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Granblue Fantasy Relink APK is a cross-platform role-playing game, famous for its great graphics, deep tactical gameplay, and diverse world, providing a great adventure experience for players on all devices.


Name Granblue Fantasy
Pagekage name jp.mbga.a12016007.lite
Version 1.21.0
Size 55.71 Mb
Category Role Playing
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer mobage

Introduce to Granblue Fantasy APK

Granblue Fantasy APK is a cross-platform game that takes players on a wonderful adventure journey in a world rich with great graphics and a deep storyline.

Granblue mobile game is a role-playing game (RPG) developed by Mobage, and has quickly attracted the attention of the gaming community around the world. What's unique about Granblue Fantasy relink serial code is its expansive and diverse world, where players can explore all kinds of terrain, from vibrant cities to mysterious forests.

More Overview of Granblue Fantasy Mobile Game

Granblue Fantasy relink mobile APK offers a flexible gaming experience with support across multiple platforms, from mobile phones to tablets. This makes it easy for players to access and participate in the adventure without being constrained by devices.

In addition, Granblue Fantasy account is also famous for its strategic combat system and unique characters with special abilities. Players have the opportunity to assemble and train a diverse team, and participate in dramatic confrontations with opponents.

All features in Granblue Fantasy Latest Version

  • Rich and Expansive World: Granblue Fantasy item set offers an expansive world where players have the opportunity to explore many unique locations. From modern cities to mystical forests, players will be immersed in amazing graphics and fascinating locations.
  • Rich Storyline: Granblue Fantasy relink release date is not only captivating by its graphics, but also by its deep storyline. Unique characters and their interactions create a vast world filled with secrets and mysteries.
  • Flexible Combat System: This feature is Granblue Fantasy's strong point. The strategic combat system allows players to take advantage of diverse squads and special skills to take on opponents. Tactics and planning become even more important when participating in difficult matches.
  • Diverse and Conquering Teammates: Players can assemble a diverse team of teammates with a variety of characters and skills. Capturing and training characters is an important part of the gaming experience.
  • Cross-Platform Support: Granblue Fantasy APK supports multiple platforms, including mobile phones and tablets, providing flexibility for players to experience the game anywhere, anytime.
  • Regular Events and Continuous Updates: The gaming community is always supported with exciting events and regular updates, keeping the game fresh and exciting.

Interface, graphics on Granblue Fantasy Android

Diverse and Attractive World: Built on a high-quality graphics platform, the world in Granblue Fantasy is not only vast but also diverse and attractive. From natural beauty to epic cities, each location is created with creativity and passion.

Unique Effects: Unique effects are an important part of the appeal of Granblue Fantasy APK. Skills and moves are combined with special effects, increasing the excitement and excitement in each match.

High Quality Engine: Granblue Fantasy is not only beautiful in its stills but also in its high quality engine. This feature not only makes scenes more vivid but also helps create a smooth and realistic gaming experience.

Creative Character Design: The characters in Granblue Fantasy APK are not only beautiful images but also carry creative stories and personalities behind them. Diverse and unique character designs add to player interest and connection.

How to play, gameplay for Granblue Fantasy iOS

Electronic Adventure: Granblue Fantasy is not just a game, it is an electronic adventure. Players will start their journey from choosing a character and building a team. They will then explore diverse worlds, fight monsters and participate in exciting events.

Friendly and Easy-to-Use Interface: Granblue Fantasy APK designs the user interface with friendliness and ease of use. Players can easily access key features such as character management, squad setup, and participating in events from the home screen.

Tactics in Combat: Granblue Fantasy's gameplay is characterized by a tactical combat system. Players need to carefully plan their formation, use skills and tactics to defeat their opponents. This creates a combat experience that is engaging and requires strategy.

Capturing and Gathering Characters: Granblue Fantasy APK is not just about fighting but also about capturing and gathering unique characters. Players can defeat monsters to have the opportunity to capture them, expand their team and develop their character's skills.

Regular Events and Continuous Updates: Granblue Fantasy's gameplay becomes more engaging through regular events and continuous updates. This helps keep the game fresh, with many missions and challenges for players to explore.

Pros and Cons of Granblue Fantasy APK


  • Beautiful Graphics: Granblue Fantasy stands out with its delicate and sharp graphics, creating a mysterious and impressive world.
  • Tactical Gameplay: The tactical combat system creates an immersive gaming experience, requiring players to have good strategy and planning.
  • Large and Diverse World: Granblue Fantasy features an expansive, diverse world with many locations to explore and quests to complete.
  • Vibrant Gamer Community: Regular events and exciting multiplayer features create a vibrant community of gamers.


  • Heavy System Configuration: For some older devices, running Granblue Fantasy may require high system configuration, making it difficult for some players.
  • In-Game Shopping Requirements: Like many other mobile games, Granblue Fantasy has in-game shopping elements, which can put pressure on players to enhance their experience.
  • Language Is Mostly in Japanese: Although there is an English version, some parts of the game retain the Japanese language, which may create difficulties for players unfamiliar with Japanese.


Granblue Fantasy APK is a rich and varied game experience with great graphics, deep tactical gameplay, and a diverse open world. The game's strength lies in its good combination of traditional RPG elements and unique features such as capturing and training characters.

With flexibility across multiple platforms and diverse features, Granblue Fantasy APK has attracted and retained a diverse team of players around the world. Whether you are a long-time player or just discovering the world of mobile gaming, Granblue Fantasy APK can be an option worth considering to enjoy a colorful and exciting adventure. Wishing you enjoyable moments on your journey!


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

FAQs? Granblue Fantasy APK

How to capture characters in Granblue Fantasy? +

You can capture characters by fighting them in different areas or through special events. Use skills and strategies to increase your chances of success.

How to build a strong squad? +

Build a squad consisting of characters with appropriate powers and skills. Take advantage of team diversity to create effective strategies.

What languages does Granblue Fantasy support? +

Granblue Fantasy has an English version, but some parts of the game retain the Japanese language. Your sense of accuracy can be enhanced by using online resources and tutorials.

How to participate in in-game events? +

Events are regularly held in Granblue Fantasy. You can participate through special missions, fight powerful bosses and gain valuable rewards.

How to upgrade and strengthen characters? +

Use resources obtained from quests and events to upgrade your character's skills, equipment, and attributes. At the same time, participate in story missions for the opportunity to level up and open new skills.

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