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Gorilla Tag Horror Revived APK is a challenging horror game where players will face mysterious creatures, participating in a haunting adventure with beautiful graphics and diverse gameplay.


Name Gorilla Tag Horror
Version 11.0.0
Size 283 MB
Category Adventure
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.1+
Developer Lemmon

Introduce to Gorilla Tag Horror APK

Gorilla Tag Horror APK VR will definitely take you into a world full of horror and suspense. The game is inspired by the traditional gorilla tag genre, but with an added element of horror and mystery. You will embark on a horrifying adventure where demons and mystical creatures await you at every corner.

The unique feature of Gorilla Tag Horror APK is its haunting atmosphere and eerie sounds, creating the perfect backdrop for horrifying emotions. You will feel real nightmares when entering this world, where survival depends not only on your running speed, but also lurks behind every shadow.

More Overview of Gorilla Tag Horror For Android

Beautiful graphics and exquisite sound effects add to the suspense. Gorilla Tag Horror APK game download is not only an entertaining game, but also an exciting experience for those who love challenges and adventure.

Prepare your soul and courage, because Gorilla Tag Horror codes APK is waiting to challenge you and bring you dramatic moments of entertainment. Wishing you exciting and terrifying experiences!

All features in Gorilla Tag Horror Latest Version

  • Horrifying setting: The game offers a haunting world with beautiful graphics and depth, creating a horrifying setting that players will be immersed in.
  • Unique Sound: A high-quality sound system enhances the horror atmosphere, from clanging footsteps to demonic calls, all contributing to a tense experience.
  • Mysterious Creatures: Gorilla Tag Horror APK lemmon has more mysterious and monstrous creatures, creating a constant challenge to avoid and continue to survive.
  • Multiplayer mode: With multiplayer mode, players can challenge friends or participate in adventures with the community, creating a unique social experience.
  • Weapon and item system: Gorilla Tag Horror APK is not just about running away, but also about fighting. Players can use weapons and discovered items to face terrifying challenges.
  • Regular updates: The development team constantly updates new content, adds features and fixes bugs to ensure players always have something new and interesting.
  • Diverse platform support: Gorilla Tag Horror APK supports multiple platforms, including mobile and PC, helping players easily experience the game on multiple devices.

Interface, graphics on Gorilla Tag Horror For iOS

Top graphics quality: Gorilla Tag Horror APK truly stands out with top-notch graphics, from the smallest details to the vast context. Every line, every shadow, is carefully cared for to create a mysterious and creepy space.

Light and shadow effects: Unique light and shadow effects help create a horror atmosphere and highlight important details in the game. The shimmer and shadows really create an engaging experience.

Diversity in character design: Characters and creatures in the game are uniquely designed and diverse, creating a world full of creativity and mystery. The attention paid to the details of each character helps them stand out against the backdrop of horror.

Flexible interaction: The graphics in Gorilla Tag Horror APK are not only beautiful but also flexible in interaction. Unique effects and smooth movements add to the thrill and challenge of gameplay.

Graphics compatible with multiple devices: Gorilla Tag Horror APK is optimized to work smoothly on a variety of devices, from mobile phones to personal computers. This helps ensure that players can experience quality graphics without compatibility issues.

How to play, gameplay for Gorilla Tag Horror Mobile Game

Escape and survival: At its most basic, players will participate in a terrifying race where survival is the key. Your mission is to run away through haunted areas and stay away from scary creatures.

Challenging special situations: Gorilla Tag Horror APK is not simply about running away. The game puts you in unique situations, with diverse challenges such as decoding secrets, finding important items, and even fighting horrifying creatures.

Multiplayer mode: Multiplayer gameplay creates a unique social experience. You can team up with friends to escape, or even challenge them to tense confrontations.

Use weapons and items: Not only running, you also have the opportunity to use weapons and items to deal with threats. From lamps to smoke bombs, each item brings depth and strategy to gameplay.

Progress system and achievements: Gorilla Tag Horror APK rewards players by providing a progression system and achievements. This promotes search and discovery, making the game more diverse and dramatic.

Pros and Cons of Gorilla Tag Horror APK


  • High Quality Horror Experience: One of the biggest strengths of Gorilla Tag Horror APK is its ability to create a high quality horror experience. Beautiful graphics, scary sounds, and haunting settings make the game a memorable adventure.
  • Diversity in Gameplay: Gorilla Tag Horror APK does not limit itself to the traditional escape model. The variety of gameplay, from special challenges to fighting mysterious creatures, makes the game exciting and full of surprises.
  • Exciting Multiplayer Mode: Multiplayer mode helps connect the community and create unique social experiences. You can challenge your friends or cooperate to overcome terrifying challenges.


  • High System Requirements: For some players, Gorilla Tag Horror APK may require quite high system requirements to experience properly. This can create a threshold for those using less powerful devices.
  • Internet Connection Required: Gorilla Tag Horror APK requires an internet connection, which can be a challenge for players who want to experience the game without a constant connection.


Gorilla Tag Horror APK is a challenging and dramatic game, taking players on a terrifying and haunting adventure. With high-quality graphics, scary sounds, and varied gameplay, this game is truly a unique experience.

Overall, Gorilla Tag Horror APK is an interesting choice for those who love the horror genre and want to experience a multi-dimensional and engaging gameplay. Don't hesitate to experiment, but make sure you have a powerful system to enjoy the game without limitations. Wishing you a terrifying and exciting experience!


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FAQs? Gorilla Tag Horror APK

Is Gorilla Tag Horror APK available on both iOS and Android? +

That's right, Gorilla Tag Horror APK is available on both iOS and Android operating systems, helping players experience the game on a variety of devices.

Does Gorilla Tag Horror APK require high system configuration? +

Yes, for the best experience, you need a device with a relatively high system configuration, especially for the game's high-quality graphics.

Are there in-app purchases in the game? +

Yes, the game has certain features and content that may require payment or display certain ads.

Does the game require an internet connection? +

Yes, Gorilla Tag Horror APK requires a constant internet connection so you can participate in the adventure and interact with other players.

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