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If you are a person who likes challenges and likes to experience horror on mobile, Garden of Banban 4 Game APK will bring you a scary and unforgettable journey.

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Name Garden of Banban 4
Version 1.0
Size 362.2 MB
Category Adventure
Price $4.99
Compatible with Android 8.0+

About of Garden of Banban 4 Game APK

Garten of Banban 4 APK is the mobile version of the hit horror game Garten of Banban 4. With the same experience as the original version, descargar Garden of Banban 4 APK takes players on a thrilling and scary adventure. Scared in the world of haunted mansion.

The Garden of Banban 4 APK game introduces a terrifying storyline where players will enter the dark world of a haunted mansion, haunted by evil supernatural forces. To survive, the player must uncover the terrifying secrets of the mansion and find a way to escape the pursuit of these dark forces.

Overview of Garden of Banban 4 Mobile APK

With its signature role-playing gameplay, Garten of Banban 4 APK gratis gives players a unique experience as they have to interact with their surroundings, solve complex puzzles and face terrifying situations. Dark visuals and sound effects will trap you in the game's horrors, creating a constant sense of tension and anxiety.

Every step and choice you make in Garden of Banban 4 play store APK can affect the end result, creating fun interaction and engagement. You can choose the best approach to reveal dark secrets and face the difficulties that await.


If you are a lover of the horror game genre and want to experience a scary journey on your mobile device, Garden of Banban 4 Game APK is a great choice. Download and start your journey into the shadows of the haunted mansion, face your fears and find your way out in a classy horror game.

Features of Garden of Banban 4 APK For Android

Here are details on the main features of the game:

  • Thrilling Horror: Garden of Banban 4 APK creates a terrifying and creepy environment with dark images, gloomy colors and scary sounds. The game tries to create a sense of fear and tension as you explore the hidden corners of the mansion.
  • Immersive Gameplay: Experience immersive gameplay as you play as the main character in the story. Your actions and decisions will affect how the plot plays out and the different outcomes.
  • Solve Hard Puzzles: The mansion is full of secrets and intricate puzzles. Players need logic and ingenuity to solve them, opening new levels and mysteries.
  • Haunting Sound Effects: Scary sounds and sound effects create a sense of realism and add drama in different situations.
  • Diverse Story: Garden of Banban 4 APK has a diverse storyline with many unexpected elements. Events and mysteries are gradually revealed through exploration.
  • Choices and Consequences: Your actions and choices will directly affect the plot and the final outcome of the game. There are different endings depending on the decisions you make.
  • Multiplayer Mode: The game offers a multiplayer mode, allowing you to play with your friends and experience the terrifying environment together.
  • Explore Abandoned Levels: Players will explore the abandoned levels of Banban kindergarten, search for the truth behind them, and find a way to survive terrifying challenges.
  • Create Anxiety: With every step, you will feel the haunting presence and anxiety from the supernatural forces in the game.
  • Stunning Graphics: Garden of Banban 4 APK possesses stunning visuals, creating a beautiful and terrifying world at the same time.
  • Environmental Interaction: Players can interact with objects in the environment to uncover secrets and solve puzzles.
  • Survival and Smart Skills: To survive the challenges, players need to use intelligence, acumen and survival spirit.

Graphics of Garden of Banban 4 APK iOS

Garden of Banban 4 APK uses dark colors and shadows to create a terrifying atmosphere. The environments in the game are often designed with low light and hidden corners creating a feeling of mystery and anxiety. The details in the villa and its surroundings are meticulously designed, creating an atmosphere full of mystery and eerie.

The game uses lighting effects to create special shadows and highlights, contributing to a dark and dramatic atmosphere. Scary sounds and sound effects are integrated to create a sense of tension and create a terrifying atmosphere. In special situations, the game uses special effects to create a more terrifying and vivid feeling.


Garden of Banban 4 Mobile APK has many different rooms and areas for players to explore. Each room has its own character and creates a unique feeling. The game's graphics mainly create a feeling of fear and tension, making the player fall into a state of readiness to face the horror.

How to play, gameplay of Garden of Banban 4 APK

  • Explore the Environment: You will start at the haunted mansion and have the task of exploring each hidden corner, from room to room. Interact with objects, search for information debris and find out the secret hiding in the mansion.
  • Puzzle Solving: During the journey, you will have to solve various puzzles and mysteries. This could involve finding a shard to open a door, arranging objects to open a new passage, or even learning how to activate mechanisms in the house.
  • Choices and Consequences: Every action and decision you make affects the plot and outcome of the game. Some choices can lead to different events and even change the ending of the game.
  • Survive and Avoid Opponents: In some situations, you need to avoid the attention of the evil supernatural forces in the mansion. This may include moving around subtly, hiding out of sight and avoiding being caught.
  • Environmental Interaction: Your surroundings can be interacted with to get you far in the game. This can be pushing, pulling, rotating objects or trying to activate mechanisms.
  • Listen to Sound Effects: Scary sounds and sound effects play an important role in creating a feeling of terror and tension. Listen to vocal expressions to anticipate and respond to scary situations.
  • Story Shards Search: As you explore, you'll search for information shards, letters, or items related to the plot. This helps you learn more about the horror and mystery in the mansion.

Pros and cons Garden of Banban 4 APK Latest Version


  • Horror Experience: The game creates an authentic horror experience with dark visuals, scary sounds, and tense situations. This is suitable for players who love the horror game genre.
  • Role Playing: Role-playing allows the player to participate in the story and influence the plot through his decisions.
  • Exploration and Puzzles: The plot focuses on exploring rooms and solving complex puzzles, making for interactive and unique gameplay.
  • Choices Influence Plot: Your decisions influence the development of the story and the end result, creating interactivity and engagement.


  • Object Slip: There may be a situation where you have difficulty interacting with objects in the environment, resulting in a hindrance in progress.
  • Psychological Pressure: With its horror storyline and scary situations, the game can create psychological pressure on some players, making it difficult to play.
  • Difficult Controls: In some situations, controls can become difficult and frustrating for the player.
  • Not Suitable For The Weak of Heart: Because of the horror nature, the game is not suitable for the faint of heart or does not like this game genre.


Garden of Banban 4 APK is an exciting horror mobile game where players will be immersed in the dark and mysterious world of a haunted mansion. With dark graphics, scary sounds and immersive gameplay, the game creates a tense and dramatic experience for lovers of the horror game genre.



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