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Drift Ride APK offers a high-speed drift racing experience, beautiful 3D graphics and unique car surfing capabilities. Challenge online players and enjoy exciting racing on your mobile.


Name Drift Ride
Pagekage name com.carxtech.driftride
Version 1.52
Size 107.2 MB
Category Racing
Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.1+
Developer XLAB, LLC

Introduce to Drift Ride Traffic Racing APK

Drift Ride APK all cars is an attractive high-speed racing and drifting game on the mobile platform. In this game, you will experience the feeling of driving a racing car as fast as lightning on busy roads.

Drift Ride APK mediafıre has beautiful 3D graphics and realistic sound effects, creating an extremely vivid racing experience. You will be participating in diverse terrain races, from modern cities to unspoiled country roads.

A special feature of Drift Ride APK son sürüm is the ability to drift, also known as car surfing. You can control your car to slide through the bends at high speed and create skillful twists. Show your drifting ability to achieve high scores and outrun your competitors.

More Overview of Drift Ride Mobile Game

The game also offers a variety of racing cars for you to choose and upgrade. You can customize and upgrade your car to increase speed, control and performance. At the same time, you can also shop for accessories and system upgrades to enhance your fighting ability on the track.

Drift Ride Game APK has many different game modes, including Street Racing, Day and Night Racing, Top Speed Racing and many more. You can challenge yourself and compete with other players around the world through the online game mode.

If you are a racing lover and want to experience the dramatic drifting feeling, Drift Ride APK indir will be an attractive and exciting game for you on mobile phones. Download and join this passionate race now!

All features in Drift Ride For Android

  • Racing and Drifting: The game focuses on high- speed racing and drifting. You can drive through busy roads, overtake other cars and perform drift skills to earn high scores.
  • Diverse race tracks: descargar Drift Ride APK offers a variety of race tracks, from crowded cities to unspoiled country roads. Each track has its own characteristics and requires different driving skills.
  • Diverse game modes: The game has many different game modes for you to experience. You can participate in Street Racing, Day and Night Race, Top Speed Racing and many more modes.
  • Diverse racing cars: The game offers a variety of racing cars for you to choose from. From agile sports cars to expensive supercars, you can choose your favorite cars and upgrade them to increase speed and performance.
  • Customize and upgrade your car: You can customize and upgrade your car as you like. Change paint colors, styles, and shop for accessories to create a unique racing car. In addition, you can upgrade the car's system to increase speed, control and drift ability.
  • Online mode: Drift Ride APK allows you to participate in online game mode where you can compete with other players around the world. Challenge and compare scores with other racers, and see if you can top the leaderboard.
  • High-quality graphics and sound: The game has beautiful 3D graphics and realistic sound effects, creating a vivid and engaging racing experience.

With diverse features, diverse racing cars and customization capabilities, this game offers players a thrilling and exciting racing experience.

Interface, graphics on Drift Ride For iOS

Detailed car models: The car models in Drift Ride APK are designed meticulously and realistically. You can clearly see details such as the headlights, grille, spoiler and other accessories on the car.

Diverse racing environments: The game offers players a variety of racing environments. You will see cities crowded with tall buildings, busy streets, and brilliant billboards. In addition, there are country roads with natural landscapes, trees and fields. Each racing environment is carefully designed to create a lively and beautiful racing atmosphere.

Attractive effects: Drift Ride APK uses special effects to highlight drift phases and add excitement to the game. Light effects, steam effects and explosion effects simultaneously bring a strong and unique feeling to the game.

Diverse viewing angles: The game allows the player to choose a viewing angle from many different angles. You can choose from a first-person perspective (FPV) to experience the true driving experience, or a third-person perspective (TPV) to see the entire vehicle and its surroundings.

How to play, gameplay for Drift Ride Latest version

Download and install: Download the Drift Ride APK installation file from a trusted source or from a mobile app store. Proceed to install the game on your mobile phone.

Start the game: Once the installation is done, find the Drift Ride icon on your phone's home screen and click on it to start the game.

Select language: The game will ask you to select the language you want to use in the game. Select the appropriate language and continue.

Choose a game mode: Drift Ride APK offers many different game modes. Select the game mode you want to participate in, such as Street Race, Day and Night Race, Top Speed Race or others.

Choose a racing car: The game offers a variety of racing cars for you to choose from. Go through the options and choose the car you want to use in the race.

Start racing: Once you have selected your vehicle and game mode, you will be taken to the track. Tap the "Start" button or similar to start the race.

Driving and drifting: Use the on-screen controls or the phone's accelerometer to drive. Control your car to overtake other cars, avoid collisions and create impressive drifts.

Accomplish goals: Each game mode will have its own goal, such as finishing first, earning high scores, or passing checkpoints. Work hard to accomplish goals and achieve the best.

Upgrade and Customize: After each race, you can earn in-game currency to upgrade and customize your vehicle. Use this money to upgrade the speed, control and performance of the vehicle.

Join the online mode: Drift Ride APK provides an online game mode, allowing you to challenge other players around the world. Race with them and try to climb the leaderboard to become the top racer.

Those are the basic steps to play the game Drift Ride APK. Join the race, show your driving skills and become the champion on the track!

Pros and Cons of Drift Ride Traffic Racing APK


  • Exciting gameplay: High-speed racing and skill-filled drift bring excitement and challenge to players. There are various game modes and tracks to create variety and excitement.
  • Vehicle Upgrade and Customization: The game allows the player to upgrade and customize their vehicle, from speed to control and performance.
  • Online Mode: The online mode allows you to compete with other players around the world, creating an element of competition and challenge.
  • Immersive Sound Effects: Realistic sounds and immersive sound effects create an immersive audio experience that increases engagement and fun during gameplay.


  • Complexity: Some people may find the game to be highly complex, especially in the implementation of drift and vehicle control.
  • In-game business model: Like many other mobile games, Drift Ride APK has a built-in business model, which includes advertising or in-app purchases. Some people may find it annoying or difficult to progress without purchasing upgrade packages.
  • Content restrictions: The game has several game modes and tracks. However, the content may become limited after a long playtime.


Drift Ride APK is an attractive mobile racing game with beautiful graphics, exciting gameplay and skilled drifting. With a variety of game modes, racing cars and customization capabilities, the game gives players a lively and engaging racing experience.

The online game mode also creates competition and challenges with other players around the world. The app brings outstanding features and creates a thrilling and exciting racing experience on mobile.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

FAQs? Drift Ride APK

Does Drift Ride have an offline mode? +

Yes, Drift Ride allows you to play offline. You can play without an Internet connection after downloading and installing the game.

I'm stuck in a level and can't progress further. Is there any way to solve this problem? +

Sometimes upgrading your car or retrying the same level a few times can help you overcome difficulties. If you're still having trouble, try searching for tutorials or instructional videos online for more suggestions.

I can't open the game after installing, what should I do? +

In this case, you should check to see if the game requires an update. If necessary, update the app to the latest version from an app store or other APK download source.

What are the system requirements to play Drift Ride APK? +

Drift Ride APK may require some specific system requirements such as Android version, RAM, CPU, and storage. Check the official or download site for specific APK version requirements.

Is there a multiplayer mode? +

Drift Ride APK supports online multiplayer, allowing you to participate in races with friends or other online players. Get online and join the competitive race.

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