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Car Dealer Simulator APK is a car business simulation game in which you will take on the role of a car dealer owner and try to build a successful business empire in the auto industry.


Name Car Dealer Simulator
Pagekage name ru.appscraft.cardealer
Version 6.0
Size 93.77 Mb
Category Simulation
Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.0.3+
Developer Appscraft

About of Car Dealer Simulator APK

Car Dealer Simulator APK update is a car business simulation game where you will take on the role of a car dealer owner and try to build a successful business empire in the auto industry.

In the game, you will start with some starting capital and a basic stock of cars. Your task is to buy and sell different types of cars to make a profit. You will have to keep up with market trends, negotiate with suppliers and customers, upgrade your infrastructure, and seek out new business opportunities.

Overview of Car Dealer Simulator Mobile APK

The Car Dealer Simulator APK free download offers a wide range of business management elements, including car sales, vehicle search and repair, advertising and marketing, employee management, car auctions and many activities other related to the business in the automotive industry.

You can find good deals, buy popular or rare models, and set a high profit selling price. You can also customize and upgrade your store, creating an attractive business environment and attracting customers.

The Car Dealer Simulator APK offers an authentic experience of managing an auto dealership, from taking care of customers to negotiating with suppliers and managing finances. It also takes you into the car world with beautiful graphics and realistic details about the car models.

Car Dealer Simulator is the right game for those who love the auto industry and want to experience the work of a successful car dealer.

Features of Car Dealer Simulator for Android

  • Buy and sell cars: Participate in auctions or buy cars directly from vendors. Find good deals, negotiate prices and make a profit from buying and selling different types of cars.
  • Repair and Upgrade: Invest in infrastructure to repair and upgrade cars. Purchase the necessary equipment and tools to carry out vehicle repair and upgrade tasks, from car paint and technical patches to engine and electrical system upgrades.
  • Vehicle customization: Create unique cars by customizing and changing components such as wheels, headlights, paint colors and interiors. Create unique car models and attract special customers.
  • Advertising and Marketing: Build smart advertising campaigns to attract customers. Use advertising channels such as newspapers, television, radio and social networks to increase your reach to potential customers.
  • Financial management: Track the profits and expenses of the business. Manage capital, adjust car sales and manage expenses to ensure maximum profit.
  • Business expansion: Look for business expansion opportunities by opening more facilities or expanding services, such as sales of spare parts, maintenance and repair services.
  • Negotiation: Engage in negotiations with customers and suppliers to achieve the best price. Capture market trends and learn negotiation strategies to maximize profits.

Game mode, graphics of Car Dealer Simulator APK

Detailed car models: The car models in the game are simulated with high precision and detail. From the car's curves to the interior details, you'll see the care and meticulousness in the model's design.

Vivid Environment: The game provides a vivid and realistic environment. From the showroom to the auction site and the repair facility, each environment is designed with details such as lighting, materials and surrounding objects to create a lively space.

Visual effects: The game uses visual effects to enhance the experience. This can include lighting and shadows, attractive effects when customizing the vehicle, or during repairs.

Intuitive user interface: The user interface is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. You can easily access and manage features, execute transactions and perform management tasks.

Car Dealer Simulator APK offers a high-quality graphical experience with detailed car models, vivid environments and fascinating visual effects.

How to play Car Dealer Simulator APK Latest version

Start the game: Open the Car Dealer Simulator game on your device and create a new player account if necessary. You will then be taken to a main screen with play options.

Game Mode Selection: Car Dealer Simulator game APK offers various game modes like career mode, freestyle mode and challenge mode. Please select the mode you want to experience. Career mode is usually the recommended mode to start with.

Dealer selection and starting capital: In career mode, you will be asked to choose an auto dealership to start your business. Choose an agent you like and then you will need to decide on the starting capital to start the business.

Buying and selling cars: Starting with a starting capital, you can search for car deals. Participate in auctions, negotiate with suppliers or customers to buy and sell cars with the goal of making a profit.

Quests and Achievements: Throughout the game, you'll receive quests and goals to complete. Successful completion of these quests will result in in-game rewards and achievements.

Continue to grow and achieve success: Continue to manage and grow your car dealership, achieve high profits and become a successful business in the auto industry.

Pros and cons of Car Dealer Simulator APK iOS


  • Realistic Simulation Experience: Car Dealer Simulator APK provides an authentic experience of managing an auto dealership, from car sales, negotiations, advertising to vehicle repairs and upgrades. Players can enjoy the realistic feeling of running an automotive business.
  • Detailed and varied: The game offers a wide range of detailed and operational features, including car buying and selling, repair, vehicle customization, advertising and marketing, negotiation and financial management.
  • Freedom and flexibility: The game allows players to decide for themselves how to approach their business and grow their automotive business. You can focus on popular or rare vehicles, expand your services and purchases, and create your own business strategy.


  • Long Process Time: Building a successful car dealership in Car Dealer Simulator requires patience and a large time investment. Business progress can be slow and requires players to have patience to keep growing.
  • Lack of multiplayer interaction: Car Dealer Simulator is primarily a single-player game. Lack of multiplayer interaction can reduce the attractiveness and ability to play with friends or others.
  • No varied environment change: Although Car Dealer Simulator APK has a vivid and detailed environment, however, there is no variation in play environment.


Car Dealer Simulator APK is an exciting car business management simulation game where you can experience and develop your business management skills. With detail and variety, high-quality graphics and freedom of business decisions, the game offers a realistic and engaging experience.

With outstanding features, Car Dealer Simulator APK is an interesting choice for those who love the auto industry and want to experience the management of a successful car dealership.


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