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Good Lock APK by Samsung is a great app that gives users unique customization and personalization capabilities for the interface experience on their Samsung phones.


Name Good Lock
Size 12.4 MB
Category Tools
Price Free
Compatible with Android 8.0+

About to Good Lock APK

Good Lock apps APK is a unique application from Samsung, giving users the ability to optimize and personalize the interface experience on their phone. By using Good Lock modules, you can do amazing things without rooting your device.

One of the outstanding features of SamSung Good Lock supported devices is the ability to customize the lock screen. You have the flexibility to change the display clock, adjust notification design, and create a unique lock screen that reflects your personality. This really increases interactivity and comfort when using the phone on a daily basis.

More Overview of Good Lock For Android

Task Changer is another feature that Good Lock traductor brings. You can adjust the appearance of recent apps and games to optimize your user experience. This makes it easier for you to access your favorite applications more quickly and conveniently.

With Good Lock best features, you can also get creative by changing the wallpaper, designing personal works, thereby creating a completely unique interface that reflects your personality.

Let's explore and enjoy the wonderful experiences that SamSung Good Lock APK brings to your Samsung phone! Don't hesitate to experience and explore the unique features that this application brings. Surely you will not be disappointed!

All features in Good Lock Latest Version

  • Custom Lock Screen: Customize the clock display and notification format according to personal preferences. Freely create a lock screen that reflects your personality.
  • Task Changer: Optimize the way recent apps and games are displayed. Adjust display style to optimize user experience.
  • MultiStar: Enhance multitasking with the ability to open multiple windows for a single application. The "Pop-up View" feature helps you easily manage applications on the screen.
  • NavStar: Fully customize your navigation bar with various icons and colors. Added "Full Screen Gestures" feature to take advantage of screen space.
  • Nice Shot: Customize the screenshot feature with many new options. Share quickly with your favorite apps and services.
  • QuickStar: Adjust status bar and notification bar with multiple color and display options. "Show Recent" option to see the applications you have recently used.
  • ThemePark: Create custom themes for your user interface with ease. Customize colors, icons, and backgrounds as you like.

Instructions, how to use Good Lock Mobile App

Explore Lock Screen: Open Good Lock APK android 13 and select LockStar to customize your lock screen. You can change the clock, notifications, and even open effects.

Optimize Task Changer: Go to Task Changer to adjust the display of recent applications and games. You can choose between different display styles to suit your personal preferences.

Use MultiStar for Efficient Multitasking: MultiStar helps you optimize multitasking by opening multiple windows for a single application. Enable the "Pop-up View" feature for a great on-screen app management experience.

Customize Navigation Bar with NavStar: NavStar allows you to customize your navigation bar with different icons and colors. You can also experiment with the "Full Screen Gestures" feature to take advantage of the entire screen space.

Create Your Own Theme with ThemePark: Use ThemePark to create your own theme for your user interface. Choose colors, icons, and backgrounds to create a uniquely personalized look.

Take Diverse Screenshots with Nice Shot: Use Nice Shot to take screenshots with a variety of customization options. Then easily share with your favorite apps and services.

Tips and advice when using for Good Lock APK

Explore Each Feature: Start step by step so it doesn't feel overwhelming. Test each feature like LockStar, Task Changer, NavStar individually to understand them and see if they suit your personal preferences and needs.

Create Your Own Theme: Use ThemePark to create your own theme. Combine colors, icons and backgrounds to create a look that is charming and reflects your personality.

Multitasking Optimization with MultiStar: Take advantage of MultiStar to open multiple windows for one application. This makes it possible to use multiple applications at the same time without switching between them.

Experiment with Task Changer: Task Changer has many different display styles. Experiment and choose a display style that suits the way you use your phone.

Take Screenshots Quickly with Nice Shot: Nice Shot offers many screen capture options. Use this feature to quickly capture anything on your screen that you want to share or archive.

Navigation Bar Options with NavStar: Fine-tune your navigation bar with NavStar. You can change icons, colors, and even add "Full Screen Gestures" for a full screen space experience.

Update the App Regularly: Always make sure you are using the latest version of Good Lock APK android 12 for the best experience and support for newly added features.

Advantages and disadvantages Good Lock iOS


  • Powerful Customization: Good Lock apps list provides powerful customization capabilities for users, from the lock screen to the navigation bar and other features. This helps users experience using the phone in their own way.
  • Multitask Efficiently: MultiStar and Task Changer help optimize the multitasking experience, helping you open multiple windows for a single application and adjust the display of recent applications.
  • Community Support: Good Lock regularly receives updates and positive feedback from the user community. This helps Samsung continuously improve the application to meet user needs.


  • Limited to Certain Samsung Models: Although Samsung expands compatibility, some Good Lock features may still be limited to specific Samsung device models.
  • Customization Knowledge Required: For users unfamiliar with interface customization, using Good Lock can be challenging. It takes some time to get used to and take full advantage of the application's capabilities.
  • Some Features Need to Be Careful: Some features may cause side effects or reduce device performance, so users need to consider when activating and tweaking them.


Good Lock APK 2024 from Samsung is a great tool for those who want to take their Samsung phone experience to the next level. With powerful customization capabilities, Good Lock gives users the ability to turn their phone into a personal work of art.

Regardless, Good Lock premium APK is a powerful tool, and with smart usage, users can enjoy the unique personalization improvements it brings to their Samsung phones. Take the time to explore and experiment, so your device experience is unique and reflective of you.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

FAQs? Good Lock APK

What is Good Lock and how is it different from Samsung's default UI? +

Good Lock is an application from Samsung that allows users to customize and personalize the user interface of Samsung phones. The difference lies in the powerful customization capabilities, from the lock screen to the navigation bar, helping to create a unique and personally reflective user experience.

What outstanding features are there in Good Lock? +

Good Lock has many outstanding features such as customizing the lock screen, task changer to adjust the application's display style, MultiStar to optimize multitasking, and many other features such as Nice Shot and ThemePark.

Can I use Good Lock on all Samsung phone models? +

Although Samsung has expanded compatibility, there are still some phone models that may have limitations in using some Good Lock features. Please check the compatibility list on Samsung's official website.

How to fix the problem if Good Lock crashes or doesn't work properly? +

In case of problems, you should check that you are using the latest version of Good Lock and perhaps check out the forums or user communities for more solutions or report your problem.

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