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Welcome the challenge and creativity of cooking in Cooking Simulator APK - a unique simulation game that brings a fun and realistic cooking experience to your mobile phone.


Name Cooking Simulator
Pagekage name
Version 1.0.1
Size 85.2 MB
Category Simulation
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer FatRatGames

Introduce to Simulator Cooking Games APK

Cooking Simulator Mobile Kitchen & Cooking Game APK is an exciting cooking simulation game, designed to bring a realistic cooking experience on your mobile phone. With great graphics and exciting gameplay, it will definitely make you fascinated from the first touch.

More Overview of Cooking Simulator Android

In this game, you will be free to show off your chef talent by cooking delicious dishes from a variety of ingredients. From slicing, chopping, stir-frying and grilling, you will have to perform the preparation steps correctly to create delicious dishes. With a wide range of cooking tools and equipment, you can create rich dishes from different foods.

Cooking Simulator Mobile APK offers players the opportunity to experience what it's like to work in a real restaurant, with managing time, orders from customers, and trying to maintain their level of satisfaction. This adds fun and challenge to the game.

All features in Cooking Simulator Latest Version

  • Realistic Cooking Experience: Cooking Simulator codes APK gives you a fun and realistic cooking experience, with over 80 different recipes and over 140 types of ingredients.
  • Sharp Graphics: With beautiful 3D graphics, you will be fascinated by the real feeling of cooking in a realistic graphic environment.
  • Preparation Steps: From choosing ingredients, preparing, cooking to cooking and decorating dishes, every step is faithfully recreated, helping you become a professional chef.
  • Customization Opportunities: You can customize and design your kitchen as you wish, with a range of cooking utensils and appliances to choose from.
  • Business Mode: In addition to testing your cooking skills, you can also experience the life of a chef in a real restaurant, managing time and fulfilling orders from customers.
  • Challenge and Inspiration: With hundreds of different tasks, you will always have something new to challenge your cooking abilities and find new inspiration.
  • Regular Support and Updates: Developers are always updating and improving the app, as well as providing technical support to ensure you get the best experience.

Interface, graphics on Cooking Simulator iOS

Realistic and Crisp: The graphics in Cooking Simulator APK sandbox are designed to most realistically recreate the kitchen space, from the smallest details like how ingredients are cut and prepared to how the dishes reflect light and color. This realistic and sharp feeling helps players immerse themselves in a real-life cooking experience.

Diverse and Vivid Environments: The environments in Cooking Simulator price APK are diverse and vibrant, from luxury restaurants to small home kitchens. Each environment is designed with special care down to the smallest details, creating a lively and exciting feeling for the player.

Special Effects and Exquisite Details: Special effects such as lighting, shadows and motion are meticulously designed, creating a lively and engaging space. Details such as fire, steam and food smells are also reproduced naturally and vividly, adding realism to the game.

Compatible and Smooth: Cooking Simulator pizza APK's graphics are optimized to work smoothly on a variety of mobile devices ranging from smartphones to tablets. This ensures that players can experience the game without facing any obstacles due to the graphics.

How to play, gameplay for Cooking Simulator Mobile Game

Creative Freedom: One of the special features of Cooking Simulator mobile kitchen and cooking game APK is the creative freedom it gives players. You will have complete freedom to choose the recipes, ingredients and cooking styles you want to experiment with. There are no restrictions when it comes to creating unique and rich dishes.

Learn and Improve Skills: Cooking Simulator APK provides an ideal environment to learn and improve cooking skills. From chopping, stir-frying, grilling to decorating and serving, you will test and perfect your cooking skills through various tasks and challenges.

Time and Resource Management: An integral part of the gameplay in Cooking Simulator APK is the ability to manage time and resources. You will have to know how to consider your time and use resources effectively to complete dishes successfully and meet customer requests.

Business and Creative Mode: In addition to testing your cooking skills, you can also engage in business mode, opening and managing your own restaurant. This creates a new challenge and gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your management talent and creativity in designing and growing your business.

Exciting and Vivid: Ultimately, the gameplay of Cooking Simulator APK is designed to make the cooking experience as fun and immersive as possible. From testing your cooking skills to managing your business and discovering new recipes, you will always have something to explore and experience in this game.

Pros and Cons of Cooking Simulator APK


  • Realistic Cooking Experience: Cooking Simulator APK offers a realistic and engaging cooking experience, helping players feel like they are in a real kitchen.
  • Diverse Recipes: With more than 80 recipes and more than 140 ingredients, players have many options to experiment and get creative.
  • Beautiful Graphics: The graphics in Cooking Simulator APK are very sharp and vivid, creating a realistic and attractive cooking space.
  • Business Mode: Not only an entertainment game, Cooking Simulator APK also offers a business mode, allowing players to experience the life of a chef and manage a real restaurant.


  • System Resource Requirements: For some devices with low configuration, Cooking Simulator APK may require quite high system resources, leading to a not smooth experience or technical errors.
  • Learning How to Play is Complicated: For new players, learning how to play in Cooking Simulator APK can be quite complicated and requires time to get used to the game's features and mechanics.
  • Internet Connection Required: To fully experience the features of Cooking Simulator APK, players need a stable internet connection, which may be a limitation for players in areas with poor internet signal.


Cooking Simulator APK is a great entertainment game for those who are passionate about cooking and want to experience the feeling of being a chef. With realistic cooking experiences, diverse recipes and beautiful graphics, it gives players a creative and fun space to experiment and perfect their cooking skills.

In short, Cooking Simulator APK is not only an entertaining game, but also a useful tool for practicing cooking and time management skills. If you are passionate about food and want to try your hand at being a chef, this is definitely a game that you should not miss.


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FAQs? Cooking Simulator APK

In Cooking Simulator APK, what types of dishes can I cook? +

In the game, you can cook a variety of dishes from available recipes, including appetizers, main dishes, desserts and more.

How many different environments are there in the game? +

Cooking Simulator APK provides many different environments for cooking, from small home kitchens to luxury restaurants, creating diversity and excitement for players.

How to customize your kitchen in the game? +

You can customize and design your kitchen as you like by selecting cooking tools and equipment from the list available in the game.

Does Cooking Simulator APK support business mode? +

Exactly! In the game, you can participate in business mode, open and manage your own restaurant, from placing orders to managing staff.

How to improve your cooking skills in the game? +

Practicing and experimenting with different recipes will help you improve your cooking skills. Listen to feedback and learn from failures to become more talented.

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