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God Hand APK is an action and strategy game in which the player controls Gene in an adventure-filled 3D world, facing strong opponents and completing quests.

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Name God Hand
Pagekage name god.hand.strategy
Version 0.0.1
Size 55.4 MB
Category Arcade
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.1+
Developer SquareDino

About of God Hand APK

God Hand APK is an action and strategy video game. Developed by Clover Studio and published by Capcom, the game was released in 2006 for the PlayStation 2.

God Hand APK revolves around the story of a character named Gene, who received a divine hand named God Hand APK. The God Hand APK allows Gene to possess supernatural powers, and he uses it to fight against evil forces.

Overview of God Hand Mobile APK

In the game, the player will control Gene in an adventurous 3D world, facing powerful opponents and completing quests. God Hand APK mainly focuses on the combat system, with elements of fast action and coordinated combo moves to create powerful attacks.

However, download game God Hand APK also has a tactical element. Players can customize Gene's moves and combos at will, using the right tactics to deal with enemies. Besides, the game also provides skills and upgrades for players to enhance Gene's strength and fighting ability.

With impressive graphics, unique action and rich combat system, God Hand APK gives players a unique tactical and action experience. The game received positive reviews from critics and players alike, and is considered one of the classics on the PlayStation 2.


Features of the game God Hand APK for Android

  • Complex combat system: God Hand APK has a diverse and complex combat system. Players can perform basic attacks, combos, and special attacks to defeat their opponents. This system allows players to create their own combos, combine attacks at will, and create powerful attacks.
  • Free Fighting Mode: God Hand offers a Free Fighting mode that allows players to practice and learn attacks, combos and fighting techniques. This mode allows players to practice and hone their skills without time limits or mission restrictions.
  • Fight Bosses and Diverse Enemies: In God Hand APK, players will face off against a variety of bosses and enemies. Each enemy and boss has its own fighting style and weakness, requiring players to grasp and figure out how to win through the right technique and strategy.
  • Upgrades and shopping: During the game, players can earn money and experience points to upgrade their strength and buy useful items. Players can power up, strengthen their defenses, and buy new skills to enhance Gene's combat abilities.
  • Funny style and unique dialogue: God Hand is famous for its humorous style and witty dialogue. The game combines funny and unique situations in the match, bringing entertainment and fun to players.
  • High Difficulty: God Hand is known for its high difficulty level, requiring players with skill and good reflexes to overcome challenges. However, the game also offers compelling challenge and a sense of accomplishment as the player overcomes difficult levels.
  • Graphics and sound: God Hand APK has beautiful 3D graphics and vivid sound, creating a lively and attractive game world.

God Hand gives players a complex battle system, high challenge and unique humorous style. From varied gameplay to diverse opponents and upgraded features, this game has become one of the classics in the action and strategy genre.

Game mode, graphics of the game God Hand APK

The graphics of the God Hand game are designed in a funny, unique and vibrant style. Although God Hand was released on the PlayStation 2 in 2006, its graphics were still appreciated in its era.

The game uses 3D graphics with quality character models, environments and effects. Characters are designed with sharp lines and flexible movements, creating energetic and attractive matches. The environment in the game includes diverse settings, from crowded cities to wild areas, creating a vivid and rich world.


The special effects in God Hand APK are designed to create variety and power. Characters' attacks, combos and skills are shown through lighting effects, firepower and other special effects, creating eye-catching and exhilarating matches.

Although God Hand does not possess surreal or detailed graphics like modern titles, its humorous, vibrant and unique graphic style really suits the spirit and plot of the game.

How to play the game God Hand APK Latest version

Character control: Use the console or keyboard to control the character Gene in the game. Use the corresponding buttons or keys to move, attack and perform actions.

Battle system: God Hand APK possesses a flexible and diverse combat system. Use the attack and movement buttons to perform basic attacks. Combine buttons in a certain sequence to create diverse and powerful combos. Explore different combos and learn how to combine them to create special and effective attacks.

Confront Enemies: Throughout the adventure, Gene will confront a variety of enemies and bosses. Capture enemy attack and reaction patterns to find out how to win. Use the right skills and combos to create an advantage in the match.

Upgrades and Shopping: Earn in-game currency to upgrade Gene's powers and buy useful items. Shop for new skills and upgrade existing skills to increase your character's fighting ability.

Free Battle Mode: Use the Freedom Fight mode to practice and learn attacks, combos, and fighting techniques. Freely practice to hone your skills and find powerful shots.

Enjoy a humorous style: God Hand APK update is known for his humorous style and unique dialogue. Enjoy the humorous situations and dialogue in the game, creating a unique entertainment experience.

Pros and cons of the game God Hand APK iOS


  • Unique Comedy Style: The game combines action and humor in a unique way. Humorous dialogue and humorous situations create a fun and different entertainment experience.
  • Diverse opponents and bosses: God Hand APK takes players into battles with diverse opponents and bosses. Each opponent has its own way of fighting and weaknesses, requiring players to grasp and apply appropriate tactics to win.


  • Imperfect camera system: Some players have complained about the imperfect camera system in God Hand. Sometimes, the camera can make it difficult to track and control the character in some situations.


God Hand: Strategy Game APK is a unique and engaging action and strategy game. With a complex combat system, unique humorous style and diverse opponents, this game has created a unique and challenging entertainment experience for players.

The highlight of this game is to keep players entertained and excited. If you are a lover of action, strategy and don't mind taking on a challenge, God Hand APK is worth exploring.


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