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Geometry Dash APK is a dramatic rhythm-based action game that invites you to jump, fly and flip over dangerous passages and sharp obstacles, while challenging your skills to the limit.


Name Geometry Dash
Pagekage name com.robtopx.geometryjump
Version 2.2.13
Size 84.7 MB
Category Arcade
Price US$ 1.99
Compatible with Android 4.0+
Developer RobTop Games

Introduce to Geometry Dash APK

Geometry Dash APK is a popular and exciting mobile game, developed and published by RobTop Games. This is an expanded version of the original game Geometry Dash, which gives the player many new levels, a great soundtrack, and a tougher challenge.

In Geometry Dash full version ios, you will control a simple geometric character, going through colorful and dangerous levels. Your mission is to jump over the obstacles, avoid colliding with space objects and reach the destination safely.

The game consists of many different levels, from easy to difficult, with increasing levels of challenge. You will have to perform actions such as jumping, flying, and switching between states to overcome the challenges. The game speed is very fast, requiring concentration and quick reaction from the player.

One of the key elements of GD menu APK is the music. Each level comes with a vibrant soundtrack that matches the pace and style of the game. The catchy and unique music made Geometry Dash famous and created excitement and excitement for players.

More Overview of Geometry Dash Game APK

Geometry Dash APK full version also allows you to create and share your own custom levels. You can use the easy-to-use editor to build unique levels and then share them with the game community.

Social gaming is also present in Geometry Dash. You can connect with your friends and challenge them, competing for the top spot on the global leaderboard.

Geometry Dash is appreciated for its simple graphics and friendly user interface. It provides a fun and addictive gaming experience for the players.

If you love games that require quick reflexes, upbeat music and tough challenges, try Geometry Dash. This game is available on Google Play Store and is a great choice for lovers of fast-paced and adventurous game genre.

All features in Geometry Dash for Android

  • Diverse Levels: Geometry Dash offers more than 10 different levels, from easy to difficult, with unique designs and challenges. Each level comes with its own music and a sense of rhythm control.
  • Exciting Background Music: The game has a unique soundtrack for each level. The music is made to be perfectly compatible with the speed and playing pattern, creating an engaging and addictive experience.
  • Create custom levels: Players can create their own levels with the easy-to-use editor. You can create your own blocks, obstacles and designs to create a unique gaming experience. You can then share your self-made levels with the game community.
  • Diverse Game Modes: Geometry Dash offers a variety of game modes including casual mode, challenge mode and high score mode. You can challenge your friends and other players around the world or compete for the highest score in high score mode.
  • Beautiful graphics: The game has colorful graphics and a simple yet sophisticated geometric design. Motion effects are smooth and sharp, creating an immersive visual experience.
  • Periodic Updates: Geometry Dash is developed and updated periodically to bring lots of new content, exciting levels and features. Players can look forward to the updates to experience new and improved content in the game.
  • Social networking: The game allows you to connect and share your achievements on social networks. You can review the global leaderboard and challenge your friends by sharing the game results on popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter.
  • These are just some of the outstanding features of the Geometry Dash game. The game offers an agile, fun and addictive gaming experience, with a combination of engaging gameplay, vibrant music and engaging graphics.

Interface, graphics on Geometry Dash Mobile APK

Geometric Design: The game creates a unique geometric world with simple shapes like squares, triangles, circles and more. The main character and the obstacles all have sharp geometric shapes, creating consistency and aesthetics.

Vibrant Colors: Geometry Dash uses bright and varied colors to create an outstanding visual experience. The levels feature subtle color combinations, creating a vibrant and engaging color environment.

Motion effects: The game uses smooth and fluid motion effects to add vibrancy to the game. The movement of the character and the obstacles is designed to be precise and smooth, creating a feeling of quickness and reflexes.

Special Effects: Geometry Dash also uses special effects to highlight the action and create excitement for players. The lighting, reflections and dynamics effects are creatively used to bring out the important elements in the game.

How to play, gameplay for Geometry Dash Latest version

Download and install: Visit Google Play Store or other trusted sources to download and install Geometry Dash APK on your mobile phone.

Open the game: Find the Geometry Dash app on your phone's home screen and click the icon to open the game.

Choose a character: When you open the game, you will be asked to choose a character to control in the game. There's a wide selection of different characters to choose from, and some are available to open as you progress further in the game.

Start playing: After choosing a character, you will enter the main screen of the game. You can choose a level to start playing. Initially, there are only a handful of levels available, but as you complete the level and progress further, you will open more new levels.

Character control: In the game, you will control your character to overcome obstacles. You can jump by tapping the screen or pressing the jump button, and you can change the character's state by pressing the corresponding button. Concentration and quick reaction are important to avoid collision with obstacles and complete the level.

Pass Levels: Your goal is to pass the levels by completing them safely. Try to overcome the obstacles, collect the objectives in the level and reach the finish line. Each level will have increasing difficulty, so you will need quick reactions and dexterity to progress further.

Achievements and Progress: The game records your achievements in each level, including the time it took to complete and the number of times you failed. You can try to improve your record and complete the level in the best way.

More options: The game offers other features such as creating self-made levels, challenging other players and sharing your achievements on social networks. You can explore and enjoy these features in the game.

Note that playing Geometry Dash may require concentration and quick reflexes, as the game is fast paced and challenging. Challenging and completing levels will bring you joy and achievement in this game.

Pros and Cons of Geometry Dash APK iOS


  • Exciting Gameplay: Geometry Dash offers a challenging and addictive gaming experience. Jumping over the obstacles and completing the level requires concentration and quick reaction from the player.
  • Lively Music: The game comes with vibrant and catchy soundtracks. Music plays an important role in creating an enjoyable and enjoyable rhythm-driven experience.
  • Level creation mode: Self-created levels allow players to create and share their own levels with the community. This brings variety and expansion to the game, making for a challenging gaming experience.


  • High difficulty: The game has a relatively high difficulty, requiring concentration and quick reflexes from the player. This can make the game difficult and frustrating for players unfamiliar with the genre.
  • Can be stressful: With its fast pace and constant challenge, Geometry Dash can be stressful and exhausting for some players. This can reduce long-term enjoyment and participation in the game.
  • Requires constant interaction: To successfully pass levels, players need to interact continuously with the screen and perform precise operations.
  • Offline play restrictions: Although the game can be played offline, the social networking feature and challenging other players requires an internet connection. This can limit a player's full gaming experience and social interaction without a network connection.


Geometry Dash APK is an attractive and exciting mobile game, with responsive gameplay, vibrant music and simple yet sophisticated graphics. Self-generated levels creation and social networking provide variety and interactivity in the game.

If you love fast, challenging gameplay and the ability to create self-made levels, Geometry Dash APK is a good choice.


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