabilia.

Check Regularly: Regularly check and scan Indian currency notes daily to discover new stories. The opportunity to find special bills can appear at any time.

Search by Important Events: Use the search feature to track bills related to events such as birth date, marriage date, or lucky numbers. This increases the value of your memorabilia.

Share and Connect: Join the Green Pista community by sharing your special moments. This not only helps create connections but also provides an opportunity to make money.

Browse Adventures and Rewards: Explore more "Adventures with Pista" to enjoy unique rewards and exciting experiences.

Pay Attention to Storage Conditions: Store your banknotes in a cool, dry place to ensure they are preserved and last for a long time.

Improve your Scanning Skills: Improve your scanning skills to be able to identify and discover subtle details on banknotes.

Advantages and disadvantages GreenPista - Green Pista APK


  • Unique Experience: Green Pista APK offers a unique and new experience, helping users discover special details on banknotes and connect with important moments in life.
  • Community Connection: The ability to share and interact within the GreenPista community creates a vibrant atmosphere and motivates the discovery and ownership of unique banknotes.
  • Ease of Use and Friendly Interface: The app interface is friendly and easy to use, and the scan and search features are designed to simplify the discovery process.
  • Account Security: Provides account security options to protect users' personal information and memorabilia.


  • Requires High Scanning Skills: Sometimes, scanning and identifying details on banknotes may require high scanning skills, which may create difficulties for some users.
  • Search Effort Required: To find a special banknote, users may need to invest a large amount of time and effort, depending on luck and the variety of banknotes.
  • Doesn't Support Many Currencies Yet: Currently, GreenPista APK mainly focuses on Indian currency and may not support many currencies from other countries yet.


GreenPista APK is a unique and innovative application that gives users the experience of discovering and owning special moments in life through unique Indian currency notes.

With the APK version of GreenPista, your experience becomes more convenient than ever. Join our mission to create exceptional value and stories from Indian currency notes with GreenPista - a place where precious moments become meaningful.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

FAQs? Green Pista APK

GreenPista APK how to search for special banknotes based on date of birth or important events? +

To search for special bills, you can use the "Search" feature in the GreenPista application. Enter your birth date, marriage date, or lucky number into the search engine to discover unique memorabilia related to important life events.

How to share your special notes and earn money through the GreenPista platform? +

To share your special banknotes and earn money, you can use the "Earn Money with Pista" feature in the app. Choose the coin you want to share, set a price, and publish it on the GreenPista platform to connect with other collectors and earn income from your memorabilia.

Do I have to have an internet connection to use GreenPista APK? +

Some features of GreenPista may require an internet connection. However, you can still scan and explore the special banknote offline. To fully experience network features, an internet connection is the best choice.

How to protect my personal information and memorabilia on GreenPista APK? +

GreenPista focuses on the security of users' personal information and assets. You can protect your account through a strong password and other security measures provided in your account settings.

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