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Crumble Game APK is a unique action and adventure game, with beautiful graphics and the ability to float between diverse landscapes, creating an innovative and exciting gameplay experience.


Name Crumble Game
Version V3
Size 24 MB
Category Arcade
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer Brute Force

About of Crumble Game APK

Crumble Game APK is an indie video game developed by French studio - Brute Force and released in 2020. The game is in the action and adventure genre and stands out with its beautiful graphics and gameplay mechanics unique.

Crumble for apple crumble takes players into a virtual world with a diverse landscape, where they will take on the role of an adventurous female character and use her special abilities to explore and fight. In this game, the earth has been influenced by a mysterious crystal called "Crumble," creating complex and dangerous terrain.

Overview of Crumble Game APK Mobile

One of the outstanding features of Crumble promo code APK is the main character's control mechanism. Players have the ability to freely hang on surfaces and move flexibly in space. This creates a challenging gameplay environment where players must use their ingenuity and quick reflexes to overcome difficulties and face enemies.

During the gameplay, the player can collect resources and improve their character, thereby enhancing their survival and fighting ability. Crumble board game also allows players to customize their characters with outfits and jewelry.

Another special feature of the game is its cooperative multiplayer, where you can participate in multiplayer mode to challenge and overcome challenges with your friends.

Features of Crumble Game APK Latest Version

Here are some key features you will probably find in Crumble Game review APK:

  • Action and Adventure: Crumble Game free combines action and adventure, providing a diverse and exciting gameplay experience.
  • Beautiful Graphics: The game is designed with sharp graphics and beautiful landscapes, creating a fascinating world for players to explore.
  • Suspended Ability: Your character has the unique ability to hover over surfaces and move through space, creating challenging gameplay environments.
  • Collect Resources: During gameplay, you can collect resources to improve your character and upgrade your survival and combat abilities.
  • Character Customization: Crumble game switch allows you to customize your character by changing outfits and jewelry.
  • Multiplayer: The game supports multiplayer mode, where you can team up with friends to overcome challenges or participate in races against each other.
  • Compelling Story: Crumble game online has an engaging story with mysteries and peculiarities to explore in its world.
  • Music and Sound: In-game music and sounds create a rich and engaging sound environment.
  • Open World: Crumble Game APK has an open world where you can freely explore, face challenges, and gather resources.

Graphics of Crumble Game APK iOS

Crumble Game APK is inspired by a series of diverse and beautiful worlds, and it is designed with unique graphics to create an engaging experience for players. In Crumble Game APK, you will be taken on an adventure through diverse landscapes, from lush green valleys to rocky mountain areas and sandy deserts. Each environment has a variety of colors and details, creating an interesting and engaging world.

Crumble uses special effects to highlight game features, such as character levitation and environmental transformations. This creates a unique and impressive visual experience.

Small details in Crumble are meticulously designed, from small tree branches to rocks and complex terrain. This creates a world full of care and aesthetics. Crumble uses bright and sharp colors to create a vibrant and interactive world for players.

Crumble's graphics use light and shadow to create great visual effect. Sunlight, moonlight and even light from Crumble Game APK crystals all play an important role in creating vivid spaces and giving depth to the environment.

How to play and gameplay of Crumble Game APK

  • Suspended Ability: As one of Crumble's unique features, your character has the ability to suspend from surfaces, including walls and ceilings. This allows you to move in three-dimensional space freely and create challenging gameplay environments.
  • Exploration: Crumble encourages players to explore the environment, gather resources, and search for mysteries. Game environments are diverse, including water-resistant landscapes, grasslands, forests, deserts, and many other unique areas.
  • Combat: In Crumble Game APK, you will face enemies and monsters. To fight them, you can use your hovering ability to attack from unexpected angles or use your character's special weapons and skills.
  • Resource Gathering: Resources such as Crumble crystals and pearls can be collected from the environment. They can be used to improve and upgrade your character.
  • Customization Options: Crumble allows you to customize your character by changing outfits and jewelry. Not only does this make your character unique, but it can also provide benefits to combat abilities.
  • Multiplayer Mode: The game supports multiplayer mode, allowing you to team up with friends to overcome challenges or participate in races with them.
  • Story: Crumble Game APK has an engaging story with mysteries and quests for you to complete.
  • Visuals and Sounds: The game comes with matching visuals and sounds, helping to create an interactive and enjoyable experience.

Pros and cons of Crumble Game APK For Android


  • Beautiful Graphics: Crumble features sharp graphics and diverse landscapes, creating an engaging and exciting world for players.
  • Suspended Ability: The character's suspended ability is a unique element and creates a challenging and creative gameplay environment.
  • Environmental Exploration: Crumble Game APK encourages players to explore the environment, gather resources, and discover unique areas, creating an exciting adventure experience.
  • Diverse Gameplay: The game combines action, adventure and combat, bringing diversity in gameplay.
  • Multiplayer Mode: Crumble Game APK supports multiplayer mode, allowing you to cooperate or go head-to-head with friends in missions and races.
  • Compelling Story: The game has an engaging story with mysteries and quests to complete.


  • Configuration Difficulty: Crumble may require a powerful configuration to play smoothly and experience the best graphics.
  • May Feel Repetitive: Despite the variety in the environments, there is a risk that players may feel some missions and sections of the game become repetitive after a while.
  • Single Player Ability: The game has a multiplayer feature, but if you want to play alone, it may not provide a relatively good experience.
  • Not Enough Content: Depending on when you play, Crumble Game APK may not have enough missions and content to ensure a long-term playing experience.


Crumble Game APK is a unique release in the action and adventure genre with beautiful graphics and diverse gameplay. If you are a fan of the action adventure genre and looking for a unique gameplay experience, Crumble could be an interesting choice for you. Explore its diverse and challenging world for yourself and see if you can complete every quest and mystery in this game.

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FAQs? Crumble Game APK

What platforms is Crumble Game available on? +

Crumble was originally released on Microsoft Windows via Steam. However, it is possible that the game later had versions on other platforms such as PlayStation and Xbox.

Does Crumble Game have a multiplayer mode? +

Yes, Crumble supports multiplayer, allowing you to cooperate or compete with friends. This is often an enjoyable experience, allowing players to enjoy creative multiplayer environments.

Is there a way to customize characters in Crumble? +

Exactly! Crumble offers customizations for your character, including changing outfits and jewelry. These customizations can help make your character unique and suit your personal preferences.

Does Crumble have a main story or quest? +

That's right, Crumble has a main story with quests and mysteries for you to complete. This story is often an important part of the gameplay experience and helps the player progress through the game.

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