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Lethal Company: Mobile Horror APK is a unique horror game that combines high-quality graphics, a complex plot and diverse gameplay, taking players on a dark journey full of challenges and mysteries.


Name Lethal Company
Version 0.1.3
Size 69.9 MB
Category Adventure
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer AlexKos Dev

Introduce to Lethal Company APK

Lethal Company Mobile APK is a unique work from our development team, where we have united to create an engaging mobile horror experience. We introduce to you a dark and scary world where survival is more than just a game.

Overview of Lethal Company 3D Game

With high-quality graphics and impressive sound, descargar Lethal Company para android is more than just a game, but a deep journey into the heart of horror. The complex plot, horrifying secrets and difficult decisions will bring you to peak emotional states.

Explore dark areas, open dark secrets and face horrifying challenges from nightmarish monsters. Lethal Company Horror game APK is not only a scary game, but also a deep psychological journey, challenging the mind and heart.

All features in Lethal Company Latest Version

  • Complex Plot: Lethal Company requisitos APK is not only a horror game, but also a deep psychological journey. The complex plot, with dark events and horrifying secrets, will bring players to peak emotional states.
  • High Quality Graphics: Experience vivid and scary visuals with high quality graphics. Each area, environment and character is delicately designed to create a horror atmosphere.
  • Impressive Sound: Impressive sound system with unique sound effects, from upbeat whispers to dramatic music, enhances the terrifying experience.
  • Nightmare Monsters: Face unique and challenging nightmare monsters. Each monster has its own characteristics and tactics, requiring players to think and face strategically.
  • Dark Areas: Explore dark areas full of mystery and danger. Search for clues, decode secrets and face difficult challenges to progress in the game.
  • Flexible Gameplay: Player choices and decisions affect the outcome of the story. Every decision can lead to unforeseen consequences, creating reinvention and discovery for the player.
  • Multiplayer Mode: Challenge your friends through multiplayer mode, where you can work together or fight to survive in the terrifying world of Lethal Company.
  • Regular Updates: The development team is committed to providing regular updates, adding new content, missions and features so players always have something new to explore.

Interface, graphics on Lethal Company For Android

The graphics in Lethal Company pivigames APK are designed with a special focus on recreating a horror and creepy atmosphere. Every detail, from dark areas full of secrets to nightmarish monsters, is illustrated with great detail and fluidity to bring every scene to life.

Light and shadow effects are intelligently integrated, creating delicate and unique paintings. These high-quality graphics not only highlight the horror, but also enhance the player's emotional sublimation in every minute of gameplay.

Players will have the opportunity to truly immerse themselves in this unique graphic space, from the smallest details of the environment to the realistic expressions of the characters. This helps create a highly graphic, engaging and unforgettable gaming experience.

How to play, gameplay for Lethal Company iOS

Dramatic Challenges: Lethal Company's gameplay is built on a foundation of dramatic and not easy challenges. You will face terrifying nightmare monsters, and every decision you make affects your fate.

Explore Dark Areas: Exploration is an important part of Lethal Company. Players will explore dark areas, search for clues, decode secrets and face difficult challenges to progress in the game.

Decisions Have Weight: Every decision you make can completely change the course of the story. The flexibility in gameplay allows you to shape your character and future through subjective decisions.

Multiplayer Mode: You can challenge your friends through multiplayer mode, creating a unique squad or solo experience. Cooperation and competition are both key to survival in this terrifying world.

Attack and Upgrade: Success in Lethal Company APK comes not only from the sophistication of your decisions, but also from your ability to attack and upgrade. Collect resources, find powerful weapons, and master skills to increase your chances of survival.

Pros and Cons of Lethal Company Mobile APK


  • Deep Plot: Lethal Company APK has a complex and engaging plot, making players not only participate in a game, but also a meaningful adventure.
  • Top-notch Graphics and Sound: High-quality graphics and impressive sound effects create a terrifying atmosphere and maximize the gaming experience.
  • Deeply Impacting Choices and Decisions: The player's ability to make choices not only affects the story but also creates flexibility and exploration.


  • Configuration Requirements: Due to high-end graphics and sound effects, Lethal Company may require a fairly powerful configuration of the device for the best experience.
  • Highly Challenging: For new players, the challenge of the game can be significantly challenging and at times feel daunting.


Lethal Company: Mobile Horror APK will bring you a unique experience, where horror and suspense meet with story depth and strategy. High quality graphics, vivid sound and diverse gameplay are factors that we are proud to bring to the gaming community.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced gamer, we believe that Lethal Company will create exciting moments of entertainment and bitter experiences of varying degrees for each player. The variety in your gameplay and decisions will highlight interactivity and regeneration, while discovering new aspects of this horror world.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

FAQs? Lethal Company APK

How to join multiplayer mode? +

To participate in multiplayer mode, you can connect with friends via in-game options or invite them via the link app.

What characteristics and strategies do the monsters in the game have? +

Each monster has unique characteristics and tactics. Be alert and understand their characteristics to face them effectively.

How to optimize the in-game audio experience? +

In the settings, you can adjust the sound and music to reflect your wishes. Use headphones for the best audio experience.

How do choices affect the game's plot? +

Every choice you make will affect the plot and the final outcome. Even a small decision can create big changes in the story.

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