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Dark Riddle 2 APK, developed by PAGA GROUP, is a mobile adventure horror game that takes players into a city full of monsters and mysteries to explore and solve.


Name Dark Riddle 2
Version 4.6.4
Size 180.95 Mb
Category Adventure
Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Developer PAGA GROUP

Introduce to Dark Riddle 2 - Story mode APK

Dark Riddle 2 APK is a mobile game developed by developer PAGA GROUP. This is the sequel to the original game "Dark Riddle", a detective and puzzle game with elements of horror.

Dark Riddle 2 APK indir is an adventure game set in a city invaded by monsters and mysteries. Players will take the role of the main character and must explore different locations in the city to learn about the cause of the destruction and find a way to solve it. The game offers a rich story and fun quests to complete.

More Overview of Dark Riddle 2 Mobile Game

In Dark Riddle 2 APK apples, you'll have to explore abandoned houses, labs, streets, and more to find hints, collect items, and solve tricky puzzles. The game uses horror elements to create an atmosphere of tension and obsession for players.

Dark Riddle 2 APK son sürüm has beautiful 3D graphics and detailed environment. You can also interact with the many characters in the game, seek their hints and work together to solve mysteries. The game requires logical thinking, ingenuity and observation to succeed.

All features in Dark Riddle 2 Latest Version

  • Rich Story: The game has a multilayered and engaging storyline. Players will explore dark episodes and events in the city to learn about the cause of the monster invasion and the mysteries that unfold.
  • Explore the vast environment: Players can explore various locations in the city, including an abandoned house, a mysterious laboratory, a shop, and more. Each location has separate rooms and areas to explore.
  • Quests and Mysteries: The game offers many quests and mysteries for the player to solve. Players must search for hints, collect items, decode passwords, and explore hidden areas to progress far in the game.
  • Interaction and Cooperation: Players can interact with game characters, gather information, and cooperate with them to solve puzzles and quests. An important part of the game is the ability to interact with the environment and different characters to work towards solving mysteries.
  • High Quality Graphics: The game has beautiful 3D graphics and detailed environment. Every object and area in the game is carefully designed to create a horror and scary atmosphere.
  • Flexible difficulty: The game offers a variety of difficulty levels, from easy to difficult, allowing players to choose the right fit for their ability and challenge themselves.
  • Multilingual support: Dark Riddle 2 APK supports many different languages, allowing players from many different countries and regions to participate in the game.

Interface, graphics on Dark Riddle 2 For Android

The game Dark Riddle 2 APK has high quality graphics with detailed 3D environment. Here are some graphic features of the game:

Diverse Environments: The game offers a variety of different environments in the city, from an abandoned house to a strange lab and a deserted neighborhood. Each environment is designed with unique detail and feel.

Details and effects: The objects and items in the game are designed with care, from furniture items to tools and environment structures. Light, shadow and sound effects are also used to create a terrifying and haunting atmosphere.

Characters and Monsters: Characters in the game have a special design, with detailed facial expressions and variety in appearance. Strange monsters and creatures are also created with impressive graphics to add to the horror and tension in the game.

Visual effects: The game uses visual effects such as light, shadow, blur, and reflection to create a strange and mysterious space. These effects create a dynamic interactive space and enhance the gaming experience.

How to play, gameplay for Dark Riddle 2 iOS

Download and install: Go to the Google Play store on your mobile device and search for Dark Riddle 2 APK. Click the download button and wait for the download and installation to complete.

Start the game: Once the installation is done, you can start the game by clicking the game icon on your home screen or in your applications folder.

Select language: The game will ask you to select the language you want to use in the game. Select your preferred language and press "OK".

Start playing: The game takes you into the story and a horror environment. You will take the role of the main character and begin to explore locations and solve mysteries.

Explore and interact: Move your character using navigation keys or on-screen gestures. Explore areas, search for hints, collect items, and interact with characters and objects to advance in the game.

Solve puzzles and quests: The game asks you to solve puzzles and quests to get as far as possible. Use logical thinking and observation to learn how to solve mysteries and discover new things in the story.

Story progression: Follow the plot and progress through different missions and areas in the city. Interact with the character and learn more about the mystery of the city.

Complete Objectives: Try to complete the objectives and missions in the game to advance to the next part of the story.

Pros and Cons of Dark Riddle 2 - Story mode APK


  • Compelling storyline: The game has a rich storyline and attracts players. The events and mysteries in the story will keep players interested and curious to explore further.
  • Interact and Explore: Players can interact with a variety of characters and objects in the game. There are multiple areas to explore and quests to complete, helping to create a varied game experience.
  • Flexible Difficulty: The game offers a variety of difficulty levels, allowing players to customize the challenge to suit their abilities.


  • Repetition: There may be repetition in the quests and puzzles in the game, causing a feeling of boredom after a while of playing.
  • Limitations of the free version: The game may contain ads and limited functionality in the free version. To fully experience the game, it may be necessary to purchase the open packs or the paid version.
  • Difficulty understanding: The game has many elements and mysteries, so the player may have difficulty understanding the plot and quests.


Dark Riddle 2 APK brings an exciting adventure, puzzle and horror experience to players. With an engaging storyline, high-quality graphics, and varied interactivity, this game can appeal to fans of the genre.

If you love adventure, puzzle and horror game genre, you can try Dark Riddle 2 APK on Google Play Store and explore its dark and mysterious world.


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FAQs? Dark Riddle 2 APK

How to upgrade characters in Dark Riddle 2? +

To upgrade your character, you need to earn money or experience points in the game by completing missions and challenges. You can then use this money or experience points to buy new equipment, upgrade skills, and enhance your character's abilities.

Does Dark Riddle 2 support multiple languages? +

Yes, Dark Riddle 2 supports many different languages. You can change the language in the game's settings to experience the game in the language of your choice.

How to find mysterious puzzle pieces in the game? +

To find mysterious puzzle pieces, you should try looking in strange places, read secret texts or notes, and try combining objects in the game. Sometimes, experimentation and exploration is the best way to find these pieces of the puzzle.

I'm having performance issues when playing Dark Riddle 2 on my device. How to improve performance? +

To improve performance, you should disable background applications and update the version of your device's operating system. If you're still having problems, you can reduce the resolution or set low graphics settings in the game to increase performance.

I got an error while installing the game. How to fix? +

If you encounter errors during installation, try checking if you have provided enough free space on your device. Additionally, you should verify that you are using the latest APK version of the game. If the error persists, contact the developer's technical support.

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