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ClipDrop AI MOD APK 3.3.13

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ClipDrop AI Premium APK is an app with comprehensive photo editing capabilities, quick object removal, and annotation features, making it the ideal partner for artists, designers, and photographers.


Name ClipDrop AI
Version 3.3.13
Size 11.5 MB
Category Photography
Price Free
Compatible with Android 8.0+
Developer Init ML

About to ClipDrop AI APK

ClipDrop AI APK is a unique and powerful app for artists, designers, and photographers. ClipDrop App is not just a regular photo editing tool, but also a powerful assistant that helps create beautiful works of art in just a few seconds.

With all-in-one photo editing capabilities, ClipDrop free download allows you to change the background of any object or remove unwanted objects with ease. This makes the app perfect for online sellers, helping them create impressive product images to update their online stores. Additionally, it is also a great tool for creators, photographers, and professionals who want to create unique and amazing works of art.

More Overview of ClipDrop AI Mobile App

ClipDrop AI APK not only brings convenience in photo editing but also provides a continuous creative experience. This application's ability to "take notes" quickly and effectively will amaze you. With a friendly interface and powerful features, ClipDrop app download is a great choice to turn ideas into reality in the digital world.

If you're looking for a simple yet effective tool to highlight your products or want to add some fun to your photos, ClipDrop by is just what you're looking for. Let this app make your creative work easier and more beautiful than ever.

All features in ClipDrop AI Latest Version

  • Comprehensive photo editing: ClipDrop relight not only highlights a small part of the photo, but also allows you to edit the entire photo, helping to change the background or remove unwanted objects.
  • Remove objects quickly: With the object removal feature, ClipDrop iOS helps you remove unwanted elements from images easily and effectively.
  • Notes and captions: The app allows you to quickly add notes and captions directly on photos, creating emphasis and helping convey your message.
  • Easy sharing: ClipDrop supports quick sharing of edited photos to social networking platforms or via email, making it easy to share your work.
  • Cross-platform compatibility: This app is available on both Android and iOS, providing flexibility to users using different types of phones.

Instructions, how to use ClipDrop AI For Android

Open the app and sign in: Once installed, open the app and sign in or create a new account if necessary.

Choose a photo or take a new photo: Select a photo from the gallery or use the app's live photo feature.

Edit photos: Use editing tools like changing background, removing objects, adding notes and captions as desired.

Share or save a photo: When you're done editing, share the photo directly from the app or save it to your library for later use.

Tips and advice when using for ClipDrop AI APK

Test All Features: Don't hesitate to test all ClipDrop features. Learn how you can get the most from comprehensive photo editing, object removal, and adding notes.

Learn Keyboard Shortcuts: If you use ClipDrop regularly, learn about keyboard shortcuts that speed up the editing process, reduce work time, and increase productivity.

Pay Attention to Image Quality: Make sure the images you use are of high enough quality for ClipDrop to process effectively. High quality photos will produce better editing results.

Check Compatibility: Before updating to a new version of ClipDrop, check if it is compatible with your device to avoid unexpected problems.

Use the Share Function: Take advantage of ClipDrop's share function to quickly share your creations on social networks or with friends.

Advantages and disadvantages ClipDrop AI APK


  • Comprehensive Editing: Comprehensive photo editing capabilities provide great flexibility in creating digital art.
  • Fast Object Removal: The object removal feature works powerfully and quickly, helping to create clean and professional photos.
  • Notes and Annotations: Adding notes and captions directly on photos increases the work's ability to convey meaning.


  • Configuration Requirements for Some Devices: Sometimes, ClipDrop may require high configuration, making it difficult for some devices with low configuration.
  • Learning How to Use Takes Time: Getting used to all of ClipDrop's features can take some time, especially for those new to the app.


ClipDrop AI APK is a powerful and innovative tool for photo editing. With comprehensive editing capabilities, the ability to quickly delete objects, and notes and annotations, ClipDrop provides a constraint-free creative space for artists, designers, and photographers. Wish you have creative and interesting experiences when using this application!


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FAQs? ClipDrop AI APK

How to use ClipDrop's object deletion feature? +

Select the photo to edit, then use the "object removal" tool to quickly and easily remove unwanted elements from the photo.

Does ClipDrop have a sharing feature? +

Yes, you can share edited photos directly from the app to social media platforms or via email.

How to add notes and captions to photos using ClipDrop? +

Once you've selected a photo, use the "notes and captions" feature to add text and captions directly onto the image.

Does ClipDrop require an internet connection? +

For some features, ClipDrop may require an internet connection to function properly.

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