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Experience the amazing thrill of mountain racing with Hill Climb Racing 2 Mobile APK! Drive your car through the harsh terrain, collect points and upgrade the car to win.


Name Hill Climb Racing 2
Pagekage name com.fingersoft.hcr2
Version 1.61.1
Size 205.34 Mb
Category Racing
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer Fingersoft

About of the game Hill Climb Racing 2 APK

Hill Climb Racing 2 Game APK is an adventure racing and driving simulation game developed by Fingersoft. This is the sequel to the original Hill Climb Racing game, popular on mobile platforms. The game was released in 2016 for Android and iOS devices.

In Hill Climb Racing 2 APK, players will control a driving character named Newton Bill, overcoming obstacles on different terrains to complete the levels. Players can drive through environments such as grasslands, deserts, mountains, night sky areas and even in space. The goal of the game is to overcome as many distances as possible, earn scores and coins to upgrade vehicles and open rewards.

Overview of Hill Climb Racing 2 APK Mobile Game

Hill Climb Racing 2 APK has a multiplayer racing system that allows players to challenge friends or other players around the world. You can participate in exciting multiplayer races and compete with other players to climb the leaderboard. In addition, the game also offers a series of daily, weekly and seasonal events for players to participate in and earn many attractive rewards.

With beautiful graphics, interesting gameplay and laughter, Hill Climb Racing 2 becomes a popular and beloved racing game on mobile platforms. Players can enjoy the fun of driving on varied terrain and discover new features in this next version.

Features of Hill Climb Racing 2 APK for Android

  • Multiplayer head-to-head racing: The game allows players to challenge their friends or other players from around the world. You can participate in head-to-head races, competing to climb the leaderboards and win.
  • Vehicle Upgrades and Customization: Players can upgrade vehicle parts such as engine, tires, suspension and fuel to improve driving performance. You can also customize the look of your car by changing paint colors and other accessories.
  • Varied Vehicles: Hill Climb Racing 2 APK offers a wide range of vehicles to choose from, including cars, trucks, tanks, bikes and more. Each type of vehicle has its own characteristics, the ability to overcome obstacles and different speeds.
  • Diverse Environments: The game offers a variety of environments to explore, including grasslands, deserts, forests, city streets, and even space. Each environment has different terrain characteristics, creating challenges and diverse driving experiences.
  • Events and challenges: Hill Climb Racing 2 APK regularly hosts events and challenges, like daily races, league races, season events and more. Participating in these events helps players earn unique rewards and compete with other players around the world.
  • Progress and Achievement System: The game tracks the player's progress through a level and skill point system. You can climb the leaderboard daily, weekly, monthly and full-time and get achievements for achievements.
  • Shops and leaderboards: Players can access the store to purchase new items, vehicles, and upgrades. Leaderboards provide information about your position relative to other players around the world.
  • Graphics and sound: Hill Climb Racing 2 APK has beautiful graphics with detailed environment and attractive effects. Vivid sound and appropriate background music create an enjoyable gaming experience.

Game mode, graphics of the game Hill Climb Racing 2 APK

Graphics in the game Hill Climb Racing 2 Mobile are designed in a simple cartoon style and bright colors.

Environment and terrain: Hill Climb Racing 2 APK has diverse environments such as grassland, desert, forest, mountains, city and space. The environments are designed with subtle detail and color schemes, creating a lively and intuitive feel.

Characters and vehicles: The main character is Newton Bill and he is shown as a compact driver. The vehicles in the game have unique and diverse designs, from fun cars to tanks.

Effects and engines: During the driving process, you will experience special effects such as dust rising, fire spewing from the engine, and the sensations of collision when the car encounters obstacles. This fascinating effect adds realism and provides an intuitive experience for players.

User Interface: The interface of the game is designed to be simple, easy to use and user-friendly. Controls, notifications and other elements are clearly and intuitively placed.

How to play the game Hill Climb Racing 2 APK

  • Download and install: Get the game Hill Climb Racing 2 APK from the app store on your mobile device. The game is available on both Android and iOS platforms.
  • Launch the game: After successful installation, open the Hill Climb Racing 2 APK application on your phone.
  • Select language: The game will ask you to select the language you want to use in the game. Select the appropriate language and continue.
  • Join the game: You will be taken to the main screen of the game. Here you can see options like "Play", "Garage", "Cup" and "Events".
  • Choose a vehicle and environment: Before you start playing, you can choose the vehicle and environment you want to play in. There are different vehicles and environments to choose from, and you can also open more options later.
  • Start your adventure: Once you have chosen your vehicle and environment, you will begin your driving adventure. Use the on-screen controls to accelerate, brake and balance your vehicle to overcome obstacles and overtake the goal of the level.
  • Earn coins and experience: During the game, you will earn money and experience points based on the distance you have covered and your performance. Money can be used to upgrade vehicles and open new features.
  • Join other game modes: In addition to the regular game mode, Hill Climb Racing 2 also offers other game modes such as multi-player head-to-head racing and participating in special racing events. You can explore and participate in these modes to experience more.

Those are some basic steps to start playing the game Hill Climb Racing 2 APK. Try to drive, overcome obstacles and become the best driver!

Pros and Cons of the game Hill Climb Racing 2 iOS


  • Addictive gameplay: Hill Climb Racing 2 APK has simple yet addictive gameplay, with easy-to-understand driving mechanics and challenges players to overcome obstacles on diverse terrain.
  • Diversity in vehicle selection and environments: Hill Climb Racing 2 offers a wide range of different vehicles and environments, allowing players to customize their experience and explore a variety of exciting locations.
  • Multiplayer head-to-head racing mode: The game allows players to challenge their friends or other players around the world, creating an element of competition and helping to increase social cohesion.
  • Exciting Events: Hill Climb Racing 2 hosts daily, weekly and seasonal events, offering special challenges and exciting rewards.


  • Freemium business model: Hill Climb Racing 2 APK uses a freemium business model, which means the game is free but has paid features and items. Some players may feel pressure to purchase items to progress faster.
  • Network connection required to play multiplayer racing mode: To participate in multiplayer racing mode, players need a stable internet connection.
  • Slow Progress: To upgrade and open new vehicles and features, players need to be patient and spend time or money to accumulate enough money and experience points.


Hill Climb Racing 2 APK is an adventurous and addictive racing game on mobile. With simple but attractive gameplay, bright cartoon graphics and variety in vehicle and environment selection, the game has attracted a large number of players worldwide.

Hill Climb Racing 2 Android is a mobile racing game worth playing, with addictive gameplay, bright graphics and many interesting features. Experiment to see all the innovative features with your friends.


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FAQs? Hill Climb Racing 2 APK

Do I need an internet connection to play Hill Climb Racing 2 APK? +

No, you do not need an internet connection to play Hill Climb Racing 2 APK. This game can be played offline, helping you experience it anytime, anywhere.

How to upgrade cars in the game? +

To upgrade your car, you need money and coins collected in the game. Entering the shop screen, you can purchase upgrades for your vehicle, such as engine, tires, suspension and many other elements to improve performance.

How to participate in races in Hill Climb Racing 2 APK? +

To participate in races, you need to reach the "Race Center" level. Here, you can participate in diverse racing tournaments and compete with other players directly.

I want to play Hill Climb Racing 2 APK on multiple devices. How to synchronize my progress? +

To sync your progress across devices, sign in to your Google Play or Apple Game Center account within the game. You can then play on any device signed into the same account and your progress will be synced automatically.

I'm stuck on a particular level. Is there any way to help me pass that level? +

Try upgrading your car or changing your driving strategy. Use money and coins to upgrade your vehicle and test different vehicles to find the best strategy for that level.

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