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Garten of Banban APK is a horror and mystery adventure game, the player will take the role of a player to explore and learn about the scary story behind the children's garden called Banban.


Name Garten of Banban
Version 1.0
Size 324.3 MB
Category Adventure
Price Free
Compatible with Android 8.0+

About of Garten of Banban APK

Garten of Banban is a horror and mystery adventure game. In this game, you will play as a player exploring and learning about the scary story behind a children's garden called Banban.

Banban is a children's garden that was once famous and loved by children. However, one day, everyone in the garden mysteriously disappeared. And you will have to discover the cause and the terrifying secret behind that disappearance.

In the process of exploring the garden, you will encounter difficulties and barriers. There are many puzzles to solve and mysteries to uncover to progress further in the game. You also have to face dangers and obsessions, which require agility and intelligence to survive.

Overview of Garten of Banban Mobile APK

The game Garten of Banban creates a haunting and tense atmosphere. You will feel the mystery and fear as you explore the areas of the garden. Graphics and sound are meticulously cared to create a horror and scary experience.

You will approach the plot through new developments and discoveries along the way. Your goal is to find out the truth behind the terrifying disappearance in Banban and find a way out of the garden with your life and mental health still intact.

Features of Garten of Banban for Android

  • Explore the environment: Players will be able to explore and explore the Banban children's garden, with many different areas and classrooms. Search every hidden corner and find out the mysteries hidden in it.
  • Solve puzzles and challenges: The game offers diverse puzzles and challenges for players to think logically and find solutions. This helps to dive deeper into the plot and uncover terrifying truths.
  • Communication with characters and items: Players can interact and communicate with characters and items in the game. They can collect objects, learn necessary information and get support from these resources.
  • Unique visual and audio experience: The game creates a haunting and tense atmosphere through realistic sounds and distinctive graphics. High-quality visual and sound effects help create an engaging horror experience.
  • Deep plot: Garten of Banban has a complex and mysterious plot. Players will explore the hidden corners and secrets of the Banban children's garden, investigate the disappearance of people and learn about the supernatural and horror elements.
  • Interactive Environment: The game allows the player to interact with the surroundings. They can move objects, look for clues, and discover secret passages.

These features combine to create a horror and mystery adventure experience that takes players on a journey of discovery and uncovers the truth behind Banban's Kindergarten.

Game mode, graphics of Garten of Banban APK

The graphics of the game Garten of Banban art are designed to create an environment of horror and mystery. It uses visual elements to create a scary and engaging space. Here are some characteristics of the graphics in the game:

Detailed environment: Banban children's garden is reproduced in high detail, from the classrooms, the playground, to the surrounding periphery. Details such as furniture, items and traces are all given special attention to create a lively and realistic environment.

Light and Shadow: The game uses light and shadow effects in a sophisticated way to create a sense of horror and mystery. The garden is dimly lit, with low light and darkness holding terrifying secrets. This creates a space full of tension and exploration.

Diverse Perspectives: The game takes the player through various environments in the garden, from secluded classrooms to quaint peripheral areas. Each perspective has its own feel and atmosphere, creating variety and variation in the game experience.

Special Effects: The game uses special effects to add a sense of horror and haunting. This can include vignette effects, hazy clouds, unusual lighting, or supernatural phenomena. These effects play an important role in building the horror space and creating scary moments.

The graphics in the game Garten of Banban download pc play an important role in creating an environment of horror and mystery, contributing to increased attraction and tension in the process.

How to play the Garten of Banban Latest version

In the game Garten of Banban, you will play as the main character and explore the Banban children's garden to find out the truth behind everyone's mysterious disappearance.

Move and Explore: Use the keyboard or controller to move the main character in the garden. Explore each area, look for hidden corners, and dig into the trails to dive deeper into the story.

Interact with the environment: Interact with objects in the garden using interactive buttons or special gestures. You can open doors, search for objects, gather information, and learn important plot elements.

Solve puzzles and challenges: The game will present various puzzles and challenges for you to solve. Use your ability to reason, learn, and find hints in the environment to find your way further in the game.

Use a companion drone: You will have a companion drone to help you on your journey. Use drones to explore hard-to-reach areas, find information, and help you overcome game difficulties.

Avoid danger: As you explore, you will encounter dangers and fearsome enemies. Avoid them and take a safe approach, while keeping your mental health intact.

Plot progression: Learn hints, meet characters, and dive deep into the game's plot. Discover the truth behind the mysterious disappearance and find the final answer.

How to play Garten of Banban app store requires you to consider, reason, and learn to overcome challenges and uncover the story behind Banban's Kindergarten.

Pros and cons of Garten of Banban APK iOS


  • Captivating Storyline: Garten of Banban has a complex and mysterious plot that takes players on a dramatic adventure and exploration. The deep and suspenseful storyline keeps players interested and curious about hidden truths.
  • Horror Environment: The game creates a horror and haunting environment, enhancing the player's experience of excitement and tension. The graphics and sounds are sophisticatedly designed to create a horror atmosphere and create a feeling of fear.
  • Mind Challenge: Garten of Banban places players in puzzles and challenges of diverse thinking. This requires players to think logically, analyze and find ways to solve problems to get far in the game.
  • Companion Drones: The presence of a companion drone helps players explore the garden flexibly and expands accessibility. This is a unique and useful feature during the game experience.


  • High difficulty: The game can be quite challenging for some players. Puzzles and challenges can require a lot of patience and problem solving, which can be difficult for players unfamiliar with puzzle games.
  • Horror Environment: If you don't like or can't stand games with horror and haunting elements, Garten of Banban may not be the right game for you. Horror environments and intense pressure can increase feelings of anxiety or discomfort for some players.


The game Garten of Banban wiki is an engaging horror and mystery game that offers players an experience full of tension and curiosity. With a deep storyline, horror environment and challenging thinking, this game requires players with the ability to reason and explore to get far in the story.

However, Garten of Banban developers also has some disadvantages. The high difficulty and horror element can make the game difficult and unsuitable for some players. Furthermore, after completing the main storyline, replayability and rediscovery of the game may be limited.

Garten of Banban is a game worth playing for those who love the horror genre and want to try their hand at thought puzzles. With a scary environment, engaging storyline, and unique features, this game will bring stressful and exciting experiences to players.


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