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COMMAND PRO APP APK is a powerful that allows you to control and manage your stealth camera and mobile mud camera systems remotely, customize settings, and manage security effectively.


Pagekage name com.command2020
Version 6.1.7
Size 207.58 Mb
Category Sports
Price Free
Compatible with Android 9+
Developer Stealth Cam, LLC

Introduce About to COMMAND PRO APK

COMMAND PRO APK is a potential and completely innovative application that meets the needs of controlling and managing stealth camera systems and mobile cameras effectively and conveniently. Redesigned and enhanced for 2023, this application delivers significant improvements in remote image monitoring and management, and strong support from a stable server platform.

One of the highlights of Stealth Cam COMMAND PRO App APK is the ability to connect and control the entire camera system from one secure login. This makes it easy for users to monitor and fully customize camera settings anywhere, anytime. You can change image resolution, transmission time, and many other options, without physically accessing the camera.

More Overview of COMMAND PRO iOS

COMMAND PRO app notifications not working APK supports mobile data plan management, with plan upgrades and add-ons. You have the ability to download high resolution, tag and filter images, preview videos, colorize at night, and even have a demo mode to test out before using it officially.

Thanks to Stealth COMMAND PRO app APK, managing and sharing images has become easier than ever. You can share images via text, email, and social media, as well as pin camera locations on Google Maps for precise tracking.

All features in COMMAND PRO Latest Version

Below are details about the key features of COMMAND PRO APK:

  • Remote photo access: With COMMAND PRO APK, you have the ability to remotely view and share images from any app-enabled mobile device or web browser. This allows you to monitor the situation anytime, anywhere.
  • Manage the entire camera system: The application helps you manage the entire camera system with one secure login. This ensures you have complete access and control over the cameras effectively.
  • Set transmission time: You have the ability to set image transmission time as desired. Options such as instant, hourly, twice or once a day infusions are available to suit your needs.
  • Global Gallery: COMMAND PRO APK allows you to view and manage images from globally. You can monitor images from cameras around the world, helping you expand your viewing range.
  • Tagging and filtering images: The app makes it easy to tag and filter images for easy management and search. This ensures you can search for specific information effectively.
  • Video preview mode: COMMAND PRO APK supports video preview mode, helping you check the video content before watching the entire thing.
  • Coloring at night: Ability to color at night to enhance visibility in low light conditions.
  • High-resolution downloads: You can download images in high resolution for high-quality storage and sharing.
  • Pin camera locations using Google Maps: The application allows you to mark the locations of cameras on Google Maps, helping you track and locate accurately.
  • Photo Tracker: COMMAND PRO APK displays camera activity, helping you keep track of recorded events and activities.
  • Format the camera memory card: You can format the camera's memory card remotely through the application.
  • Share images via text, email, and social networks: Built into COMMAND PRO APK, you can easily share images with others via text messages, emails, and social networks.

Instructions, how to use COMMAND PRO For Android

Sign In and Verify: Open the COMMAND PRO APK app. You will be asked to log in or create an account if you don't have one. If you already have an account, use your login information. After logging in, you may be asked to verify your account via email or SMS verification code, depending on the registration process.

Add and Connect Camera: After you have successfully logged in, add and connect the camera to the application. There's usually an easy process for adding new cameras. You may need to enter information such as the camera's name, IP address, or initial setup code.

Customize Camera Settings: Select the camera you want to manage and customize its settings. COMMAND PRO APK allows you to adjust photo resolution, transmission time, night color mode, and many other options remotely.

Camera Monitoring and Management: Now you can monitor camera images directly on your mobile device. The application allows you to view and manage images from remote cameras.

Using Other Features: Use additional features such as image tagging and filtering, video preview, managing camera plans, formatting camera memory cards, and sharing images via text, email, and social media festival.

Manage Your Entire Camera System: Use management features to control your entire camera system from one secure login. This helps you manage cameras effectively.

Tips and advice when using for COMMAND PRO Mobile App

Set up Alerts: Use the alert feature to be notified when important events occur. This helps you reagieren quickly when needed.

Check Device Status: Monitor camera status, including internal/auxiliary battery level and cellular signal status. Replace the battery in time to avoid losing connection.

Regular App Updates: Make sure you always update the COMMAND PRO APK app to the latest version to ensure stability and security.

Test Demo Mode: Use demo mode to familiarize yourself with the application's interface and features before official use. This helps you understand how to use it.

Share Safely: When sharing images via text, email or social media, make sure you share securely and do not reveal important information.

Plan your Observation: Use the camera plan management feature to determine when and how long you want to observe. This helps you optimize your observations.

Support Center Interaction: If you have a problem or need assistance, do not hesitate to contact the manufacturer's support center to resolve the issue.

Pros and Cons of COMMAND PRO APK


  • Remote Control: The app allows you to control and manage the camera system remotely from anywhere. This helps you monitor and manage security effectively.
  • Manage your entire camera system: You can manage your entire camera system from one secure login. This helps you save time and improve management efficiency.
  • Share images easily: COMMAND PRO APK allows you to share images via text, email and social networks easily with others.


  • Stable internet connection required: To use this app, you need a stable internet connection. When you lose connection, you may lose the ability to control and manage the camera.
  • Account management required: To use the app, you need to create and manage an account. This can be annoying at times and complicates the login process.
  • Complicated initial configuration: Initial camera setup can sometimes be complicated and require technical knowledge.


COMMAND PRO APK is a powerful and efficient application to control and manage stealth camera and mobile mud camera systems. With the ability to remotely control, customize camera settings, alerts, and manage the entire system, it provides a convenient solution for security monitoring and image management.


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Do I need an account to use COMMAND PRO APK? +

Yes, to use COMMAND PRO APK, you need to create and log in to your account. This helps secure your data and gives you access.

How to customize camera settings remotely? +

After adding the camera, you can customize its settings remotely through the app interface. This includes adjusting image resolution, transmission time, alerts, and many other options.

How to use alerts and push notifications? +

To use push notifications and alerts, you need to set up alert settings in the app. Then, when important events happen, you'll receive push notifications on your mobile device.

How to manage the entire camera system from the app? +

The COMMAND PRO APK app usually has a management feature that allows you to control the entire camera system from one secure login. This helps you manage cameras effectively.

Is there a demo mode version? +

Yes, the application usually has a demo mode that allows you to test the product before using it officially. This helps you get familiar with the application's interface and features.

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