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Game Booster 4x Faster Pro Premium APK is the ultimate optimization app designed to enhance your gaming performance, graphics quality and overall experience on your mobile device.


Name Game Booster 4x Faster Pro
Version 1.2.7
Size 3.3 MB
Category Tools
Price $0.49
Compatible with Android 4.1+
Developer G19 Mobile

About to Game Booster 4x Faster Pro APK

Game Booster 4x Faster Pro APK 2023 is an application that optimizes the mobile gaming experience, providing many detailed features to improve the user's performance, graphics and gaming experience. Game Booster 4x Faster Pro APK vip is the perfect solution for you! With the goal of optimizing the ultimate gaming experience, this application offers a series of powerful features to improve the performance, graphics and smoothness of your favorite games.

Game Booster 4x Faster Pro, you only need one touch to enhance your gaming experience. No more messing around with complicated settings, the application will help you optimize the configuration to ensure you always have the best performance.

With Game Booster 4x Faster Pro APK mediafıre, you will have a powerful tool to optimize your mobile gaming experience. From improving performance to customizing graphics and reducing lag, this application helps you satisfy your passion for gaming in an optimal and quality way.

Overview of Game Booster 4x Faster Pro Mobile App

Game Booster 4x Faster Pro APK premium, you not only ensure the safety of your account, but also protect your phone from harmful influence. The application is committed to not causing CPU heating and works safely.

For mobile gaming lovers, Game Booster 4x Faster Pro 1.1.2 APK is a reliable companion. Optimize your gaming experience with a single tap and feel the smoothness and perfection on every match and adventure!

Features in Game Booster 4x Faster Pro For Android

  • Optimized Performance: Automatically optimizes gaming performance with one touch. Use advanced booster to reduce lag and increase FPS (fps).
  • Auto Game Mode: Auto mode optimizes the configuration for each specific game. Eliminate the hassle of manual configuration settings.
  • Game Turbo: Tweak games with Turbo mode for HDR picture quality and special effects. Use artificial intelligence (AI) to optimize the gaming experience.
  • Custom GFX Tool: Change game resolution to fit your device. Open HDR graphics on low-end devices. Increase FPS level to ensure high performance.
  • Smart HUD Display: Displays memory load, storage load, temperature and network latency information directly on the screen. Helps you to monitor the status of your phone during game play.
  • Zero Lag Mode: Optimize game configuration with smooth performance and reduced lag.
  • Game Customization: Install and manage games in the app with ease.
  • Quick Boost and Quick Launch: Boost the game quickly. Launch the game in the fastest way without waiting.
  • Safety and Security: No CPU heating on certain Snapdragon models (801, 820, 821) Ensure the safety of accounts and devices when using apps.

Game mode, graphics of Game Booster 4x Faster Pro APK

The graphics of the Game Booster 4x Faster Pro APK update application are designed to provide an intuitive, easy-to-use and user-compatible interface. With a focus on functionality and customizability, the app's interface makes it easy for users to effectively tailor their configuration and gaming experience.

  • Main interface: The main interface of the application has a minimalist design and clearly arranges features. Icons and selections are placed for easy identification and access.
  • Outstanding Features: The important features of the application are placed in separate sections, making it convenient for users to find and use them. Icons and feature names are presented in a clear way, helping users to immediately understand the function of each feature.
  • Custom Options: The interface provides customization options so that users can adjust the game configuration as they like. This manifests itself through sliders, buttons, and checkboxes, allowing the user to change the resolution, FPS, HDR graphics, and graphic style.
  • Smart HUD Display: The HUD display shows specific information about memory load, storage load, temperature, and network latency during gameplay. Numbers and graphs make it easy for users to track device performance.
  • Game Customization: Games are displayed in an easily identifiable list, allowing users to install and manage them conveniently. This makes it easy for users to customize the configuration for each individual game.

How to use Game Booster 4x Faster Pro APK Latest version

Step 1: Download and Install the App

Download and install the Game Booster 4x Faster Pro APK app from the Google Play store or from a download source you trust.

Step 2: Open the App and Select the Game

Open the Game Booster L Gang app. On the home screen you will see a list of games that are installed on your phone. Select the game you want to optimize.

Step 3: Optimize Game Configuration

Once you've selected the game, you'll see a bunch of features and options to optimize your game configuration:

Auto Gaming Mode: If you want the application to automatically optimize the configuration, select this mode. The application will apply the optimal settings for the specific game.

Game Turbo: You can enable Turbo mode to fine-tune the visual quality and special effects of the game. The application will use artificial intelligence to optimize the playing experience.

Custom GFX Tool: Change resolution, HDR graphics, FPS and graphic style to your preference.

HUD Display: View memory load, storage load, temperature and network latency information directly on the screen while gaming.

Step 4: Save Configuration and Start Playing

After you have tweaked the configuration to your liking, remember to press the "Save" or "Apply" button to let the application save the settings. Next, click the "Start" button to play the game with optimized configuration.

Pros and Cons of Game Booster 4x Faster Premium APK iOS


  • Optimize Gaming Experience: The app optimizes mobile gaming performance, reduces lag and increases FPS, making gaming experience smoother and more enjoyable.
  • Integrating Important Features: Game Booster 4x Faster Pro integrates many important features such as Turbo mode, custom graphics, smart HUD and many more, making it easy for users to customize the gaming experience according to their needs wish.
  • Auto Game Mode: This mode eliminates the need for users to learn about graphics or performance configuration, the application will automatically optimize for each specific game.
  • Wide Range of Customization: From tweaking resolution, graphics, to FPS and graphic style, users have many options to tailor the game to suit their device's preferences and capabilities.
  • Display Performance Information: The smart HUD displays important information such as memory load, storage load, temperature and network latency, helping users monitor device performance during gameplay.


  • Compatibility: Some devices may experience application compatibility difficulties, resulting in not being able to take advantage of all features.
  • Real Performance: While the app promises to optimize the gaming experience, the actual performance of each game and device may vary.
  • Potentially Affecting Games: Configuration adjustments may adversely affect your playing experience. Some customizations may make the image unstable or incompatible with the game.
  • System Dependent: Improved performance may depend on the initial configuration of the device. Low profile devices may not see a big improvement.


Game Booster 4x Faster Pro APK application is a useful tool for mobile game lovers. With many performance and graphics optimization features, the application promises a smoother and better gaming experience. Auto Game Mode and special Turbo Game simplifies the process of fine-tuning the configuration and creates unique visual effects.

Using Game Booster 4x Faster Pro APK can improve your gaming experience if tested and tweaked properly. With understanding and experimentation, you can take advantage of apps to create a smoother and more enjoyable gaming experience on your mobile phone.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

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