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GROWLR Gay Bears Near You APK - Specialized application for the gay bears community. Find new friends, join community events and create memorable relationships today.


Name GROWLR Gay Bears Near You
Pagekage name com.initechapps.growlr
Version 16.35.0
Size 185.80 Mb
Category Social
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.1+
Developer Initech

About of the app GROWLR APK

An interesting application dedicated to the gay community, especially those who love the bear lifestyle - that is the GROWLR Gay Bears Near You APK application. This is an application that has been changing the way we connect and meet each other in today's digital world.

GROWLR is a social network and dating app, specifically designed to create a safe, comfortable and friendly platform for gay and bi men, especially those who identify as " bear" or have similar interests. This app was built with the goal of helping you connect with others with similar interests near you.

The app allows you to search for other people based on geographical location, interests, age, and many other criteria. It makes it easy for people to find people with similar interests near you and connect with them.

Overview of GROWLR Gay Bears Near You APK

GROWLR Gay Bears Near You APK is not just a dating app but also a community where you can find support, find new friends, or it can lead to a serious relationship. Importantly, this app creates a welcoming space for people who love the bear lifestyle and are looking for connection.

It has helped thousands of people connect with each other and create memorable memories. If you belong to this community or are interested in connecting with others with similar interests, GROWLR may be the app you are looking for.

Features of GROWLR Gay Bears Near You APK for Android

  • Search and Connect: Search for members by many criteria such as geographical location, age, interests and appearance. Send friend requests and connect with people you care about.
  • Chat and Send Pictures: Chat with other members through the in-app messaging system. Share images and videos to create stronger bonds.
  • Events and Discussions: Create and participate in community events and online discussions. Participate in discussion topics and share experiences with others.
  • Personal Profile: Create a personal profile with personal information, avatar and self-description. Update and manage your profile to share information with others.
  • Security and Privacy: Ensuring the privacy and security of users' personal information. Provides tools to control the privacy and visibility of profile information.
  • Account Verification: Provides an account validation process to ensure the accuracy of records.
  • Rate and Mark as Favorites: Rate and mark your favorite members to easily follow and connect later.
  • Customer Support: Provide customer support to resolve user issues and concerns.
  • APK Version: The APK version of the GROWLR app allows users to install and use the app on Android devices.

All of these features together create a diverse and safe online environment for the gay bears community, helping them connect, interact, and create meaningful relationships.

How to use of GROWLR Gay Bears Near You APK Latest version

Download and Install the Application:

First, download the GROWLR app from the Google Play Store (if you use Android) or the App Store (if you use iOS).

Once downloaded, install the application on your device.

Create Account:

Open the application once installed.

Select the "Register" option to create a new account.

Fill in necessary personal information such as name, email address, password, and age.

Perform account authentication as required.

Building Personal Profile:

After logging in, you can create your personal profile.

Add a profile picture and self-description to introduce yourself.

Update personal information if necessary.

Search and Connect:

Use the search feature to find members near you or by different criteria.

When you find someone you're interested in, you can send a friend request or start a chat.

Chat and Send Pictures:

Once you connect with someone, you can start a chat through the in-app messaging system.

Share photos and videos to create stronger connections.

Security and Privacy:

Make sure you take control of your privacy and make sure your personal information is protected.

Set privacy and safety as desired.

Receive Notifications and Reminders:

Make sure you get notifications about new activities and events in the app.

Set reminders so you don't miss important networking opportunities or events.

Easy to Use Interface:

GROWLR has an easy-to-use interface, so you can easily browse and use the features.

Enjoy the Experience:

Finally, enjoy your experience on the GROWLR app and discover the gay bears community near you.

Tips and advice for using the GROWLR Gay Bears Near You APK

  • Safe Acquaintance: When you meet new people, choose a safe place to meet, such as a public cafe or restaurant, and always let a friend know where you're going.
  • Trust Your Senses: If you feel uncomfortable with someone during a conversation or meeting, always listen to your senses and make a plan to leave if necessary.
  • Avoid Depositing Money or Account Information: Always be wary of people asking for money or account information. These may be frauds or scams.
  • Perform Account Verification: Use account authentication if available to ensure the accuracy of records.
  • Learn About Rules and Regulations: Carefully read and comply with the application's rules and regulations. This helps protect you and others from illegal or dishonest activities.
  • Chat Before Meeting: Chat and get to know others through the app before meeting. This helps you feel comfortable and understand the person better.
  • Reporting Dishonest Conduct: If you experience inappropriate or dishonest behavior from any user, report it immediately to the application's support service.
  • Always Be Vigilant: Always maintain vigilance and self-protection. Trust your senses and don't do anything that feels unsafe.

Using the GROWLR app carefully and smartly will help you enjoy your dating and hookup experience in a safer and more comfortable environment.

Pros and Cons of GROWLR Gay Bears Near You APK iOS


  • Specialized Community: GROWLR focuses on the gay bears community, creating a space specifically for those who love this lifestyle.
  • Privacy and Security: The GROWLR app focuses on user security and privacy, providing many options to control personal information and profile privacy.
  • Advanced Search Feature: The application allows users to search for members based on many criteria such as geographical location, age, and appearance, helping to optimize the ability to connect with others.
  • Community Events and Discussions: GROWLR provides a platform for community events and online discussions on important topics.


  • Limited Audience: GROWLR is primarily intended for the gay bears community, so may limit options for those who do not belong to this group.
  • Strong Competition: In the diverse dating app market, GROWLR has to compete with many other apps. This can make networking and finding the right person more competitive.
  • Integration Fees: Although the app has a free version, many advanced features require payment, which may increase the cost of using the app.


The GROWLR Gay Bears Near You APK application has created an important platform for the gay bears community, providing a safe and comfortable space for them to connect, meet and create meaningful relationships.

For those who love the bear lifestyle and want to connect with others with similar interests, GROWLR can be a useful app. However, as with any app, the decision to use this app requires following rules and advice to maintain a safe and positive experience.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

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