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Endless Nightmare 5 APK is a fascinating horror game, you will play as a magician who must explore the enchanted and haunted Eventide village to find the truth, destroy the scary souls.


Name Endless Nightmare 5
Version 2.1.0
Size 722.00 Mb
Category Adventure
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+

About of Endless Nightmare 5 APK

Endless Nightmare 5 apk is a fascinating horror game with many new features compared to previous versions. In the game, you will play as a shaman who must explore the ghostly and enchanting village of Eventide to find the truth, rescue his sister, and destroy the terrifying spirits.

The game has stunning 3D graphics, giving players authentic horror experiences. In addition, the game is full of Chinese cultural elements, helping players enjoy the key points of Chinese culture.

Overview of Endless Nightmare 5 Game APK

Endless Nightmare 5: Curse game has many attractive features such as collecting recipes and resources to craft items and potions, learn magic to increase strength, upgrade swords and wards to enhance attacks, destroy bosses to equip item blocks, skills and buffs.

With rich and varied gameplay, Endless Nightmare 5: Curse apk is a horror game worth playing. Players can explore different areas and challenges, suitable for players who want to try different levels. The game also features 16 swords and 4 suits, providing players with a variety of options to suit their fighting style.

Mixing into the music and horror atmosphere also gives players the scariest horror experience. If you love the horror game genre and want to explore the unique elements of Chinese culture, Endless Nightmare 5: Curse is a game not to be missed.

Features of Endless Nightmare 5 for Android

  • Discovery and investigation: Players will explore the village of Eventide and search for clues to uncover the truth about the sister's death.
  • Items and Remedies: Players can collect recipes and resources to create items and potions that increase their power and defeat evil forces.
  • Learn Spells: Players can learn spells to enhance their skills and increase their powers.
  • Weapon Upgrades: Players can upgrade their swords and auxiliary equipment to increase their power and defeat the evil forces.
  • Speculative Assassin: Players will face tough bosses, after defeating them, players will be equipped with equipment and skill enhancements.
  • Stunning 3D Graphics: The game has detailed and stunning 3D graphics, providing a realistic and terrifying experience.
  • Scary Sound: Horror music and scary atmosphere will bring a scary experience to players.
  • A variety of spooky types: The game has many different types of ghosts, from simple ghosts to tough monsters.
  • Chinese Style: The game takes players into a world full of Chinese style, helping players discover the quintessence of Chinese culture.
  • Difficulty Options: Players can choose the difficulty of the game to challenge themselves.

Endless Nightmare 5 apk is a horror game full of exciting features and creating a scary feeling. It is a brand-new game with stunning graphics, scary sounds, and many attractive features

Game mode, graphics of Endless Nightmare 5 Mobile APK

Endless Nightmare 5 pc has stunning, detailed and very realistic graphics. With a first-person perspective, players can be completely immersed in this horror-filled game world.

The game's graphics are designed with 3D quality, along with Chinese cultural elements, giving players a completely different landscape and spirit from Western horror games.

Besides, the game's sound and music are also produced very professionally, creating a haunting and tense atmosphere, increasing the horror experience for players.

How to play the Endless Nightmare 5 Latest version

In Endless Nightmare 5 mobile, the player will take on the role of a spiritual magician who is searching for his sister who has disappeared in the village of Eventide. As you explore the village, the player will have to confront ghosts and demons, gather resources, uncover clues, and uncover the village's secrets.

Players will be able to find and collect knives to enhance their power. Besides, they can also learn spiritual spells to increase their combat ability and collect other items such as potions and materials to craft items.

During the game, players will confront bosses to collect precious item pieces, enhance their fighting ability and upgrade their equipment. They can also explore the vast game world, with many different areas and levels.

Endless Nightmare 5 also has three different levels for players to choose according to their abilities, from easy to difficult. The game has rich gameplay and the difficulty increases with each level, allowing players to experience many challenges and feel the excitement during the game.

Pros and cons of Endless Nightmare 5 APK iOS


  • High-quality graphics with excellent sound and light effects, giving players an experience full of awe and awe.
  • Unique Chinese style, giving the game a special historical and cultural atmosphere.
  • The gameplay is rich and varied, with many different types of items, skills and levels.
  • Difficult bosses provide challenges for players, creating excitement and satisfaction when completed.
  • The game world is expansive and detailed, with many areas to explore and find mysteries.
  • There is a significant increase in content and features compared to previous versions of the game Endless Nightmare.


  • The game can be too difficult for beginner players, making it difficult for them to access and experience.
  • Gathering resources and items can become tedious and repetitive for experienced players.
  • Levels can become predictable if the player gets used to the gameplay and layout of the game.
  • Players need to invest time and effort to progress and complete the game, which may not be suitable for those with busy schedules.


Endless Nightmare 5 apk is an engaging and challenging horror game. With stunning graphics and spooky sounds, this game takes players into a world full of fear. Rich gameplay, including exploring, gathering resources, training and fighting ghosts. In addition, the use of different equipment such as swords, witches, and especially the effects of treasures, is also one of the highlights of this game.

Although the game has many strengths, there are also some disadvantages such as difficulty and high concentration during gameplay, which can be challenging for some players. Those who love horror games and want to experience a game with a unique Chinese style, Endless Nightmare 5 will be a great choice.


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FAQs? Endless Nightmare 5 APK

What hardware configuration requirements does Endless Nightmare 5 have? +

To play Endless Nightmare 5 smoothly, you need a mobile device with relatively high configuration, including enough RAM and memory capacity. Specific requirements will be listed in the app store description.

Why can't I open Endless Nightmare 5 after installing? +

There are several possible causes for this problem. Make sure you have downloaded the version appropriate for your device's operating system and check for any specific error messages that appear. If the issue persists, you may need to update the app or contact the developer for support.

How to save game state in Endless Nightmare 5? +

Games usually have an auto-save function, but you can also save manually in the game settings. Check out Endless Nightmare 5's settings menu to see how to save and restore gameplay.

I'm stuck on a particular level. How to solve? +

If you get stuck in a level, try to see if there are any instructions or hints in the game. If you're still having trouble, you can refer to forums or online community groups to get help from other players.

Can I play Endless Nightmare 5 offline? +

Some games feature offline play, but Endless Nightmare 5 may require an internet connection for updates and to play some special features. Make sure you have a stable internet connection when playing.

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