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Kaerutomo APK is an entertaining social networking application with features such as avatars, entertaining puzzles and mini games, users can enjoy interesting and unique moments.


Name Kaerutomo
Version 2.4.0
Size 34.8 MB
Category Social
Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.1+
Developer Nintendo Co., Ltd.

About Kaerutomo APK

Kaerutomo apk is a mobile application designed to assist users in moving and commuting in Japan. "Kaeru" means "frog" and "tomo" means "you", so "Kaerutomo" can be understood as "frog friend" - an animal commonly associated with moving on land .

This app provides users with useful information about public transportation in Japan, including subway, subway, and bus schedules. It also allows users to search for routes and destinations, giving information about time and distance between different destinations.

In addition, Kaerutomo also provides features such as route status notifications, route guidance, and help users calculate travel costs. This app can be useful for people who are new to Japan or settled here, as well as for people who want to explore new places in the city.

Kaerutomo APK App Overview

Kaerutomo apk is a free application and is developed by Recruit Co., Ltd. This app is available on both iOS and Android platforms and can be downloaded from the respective app stores on your phone.

Key features of Kaerutomo apk include:

Look up subway, subway and bus schedules in Japan.

Search for different routes and destinations and provide time and distance information between them.

Update route status information and directions.

Calculates travel costs and provides information on different types of train tickets and passes.

Provides information on tourist attractions and food in Japan.

In addition, the application also has a Japanese to English translation feature and vice versa, helping users to better understand and communicate with local people.

Kaerutomo apk is a useful tool for those who want to explore Japan and take advantage of efficient public transportation. It is highly rated by users and is considered one of the most useful apps for travelers in Japan.

Features of Kaerutomo APK

Kaerutomo apk is an application that provides information about public transportation in Japan and other tourist information. Here are details on all the features of the app:

Look up subway, subway and bus schedules: Kaerutomo apk allows users to look up schedules of all subway and subway lines in Japan, as well as vehicle routes buses in many cities. Users can search by station name or route name and get information about schedules and running times of routes.

Search for routes and destinations: Users can search for different routes and destinations by entering the place name or route name in the search box. The app will display different routes along with time and distance information between destinations.

Update route status information: Kaerutomo apk provides information about the route's operational status, including information about normal or malfunctioning operation, as well as running time information. of trips.

Directions: The app provides directions from starting point to destination, including routes to take, estimated running time, and distance between destinations. Users can choose to take public transport or walk to their destination.

Calculating travel expenses: Kaerutomo apk allows users to calculate travel costs by entering information about the origin and destination, as well as information about the type of ticket or train card that the user wants to use. The app also provides information on different types of train tickets and passes so that users can choose the right one for their needs and budget. In addition, users can also save information about trips that have been calculated for easy tracking and management.

Food and Tourist Information: Kaerutomo apk provides information about famous tourist attractions in Japan, including typical culinary places. Users can search and view detailed information about each location, including address, price, operating hours, and user reviews.

Translation features: Kaerutomo apk supports fast and accurate translation of sentences and texts from Japanese to English or vice versa. This will make it easier for users to exchange and communicate with locals while traveling in Japan.

Save favorite information: Users can save information about their favorite places, routes or trips to a separate list for easy tracking and quick access later.

In short, Kaerutomo apk is a useful application for those who want to travel and explore Japan. With many convenient features and detailed information about public transport, tourist attractions and cuisine, this application will make it easier and more convenient for users to move and explore the country. sunrise.

How to use Kaerutomo APK

To use Kaerutomo apk app, you can follow these steps:

Get the app from your phone's app store and install it.

Start the app and sign up for an account if you don't already have one.

Select the features you want to use, such as searching for routes, buying train tickets, viewing travel and food information...

Enter the necessary information, for example, starting point, destination, time...

Click the search or buy ticket button to let the application do the calculation or order the ticket.

If you want to save information about your favorite routes or trips, you can add them to your favorites list.

To use the translation feature, you can select "Translate" and enter the text to be translated.

Once done, you can save the information and exit the application.

Also, for the best use of the application, you should update it to its latest version and make sure that your phone has an internet connection so that the application can retrieve information and calculate quickly.

Advantage and Advantage of Kaerutomo APK


  • The Kaerutomo apk application provides users with a lot of useful features, including route search, train ticket purchase, translation, viewing tourist and culinary information, helping users to arrange trips in a convenient way. more convenient and easier.
  • The application interface is very friendly and easy to use, allowing users to find information quickly and conveniently.
  • The application provides information about different types of tickets and train passes, helping users to choose the type of ticket that suits their needs.


  • Kaerutomo apk application does not have an integrated online payment feature, users need to make payment by other methods such as transfer or directly at the ticket counter.
  • The application also has some minor bugs when using, such as slowness or loss of connection during information search or ticket booking.
  • The application only supports Japanese language, which can make it difficult for users who do not know Japanese to use it.


Kaerutomo apk application is a very useful application for those who want to travel or travel by train in Japan. With many convenient features such as searching for routes, buying train tickets, translating and viewing tourist information, the application helps users to arrange trips more conveniently and easily. Friendly interface, easy to use along with providing information about different types of tickets and train cards are the advantages of the application. However, the application still has some disadvantages such as not integrating online payment, having some errors when using and only supporting Japanese language. Therefore, users need to consider before using the Kaerutomo apk application and learn its features carefully before using it for the best experience.

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