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Immerse yourself in the chilling world of Kamla Horror Mod APK Download Latest Version, a thrilling survival horror game set in a haunted Indian mansion.


Name Kamla Horror
Version 1.2
Size 147 MB
Category Adventure
Price Free
Compatible with Android 8.0+
Developer MadMantraGames
Mod Feature Full Game

The Fascinating Story of Kamla Horror APK

Kamla Horror APK is not just a horror game, it is a deep story about legends and terror. The story begins when the player receives a letter from a wealthy family at a large mansion in India. This family is haunted by a demonic entity named Kamla, and they seek the help of the player, an experienced exorcist priest. The player must face mysteries, solve complex puzzles, and perform exorcism rituals to save the family from this horrifying haunting.

Outstanding Features in Kamla Horror APK Game

Survival Mode: Kamla Horror Mod APK is not just about solving puzzles, it’s also about survival. Players must search for food, water, and necessary items to maintain health and energy.

Multiplayer Mode: One of the intriguing features of Kamla Horror APK is the multiplayer mode. Players can invite friends to join, cooperate to solve puzzles, and exorcise Kamla. This adds extra excitement and thrill to the game.

Expanded Map: The mansion in Kamla Horror APK is a vast open world with many areas to explore. Each area has its own mysteries, puzzles, and potential dangers. Players will never feel bored with new things constantly to discover.

Explore the Haunted Mansion of India

The mansion in Kamla Horror APK Free Download is not just the game’s setting but an integral part of the experience. Exquisitely designed, inspired by real horror stories and Indian folklore, every corner of the mansion holds secrets and terrifying dangers. Players must courageously explore every room and corner of the mansion to find solutions to puzzles and combat Kamla’s malevolence.

Intense Gameplay Experience

The gameplay of Kamla Horror APK is not merely about investigation and exploration but combines various elements such as puzzles, item collection, and avoiding Kamla's attacks. Players must demonstrate their problem-solving skills in tense and fearful situations, while maintaining calm to avoid falling into the traps of the malicious entity.

Celebrating Indian Culture

A unique aspect of Kamla Horror APK is the celebration of Indian culture through elements like rituals and the mansion’s architecture. Players will admire the architectural beauty of 1970s India in a horrifying and mysterious context.

Captivating Graphics and Music

With high-quality graphics and dramatic music, Kamla Horror APK Download Latest Version brings its horror world to life. Players will feel the anxiety and tension with every step into the haunted mansion.

Characters in Kamla Horror APK

Priest (Main Character): Players take on the role of the priest, summoned to the mansion for an exorcism. With knowledge of ancient rituals and courage, the main character is the only hope to save the family from Kamla’s horror.

Kamla (Demonic Entity): Kamla is a demonic entity that haunts and attacks the family. Her presence brings extreme fear. Kamla is not just an enemy but the source of all fears and mysteries in the game.

Haunted Family: The haunted family includes various members, each with their own story and role in the game. They provide clues and support to the player on the exorcism journey.

Puzzles and Challenges

Kamla Horror APK is a challenging intellectual game where players must solve puzzles to progress. These puzzles are intricately designed, requiring logical thinking, clue searching, and event connections. Some puzzles require players to find hidden items, decode ancient characters, or perform special rituals.

Control System and User Interface

The user interface of Kamla Horror Mod APK is intuitively designed and easy to use. Players can easily control the main character, interact with objects, and navigate the mansion. The control system is optimized for mobile devices, ensuring a smooth and seamless experience.

Tips and Strategies to Conquer Kamla Horror APK

Learn About Kamla: Understanding the enemy is crucial for victory. Players should gather and study documents about Kamla to understand her weaknesses and how to deal with her.

Use Resources Wisely: During the game, players will collect various resources. Use them wisely to solve puzzles and confront Kamla.

Stay Calm: Facing horror and tense situations, staying calm is essential. Calmness helps players think clearly and make precise decisions.

Explore Every Nook and Cranny: Don’t overlook any area of the mansion. Every hidden corner might hold important clues or items.


Kamla Horror Full Unlocked Mod APK is a superb survival horror game that offers players a deep and terrifying experience. With an engaging storyline, diverse gameplay, and realistic atmosphere, the game has garnered interest and love from many gamers. Prepare yourself and immerse in Kamla’s demonic world today. This experience will not disappoint you!


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FAQs? Kamla Horror APK

Is Kamla Horror APK free? +

Yes, Kamla Horror APK can be downloaded and played for free. However, some in-game items may require real money purchases.

Can I play Kamla Horror APK on iOS? +

Currently, Kamla Horror APK is only available on the Android platform. An iOS version may be released in the future.

How do I contact Kamla Horror APK customer support? +

You can contact Mad Mantra Games' customer support team via email or their official website for assistance and inquiries.

Can I play Kamla Horror APK without an internet connection? +

Kamla Horror APK can be played offline, but some online features, like multiplayer mode, will require an internet connection.

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